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For the Meeple, by the Meeple


In Unusual Suspects, players cooperate to identify a criminal from a diverse lineup of suspects. The witness knows who the culprit is but may only answer yes or no to the questions asked by the other players. These questions may only pertain to the culprit's nature, taste, and habits, not physical features. If the detectives can eliminate all innocent suspects and find the guilty suspect the group wins the game!


The board in Unusual Suspects is made up of twelve randomly selected suspect cards. This nontraditional board does not take away from the game because the core of the game is in the suspect cards and adding a traditional board would add an unnecessary piece of production and setup.


The components in Unusual Suspects are of high quality. The majority of the components that come in the box are cards and truthfully, all the components that you will likely use on a regular basis are cards because the only other components are a score sheet and pencil that most groups seem to ignore.

The four major types of cards in the game are the suspect cards, the guilty cards, the question cards, and the yes and no cards.

There are 70 suspect cards which allows for unlimited combinations each round. The artwork on these cards is cartoonish yet bring to light many human features and personas.

There are twelve guilty cards in the game. One for each location in the 4 x 3 grid of suspect cards. This is how the witness knows which suspect is guilty. Only the witness should see this card.

There are one hundred ten question cards. These are the cards detectives use to ask the witness questions about the suspect. Again, with so many cards the opportunity for repeat plays is definitely high.

There is one yes card and one no card. These cards are used by the witness to answer the questions asked by the detectives.

Overall, I have no complaints with the quality of the components in Unusual Suspects. The cards do not bend easily and have a decent bounce back to them.


Unusual Suspects is played by choosing one player to be the witness. The detectives lay out a 4 x 3 grid of suspects cards in the middle of the table and then the witness selects a guilty card at random. The witness must not show this information to any other player. The game begins by having one of the detectives draw a question and read it out loud. The witness must answer the question by simply pointing to the yes card or the no card. Depending on the answer detectives must eliminate suspects in the grid they feel do or do not behave the way the witness answered by flipping them face down.

Detective - "Do they live in the suburbs?"

Witness points at the yes card.

Detectives flip over all suspects they believe do not live in the suburbs. Detectives must flip over at least one suspect after each question.

Once detectives have flipped over as many suspects as they feel comfortable flipping over based on the question they ask the witness if the guilty suspect is still face up. If so, play continues to the next detective and he or she asks another question. If the guilty suspect has been flipped face down then the detectives lose the game. Play continues like this until the guilty suspect is the only player left face up or the detectives lose the game.

There is a score sheet to keep track of how quickly you can find the suspect by eliminating a higher number of suspects each round than playing it safe an eliminating one suspect after each question.


Unusual Suspects is a good time. There is plenty of re-playability and variety in each game and since a round can last anywhere from 3-10 minutes it is likely you will be playing this game multiple times in one sitting. Where this game shines is that it can function in multiple settings. You can play this game at a convention with strangers and it will produce an uneasy atmosphere that eventually gives way to the innocence of the game or you can play this game with a close group of friends and be as funny as you'd like from the first question.

The game itself is not a brilliant design but that is superseded by the incredible level of fun and funny this game packs. If you do not like uncomfortable settings I would not play this game with strangers but if you are comfortable in groups of strangers and enjoy a good laugh while playing a game I would highly suggest this game. I have not played any other game like this one in terms of the feeling of the atmosphere. Therefore, I consider it to be a new experience and one that everyone should give a try at least once to see how they feel about it.

Rating: 6.5/10

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