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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 10 - Temple Turmoil! rss

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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
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Today's Active Members:
Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
Grimwulf (wytefang)
Xanamane The Great (adularia25)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
Knuckly Hod (andrewhodkinson)
McFearsom The Mad (Woopike)
Marius Rothenburg (Astartus)
Klovis Finn (dokmatrix)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 897 (Enemy 900/Normal)
Current Gold: 288
Current Wyrdstone: 129 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

Luthor has spoken, and so here we stand at the back door to Sigmar's Temple in the East of Mordheim.

Today is one of the brightest days we've experienced in the city yet, and blue sky is penetrating through the otherwise endless gloom in more then a few places. The temple itself is huge, standing almost totally intact among the surrounding ruins as if captured in time. Shaped like the letter 'I', two thick walls come out and around both long sides creating a rectangular structure containing the building itself with a courtyard/garden on either side of it. Only some slight structural damage to the outer areas and courtyard walls suggest it weathered the comet's impact.

Our cart is pulled in close to the back door. The Ravens are spread out along the street to either side of it. In the center by our cart is our boss Luthor Wolfenbaum, the Crimson Blade of Reikland. He looks up and down the line, 'Right lads, you know our mission- lets find the fallen Sisters and collect up their vials, retrieve the blessed water, and locate that Sigmarite Relic- who knows what it might be worth!', he says. 'You heard him boys, lets go!', calls Boris. The Ravens roar agreement and advance on the temple.

The Ravens to the left of our cart..

And the Ravens to the right of our cart!

Turn 1
Boris, Klovis and Grimwulf stand before the back door of the temple. Its solid oak, decorated with the the twin tailed comet symbol carved in tarnished iron. The door is already open and turned out into the street. Inside is a short, narrow arched passage that leads into the darkness of the temple. 'Who's first?', grins Boris.

Klovis hefts his Sword and steps inside. The thick stone walls drown all sound out, creating a strange sound vacuum. The air is still and cool. Klovis edges down the corridor and leans out of the passage. It opens out into the back staircase that runs up the whole of this end of the temple. High above Klovis's head the stained glass windows, still intact despite the destruction around the temple, filter patterns of coloured light onto the walls as the sun shines through them. They portray images of our hallowed Lord Sigmar, decked in blue steel armour and wielding his great warhammer Ghal-Maraz against the foes of the Empire. At the foot of the grand stone staircase is one of the fallen Sisters of Sigmar. A Chaos Axe is poking from her spine, and her legs are missing. Klovis gingerly searches the body, finding one of the sacred vials. Grimwulf joins him and the two begin to ascend up the steps.

Klovis and Grimwulf start up the back staircase inside the temple.

Xanamane and Feggins scout around to the left of the temple, finding a couple of Wyrdstone fragments. As they pick over the rubble Feggins comes to a large hole in the wall of the left temple courtyard. He stops against the edge, then skits across to the other side of the hole and looks into the yard. Lying in the grass is another dead Sister. His breath catches and his blood runs cold at the sight of what else occupies the courtyard! A huge and monstrous form squats, hunched over on all fours by the corpse. Its glowing red eyes are staring menacingly right at Feggins! It moves, unfolding itself slightly to reveal strong forearms that end in brutal clawed hands. Long spikes protrude out of its back at all manner of angles, and its mouth bares into a sneer between several tusks and elongated fangs. The Chaos Spawn sucks in a breath and releases a feral screech. Feggins cries out to the others and raises his Bow, loosing an arrow at the fell creature. It strikes it through the shoulder, flinching it for a moment, but its going to take a lot more then that!

Feggins spots a dangerous Chaos Spawn in the courtyard and opens fire upon it!

A figure emerges by the Spawn from within the temple. Its a Cult Magister, obviously leader of the local Cult. He puts a hand on the Spawn's shoulder, pulls free the arrow and points it at Feggins. 'Kill them!' he shouts. The Spawn lumbers forwards towards the gap in the wall with the Magister following close behind!

Turn 2
Luthor explodes out of the gap by Feggins and charges the Spawn head on! The two meet in the courtyard not far from the wall and begin an epic duel. The foul thing slashes at Luthor with a large crab-like claw, but our leader is made of tougher stuff and presses his assault, ducking, weaving and cutting open the Spawn repeatedly, spilling its foul blood upon the once sacred ground!

Luthor dodges another blow from the hulking Chaos Spawn!

The Magister charges past and attacks Feggins! The Magister wields a staff which ends in a steel representation of the Chaos Undivided symbol- a pointed star. He uses it as both a bludgeoning weapon and a bladed one, and Feggins takes heavy damage as he is stabbed and beaten at the same time!

Feggins takes heavy damage at the hands of the Cult Magister!

Xanamane moves to help- he throws a ball of light that explodes, its purifying brightness blinding the Chaos Spawn, and runs into combat with the Magister, clubbing him with his Staff!

Xanamane uses his Blinding Light to bewilder the Magister and Spawn!

Xanamane joins the fight, taking the pressure off Feggins!

Feggins uses Xanamane's attack to break out of combat. He moves to the nearby fountain and stands with McFearsom who is loading his Handgun. Boris cuts around behind the Magister, and charges in from where Feggins was before. The Magister is caught unawares by Boris and suffers a couple of Sword strikes, but he's not out yet!

Meanwhile Luthor is still trapped alone with the Spawn. He stands firm against the horror and continues to fight. He pushes himself to the limit, stabbing, slashing and hacking at the beast. The Spawn is still disorientated by Xanamane's magic, and lunges awkwardly at Luthor's flurry of attacks.

Luthor continues his duel with the Spawn!

A Dark Soul emerges from the temple to assist the other Possessed- we need to get past the Magister and protect Luthor! McFearsom takes aim and fires, striking the Magister who staggers, but does not fall.

McFearsom blasts the Magister!

Marius charges forwards, his Spear raised. The Magister turns to face him just in time and Marius hits him, driving his Spear straight through the Magister's gut and out of his back! The Magister makes a few pathetic gargling noises and collapses. Marius pulls his Spear free, takes the Magister's staff as a trophy and enters the courtyard.

Marius runs in with his Spear, finally slaying the Magister!

Marius sneaks past Luthor and the Spawn and stands ready to intercept the Dark Soul. The Dark Soul charges him, its savage looking Great Sword raised up over its head. Marius easily sidesteps the clumsy strike and gets ready to fight.

Marius sidesteps the attacking Dark Soul!

Klovis and Grimwulf stand impatiently on the back staircase inside the temple. 'They told us to wait', assures Grimwulf. Klovis spits idly and grins mischievously, 'We can wait from further inside- let's go have a look. What harm could it do?'. The two edge further up the staircase. Half way up is another archway, this one leading into the inner staircase. Klovis peeps in but is seems all quiet. They continue up the outer staircase to the outside balcony that overlooks our cart. They spot the remains of another Sister at the far end of the walkway.

Klovis spots another fallen Sister out on the balcony!

In all the commotion nobody has noticed Hod has gone missing, but Hod doesn't mind. He heads right around to the wall on the other side of the Temple. There's a large hole in the wall here, and Hod uses it to enter the other courtyard.

Hod wonders away from the group into the other courtyard on his own!

Inside Hod finds a pretty sight. Although still tainted like the rest of the city, the temple gardens are less corrupted then the other areas, and he admires the grandeur and beauty of the place. He investigates the strange coloured flowers that are growing on the bushes along the wall, smells a clump of grass from the lawn and stops to watch a mutated bug going about its business. As he takes in the garden he sees a sad sight. A dead girl lies among the shrubs. He stops to regard her for a second. She was clearly a fighter, and is wearing chain mail clothing. He pulls her skirt down a little lower our of respect to better cover her exposed thighs. He then takes her Mace- she won't be needing it anymore. He continues to look about the garden, only dimly aware of shouting and the clash of steel in the distance..

Turn 3
The Spawn seems to be weakening, its blows becoming ever more sluggish and careless. Luthor steps around and under them with ease. Xanamane finishes preparing the spell he's been working on and blasts the Spawn with another purifying light, blinding it once more. Feggins shoots it again as Boris charges in to assist Luthor. The two of them continue stabbing at the creature until they finally overwhelm it and bring it down to the ground.

Boris and Luthor finally double team the Spawn and bring it down!

Luthor shouts words of encouragement and moves to an ornate fountain along the outer wall. Stone Eagle heads house drips from which trickles sparkling clear water. It must be the blessed water we are looking for- its the only way it could have survived the city's tainted rot!

These fonts must be the ones we need to get the blessed water from!

Turning back to the matter at hand, Luthor lunges into the fight with Marius, dealing a couple of nasty blows on the Dark Soul. Marius also delivers a stab, but the Dark Soul is resilient and does not falter.

Grimwulf checks the Sister on the balcony but finds only Smelling Salts, no Vial. He and Klovis prepare to head back downstairs.

Grimwulf finds nothing of interest out on the balcony, and he and Klovis head back for the staircase!

Hod is still happy exploring the other Courtyard, unaffected by the fighting on the other side of the temple!

Turn 4
Xanamane joins the others ganging up on the Dark Soul, but it refuses to surrender, all sense lost long ago to the Dark Gods.

Xanamane joins the others against the Dark Soul, but the crazed zealot just won't die!

Yet another figure steps from within the temple. The hulking beast of a man is a Possessed- a once normal man who has made the ultimate mistake and allowed a Deamon to enter his body! Once inside a Deamon fuses to the host, corrupting body and mind into a thing of Chaos. Its nails become claws, its body sprouts scales and bony protrusions. Its skin shifts form to make sneering faces and mouths that shout in the Dark Tongue. The Possessed's head is covered by a mask, who knows what horrors the Deamon has done to the host's face! The Possessed strides forwards unarmed, its brute strength and ferocity more then dangerous enough! Feggins fires on it, striking its chest, but it does little more then slow its step for a moment!

Boris checks the dead Sister, but she does not have a Vial either! Boris turns to see the Possessed moving straight for him. He stands his ground fearlessly, calling challenge to it.

An intimidating Possessed advances on Boris!

The fight in the courtyard rages on!

Boris ducks under its initial sweep and slashes back with his sword. The Possessed stops the blade mid-strike with its bare hand! Boris pulls down sharply, slashing the blade free from the thing's fist and sweeps at its chest. The gouge he cuts becomes a fanged mouth that laughs mockingly as the Possessed lunges forwards, clasping its taloned hand about Boris's throat!

During the fight a Brethren sneaks into the courtyard and shoots, striking Feggins once more! McFearsom returns fire in defence, slamming the Brethren with a heavy volley from his Handgun.

McFearsom blasts the attacking Brethren!

With the Dark Soul finally dispatched Luthor commands the others not to back down to the Possessed. He slashes the Possessed's arm, forcing it to release Boris, then smashes it over the back of the head with his Shield. The giant drops down onto one knee, stunned!

The Possessed is stunned, and the Ravens fall on it, hoping to finish it off before it recovers!

Marius passes his Fear test and joins Luthor and Boris, attacking the Possessed whilst its on the ground. Despite three warriors attacks the Possessed still rises back up to its feet again. This thing is tough!

Klovis and Grimwulf enter the inner staircase and head down towards the main hall.

Hod meanwhile finds another body, this one loaded with equipment! He takes a Helmet, Light Armour and swaps the Mace for a Sigmarite Warhammer (it looks shinier)!

Turn 5
Klovis moves to enter the main hall and comes face to face with an arrow tip! The Magister fires, knocking Klovis back with the force of the arrow at such close range! Only wounded, he leaps back in, attacking the Magister with his Sword and Dagger.

Klovis counter attacks the second Magister!

Grimwulf moves around them and charges in from the side. He sweeps the Magister with his Ulrican Great Axe cutting him down to the ground in one swipe.

Grimwulf flanks the Magister and stuns him with a strong blow!

He then imbues Ulric's Gift upon Klovis to give him the strength to fight through his injury and finish off the Magister. Klovis grimaces and snaps the arrow close to his chest so its not in his way as he fights. Just then Grimwulf is struck in the back by another arrow! Another Brethren is in the hall!

Over in the courtyard Feggins shoots and misses the Possessed again.

Feggins tries to get a shot on the Possessed as it fights!

Assuming the others should be able to finish the job, he moves towards the temple doorway. Another arrow wizzes out from within, striking him in the leg! He's now critically injured with two arrows sticking out of him! The Mutant guarding the doorway takes out another arrow.

Luthor and Marius finally finish off the Possessed, with Luthor chopping its head clean from its foul shoulders! They sweep on into the temple and attack the Mutant that was firing on Feggins.

Luthor about to finally get the chop on the Possessed!

Xanamane blinds the Brethren in the courtyard with another Blinding Light, then moves in and attacks. McFearsom also takes aim and shoots, hitting the Brethren and finishing the job with an entertaining splash of gore!

Turn 6
'Feggins, McFearsom, guard the door- everyone else into the temple', calls Boris.

Xanamane runs inside past Luthor, Marius and the Mutant. The main hall is vast. The benches that would have once lined the floor have been piled up into the corners of the room. The statues of Holy Sigmar that line the edges have been desecrated, having been broken and defaced with pink blobs of mutated flesh. Over in one of the corners is a hastily made up Chaos Altar, clearly belonging to the temple's current residents. Xanamane throws a ball of light at the Brethren that fired upon Grimwulf.

The temple hall lights up as Xanamane casts Blinding Light on the Brethren!

The Magister tries to recover from Grimwulf and Klovis's attacks, but Grimuwlf uses the staff of his Axe to knock him back down to his knees. Klovis turns his Sword and Dagger downwards and plunges them into the Magister's neck, finishing the job.

Klovis, glowing from the power of Ulric's Gift gets the killing blow on the second Magister!

He then moves on and assaults the blinded Brethren in the center of the hall.

Feggins fires back at the Mutant, hitting him in the chest.

Feggins gets one back on the Mutant!

The Mutant, caught unarmed for melee combat and stunned by Feggins's arrow, falls quickly to Luthor and Marius's blades. Marius moves on, charging the Brethren fighting with Klovis, whilst Luthor and Boris start turning over the Hall looking for anything of value.

Boris finds another two deceased Sisters, checking over them he only finds some Gold, a Hammer and more Smelling Salts. Where are the Vials?! Luthor stops at a statue of Sigmar which appears to be unscathed compared to the ones around it, and preys for a moment. He then moves around and up onto the temple altar. The book of Sigmar has been left unmolested, still chained to the plinth at the altar's head. Close by is another dead Sister. He checks her belongings, finally finding the second Blessed Vial- just one more to go!

Klovis and Marius are still fighting with the Brethren. Outnumbered and losing, the Brethren fails his morale check and flees the two Ravens, running out of the opposite doorway into the garden past a confused Hod.

Grimwulf turns back and renters the inner staircase, heading for the upper areas of the temple.

Turn 7
Xanamane follows after Grimwulf and the two jog up the long stone staircase. They reach the upper level- a long balcony that runs around the hall's perimeter. Sections of the balcony have collapsed leaving gaping holes in the path in both directions. Grimwulf and Xanamane look to each other and nod in silent agreement. They brace themselves and then charge forwards, attempting to jump one of the gaps... and both fail, falling back down into the hall below in a cloud of dust and plaster! When its apparent they are both mostly undamaged the Ravens in the hall burst out laughing at the two, who are dusting themselves off moodily!

Still grinning Boris moves over to the Chaos altar- by it sits a large chest. He uses his Dagger blade to open the clasp and lift the lid. He peeps inside and is immediately greeted with the glow of Wyrdstone! He opens the lid fully to reveal a few large pieces of the substance and a bag of gold too. He takes the gold and signals for the others to come and clear the rest of the chest's contents (if they've done with their amateur gymnastics). He shouts Feggins and McFearsom in from outside and tells them to go and scout the balcony- hopefully our marksmen will prove to be a little more agile!

Klovis chases after the Brethren who is now fighting with Hod in the other courtyard. Luthor heads outside too -casually cutting down the Brethren as he goes past Klovis and Hod who stand dumbfounded- and walks up to the fountain. He uses the Vial to drain as much of the small pool as possible, then turns to take it back to our cart.

Turn 8
With all enemies seemingly dealt with, the Ravens set about looting the temple and moving the goods to our cart. Klovis takes some more of the equipment from the body Hod investigated. Luthor heads all the way back to the cart and drops off the loaded vial and some other bits of scavenged equipment. Feggins and McFearsom head into the inner stairwell. Marius, Klovis and Hod finish looting and start back towards our cart.

Turn 9
The Ravens continue their search whilst there's no enemies around. Boris joins the others heading back to the cart.

Luthor catches up to Feggins and McFearsom on the staircase and they head onto the balcony. They too are confronted with the gaps that Grimwulf and Xanamane failed to jump. Luthor slaps them both on the back and sprints forward. He jumps the gap, kicking off the wall for extra momentum and rolls skillfully onto the other side. Feggins looks at McFearsom who curses quietly and shakes his head. Luthor heads along the balcony to the South West corner where there is another corpse. He checks its belongings and reveals the third Vial!

Grimwulf and Xanamane move to the Chaos altar. Grimwulf uses his Ulrican Axe to smash up the Chaos idol and other profane objects. Then they loot the chest, taking the Wyrdstone.

Turn 10
The Chaos altar destroyed and looted, Grimwulf and Xanamane head for the inner staircase and back towards our cart out back.

Boris, Hod, Klovis and Marius reach the cart and start sorting through the loot and packing it on board.

Having collected another Vial, Luthor drops down to the main hall below and heads out into the courtyard we entered through towards the fountain. As he approaches it two Dark Souls enter the courtyard. Luthor smiles slyly at them and draws his Sword and Shield. They begin circling around him, but he shows no sign of fear.

Inside on the balcony Feggins and McFearsom move to the other gap, looking to hop across to the other side. Feggins goes first, taking a run and leaping the gap. He lands with one foot on the edge, the unstable stone gives way and he slips, winding himself on the ledge and falls back down into the hall. McFearsom bends over with laughter and points at his comrade lying in the rubble on the floor below, groaning! 'Yeah, well, let's see you do it then!', Feggins calls up. McFearsom takes a few steps back, pauses for a second and then runs forward, deftly leaping the whole gap in one go.

You think that's Wyrdstone you're breathing?! McFearsom jumps the gap onto the other side like something from a movie...

He peeps back over at Feggins and shrugs. Feggins makes a rude gesture and continues dusting himself off. McFearsom chuckles to himself and edges along down the balcony, suddenly aware that he's on his own.

The Dark Souls attack, taking Luthor from two sides at once. He blocks them deftly and stabs back, dealing a blow to one of them as the other slashes his shoulder. Luthor rolls the blow away from him and delivers a couple of swift strikes, stunning the Dark Soul so he can focus on the other one.

Turn 11
Hearing the commotion outside Xanamane splits from Grimwulf and heads out into the courtyard to assist Luthor, blinding both Dark Souls with another flash of light. He then runs in and clubs the stunned one brutally around the side of the face with his staff.

Luthor and Xanamane skirmish with more Dark Souls in the courtyard!

Luthor slashes the stunned Dark Soul's throat and runs on, swapping positions with Xanamane so that he can reach the fountain. He fills the second Vial, then turns back to the other Dark Soul.

McFearsom sees two chests sat at the end of the balcony. He continues on slowly, expecting attack at any moment. All of a sudden a figure leaps out from the broken window on his right, scaring the crap out of him! Its Feggins, who has climbed up the vines on the wall outside! He laughs as McFearsom recovers from the shock and the two turn to regard the chests. One of them is ornate, and marked with Twin Tailed Comets. McFearsom takes out something wrapped in a silk drape. He unfolds the drape to reveal a shining gold Bracer. Its engraved with a pattern of Griffins and men fighting. This must be the relic that was housed here- could it be a Bracer from Lord Sigmar himself?!

Turn 12
McFearsom and Feggins drop down into the hall and head for the back door with the treasured artifact.

Xanamane and Luthor overwhelm the remaining Dark Soul as the other Ravens arrive at the gap in the wall. 'We've got company Luthor- we need to go now!', Boris calls. Luthor listens for a second and hears the sound of more men and possibly beasts approaching. One of the Cultists must have gone for help! 'But where's the last Vial?!', Luthor calls back. 'I have it!', says Klovis running forward. 'Well get it filled man! Let's go!', Luthor orders, pointing his Sword at the fountain. A Dark Soul charges round the corner straight into Boris, slashing him brutally with a serrated Great Sword!

Turn 13
Xanamane casts another Blinding Light on the Dark Soul attacking Boris. Unfortunately he mispronounces a syllable and although the spell casts his carelessness allows the creatures of the Aether to detect his presence and they attack him! He cries out and collapses to the floor, clutching his head as his nose and ears bleed from the creature's assault! The remaining Ravens fall on the Dark Soul, cutting him to ribbons before he has chance to strike Boris again.

The Ravens quickly dispatch the first of the reinforcements!

They then help up the shocked Xanamane and form a defensive line across the street in perpetration against the oncoming enemies.

The Ravens make an defensive wall against the enemy reinforcements!

Klovis fills the final Vial and turns back to the cart- we must escape!

Turn 14-16
Klovis and Luthor run past the others and head back to the cart. They bump into Feggins and McFearsom at the back door who inform Luthor that they have the artifact! With everything we need in hand, the Ravens line pulls back and then retreats. We get the cart moving and escape as the Possessed come to claim back the temple!



"The sacred waters of Sigmar will be a great boon to us in our activities within Mordheim. Employ them sparingly, as there's no telling how long the fonts will retain their power in a temple that has been so cruelly defiled. The brightest light can only shine so long in the darkness.

The relic we have recovered will be of great value to Baron von Leitdorfer. I will send it to him in Bechafen. Returning such a relic to the Sigmarites will gain him great favour in their eyes, perhaps even the support of the Arch-Lector or even the Grand Theogoninst himself! Such an endorsement from Sigmar's priesthood is something more valuable then Gold or Wyrdstone! Supported by the priests, the Baron will have far greater legitimacy then his rivals and his enemies will have to think carefully before interfering with his affairs lest they bring the wrath of Sigmar down upon their heads!

Make no mistake, the Baron will be greatly pleased with what you have accomplished this day! I do not think you will go unrewarded.

For now, however, we must leave this place. The profane hate of the corrupt draws them to the ruined temple like moths to a flame. Much as it pains me to do so, we cannot linger. We do not have the strength or the time to defend this place from all those who would defile it. I would not shed more blood for a hopeless cause, even one fought in the name of Lord Sigmar!"

-Luthor Wolfenbaum


New Items Acquired:
+56 Gold Crowns
Master Quality Antidote x1
Lucky Trinket x1
Dagger x1
Hammer x1
Mace x1
Spear x1
Staff x1
Great Sword x1
Sigmarite Warhammer x1
Great Hammer x2
Bow x2
Armband x2
Clothing x1
Light Armour x1
Helmet x1
Shield x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x2
Wyrdstone Shards x2
Wyrdstone Clusters x2


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +5xp.
(5xp For Victory)

Boris Heelbeck = MADE LEVEL 3! +6xp, +1 Physical Advancement, +2 Skill Points! +1 Offence Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Decisive Victory)
(1xp For Underdog Bonus)

Grimwulf = MADE LEVEL 2! +6xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement! +2 Skill Points! +2 Spell Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Xanamane The Great = MADE LEVEL 1! +5xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement! +2 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)

Knuckly Hod = +5xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = +5xp! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)

McFearsom The Mad = +6xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out Of Action)

Marius Rothenburg = MADE LEVEL 2! +6xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +2 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Klovis Finn = +6xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)



None (surprisingly)!


Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: +1 Toughness.
Sir Percival Percival: +1 Toughness, +1 Alertness, +1 Accuracy.
Xanamane The Great: +1 Intelligence, +1 Accuracy.
Meshell Heelbeck: Learned Trick Shooter.
'Head-Shot' Feggins: +1 Awareness.
McFearsom The Mad: +1 Alertness, +1 Ballistic Skill.
Klovis Finn: +1 Toughness.
Marius Rothenburg: +1 Leadership.
Knuckly Hod: +1 Strength, +1 Weapon Skill.

(Grimwulf and Seidel Kraut still have attribute points to spend!)


Our Armoury:
Lucky Trinket x1
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Oil Bomb x1
Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Fine Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Bugman's Ale x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x1
Draught of Concentration x2
Fine Healing Draught x5
Master Crafted Antidote x1

Dagger x2
Axe x1
Hammer x2
Mace x2
Spear x1
Great Sword x1
Great Hammer x2
Great Axe x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Crossbow x2

Pendant x1
Clothing x2
Shield x2
Helmet x2
Light Armour x2
Heavy Armour x1


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Andrew Hodkinson
Owen Sound
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Knuckly Hod calls this The Purty Flour Mission.

While everyone else was singing and dancing.
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