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The Resistance: Avalon is a superb secret-roll/secret-objective, hidden power, bluffing and deduction type card game (what a mouthful). In it, players are dealt a character card that is kept secret. The character cards will either be those of the good guys, i.e. members of King Arthur's court, or the bad guys, i.e. members loyal to Mordred. Some of these characters may have a special ability.

During each round a player will act as the "King". The King decides who to send out on missions. Once the King has chosen who will go on the current mission everyone votes to pass the team selected. If the vote passes those members chosen will carry out the mission, if the vote fails the mission is rejected. In that case the player to the left becomes the new King, and the mission selection and voting process begins again.

The players selected to go out on a mission will then secretly chose from "success" or "fail" cards to determine if the mission worked out for the good guys, or not. Once all cards are handed in they are shuffled and revealed. For the mission to be a success everyone who went on it must have played a success card, but only one failure is required to ruin the plans of Arthur. Good guys must vote for a success, but those devious baddies can strategically vote either for a success, or fail.

There are five missions total. Three successes wins it for the good guys, three failures wins it for the bad guys. Also, if the mission selection vote fails to be passed 5 times in a row the bad guys immediately win as well.

The Resistance: Avalon is a fast and fun game. The difficulty can be modified by using more or less characters with special abilities. The game is tense almost from the beginning. If you're good you don't know who to trust, unless you are Merlin who knows the evil players. If you're a bad guy, you are always trying to deflect suspicion away from yourself and onto others.

If you like this kind of game and don't own it already - buy it now! If you are curious about getting a game like this The Resistance: Avalon is a great one to get first.
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