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A key to this game is having enough strength to get to the buildings that require 3- and 4-strength workers. But the rule book doesn't give any examples, other than the use of the Weight Room to increase the strength of a worker by stacking another worker underneath it to increase its strength. Vacations are mentioned but not show as to how they work with actually combining workers to work together. And getting a new worker is discussed but again not shown how it works with combining your workers to increase strength.

The rule book starts by saying:

"The worker in the current month who is the most close to the game board , is active. His/her Foreman chooses one of these possible ACTIONS for this worker:"

This is written entirely in the singular. "The worker" and "this worker". Not the plural. But videos appear to show 2 workers being activated and moved as 2 workers to some future month where they combine their strengths to take a higher action.

And then on the same page the rules then just state, in bold, but with no examples: "Your workers can work together to combine their strengths." No further explanation offered. No example shown.

Then suddenly and in contradiction to the singular nature of the taking of actions as first described, the rule book says:

"(In this rulebook the term "workers" means "1 or more workers".) To get a tool, the required workers must stand in the current month (That is September in the example picture.) Other Foremen's workers can stand in between! The Foreman moves these (own) workers forward on the Timetrack by the needed number of months, and places them close to the gameboard (without changing their order). If there are workers already in that month, you add yours next to them."

Then there is the Yellow player example where he takes a 1 strength worker at the top and a 2 strength worker farther down (and separated by other player's workers) to move all 3 (even though 2 different workers) into the future to work as a strength of 3! This appears to violate the basic rule that the Foreman moves/uses a single worker in the current month (the "Now")!

1. So I'm assuming that even if you have 2 or 3 different workers all now at the "Now" ready to take an action, the rules require you to only act with one worker at a time. Is this correct? Or can 2 different workers at the "Now" move together as 2 different workers into the future to take a combined action of a higher strength?

2. What does it mean for the "Get a new worker" action, as by the time the woman who made the new worker and the new worker get to the "Now" they are remaining as 2 different workers. But are they? Or can they both move together now to some future month to work with a strength of 2?

3. The rules provide for a vacation, but don't say that vacations combine 2 workers into a higher strength worker. Either by merging 2 workers into a single higher strength worker or by allowing them to move together later to work together as 2 different workers but with a higher combined strength. So if I place one male worker into the future to take a vacation with another male worker, when the 2 male workers get to the "Now" are they combined into a strength 2 male worker or are they 2 separate males who either must work separately or who can move together to some future month to work together?

This rule book is horrible! Cwali, we players deserve clear rules that show obviously important actions being taken at the appropriate time.
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Christof Tisch
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I think most of your questions are answered in my reply to your thread:
Subject: Base Game--Increasing Strength of Worker (Vacation, Women & Weight Room).


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