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Subject: Small Malevolous Bastards Campaign rss

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angel francisco vizcaino hernandez
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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The Small Malevolous Bastards (SMB) campaign was a naval campaign / tactic war-game based on the Harpoon 4.1 with a scope of building some type of operational logistic / build force and a political branch, that last point, never was developed.

The first stage design was based on the mapping program Google Earth, put the concept stage to four small island countries on four political alignment, but can use them traditional naval maps and tactical boards

The campaign had focused on a small Pacific region in the four states that lived equally. These states are in a cold war declared by the possession of the islands in the archipelago of Tonga. These islands are discovered large oil and gas reservoir, but these islands have a crisis and called for international aid. The archipelagos of Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, Niue and Samoa islands laid their resources for the reconstruction of the islands of Tonga, but the regimes of the countries cooperating diametrically opposed to each other, as they can explode into a conflict over ideology policy.

Their forms of "assistance" of the archipelago, even if living in a large coalition recovery group, do not allow a clear agreement, each country has a way of thinking to the "recovery of the country, this leads to discussion, assaults, replicas and sabotage between different members which of course does not help the local population suffering from the excesses of these problems.

As the riots and clashes reached an unsustainable level, the four detachments retire to their territories, beginning a policy of harassment, boycotts and blockades misunderstandings and diplomatic level. All this results in an arms race began between the four archipelagos real to achieve supremacy in the region.

Forces in the region:
The Republic of Fiji (Blueforces) pro-occidental a democratic republic, is equipped with American equipment.
The Federation of Wallis and Futuna (Red-forces): A Russian court pro-Stalinist republic. It is equipped with Russian weapons.
The People's Republic of Samoa (Yellowforces): A Maoist state court. His army is equipped with Chinese equipment.
The Monarchy of Niue (GreenForces): A non-aligned state. His army is equipped with Indus equipment.

The four states are far more than 200 nautical miles from each other and the state of Tonga. They are divided into four areas of influence, you can not claim more space for any state in the region. The international naval traffic through the region generally, in transit to other major ports.

4 players, each with control of each of the countries.

Forces available:
The ORBATs (Order of Battle), or orders of battle are detailed below:
Common equipment:


Infrastructure: HQ and operations complex (3x large buildings reinforced), Quartering of the base and barracks (6x large buildings, 12x medium buildings), 5x vehicle car park areas, central maintenance buildings 3x workshops, 4x storage tanks, 3x ammunition, Perimeter Security Level 2, a military police company.

AD: Air Defences
Area Defense:
(Provided by the air defense of the airbase)
Point Defense:
Avenger Platoon 1x (6x launchers), 4-6 x Stinger MANPADS launchers
Pantsir-S1 Battery 1x [SA-22 Greyhound] (6x launchers), 4-6x launchers 9M342 Igla-S [Sa-24 Grinch] MANPADS
Peloton PGZ95 1x (8x pitchers PGZ95, 1x vehicle control radar CLC-2), 4-6x launchers Hongying 6 (NF-6) MANPADS
Peloton 1x 2S6M1 Tunguska [SA-19 ​​Grison] (6x launchers), 4-6x 9K38 Igla launchers [SA-16 Gimlet] MANPADS

1x HQ and Capital Region Training Center
1x Light Infantry Brigade (3x light infantry battalions and 1x Support Battalion), various support units

AB: Air Base:
Landing (1): 9.843 "(3.000 m)
Infrastructure: 1x Tower Control, 1x medium-range radar ATC generic, 1x base operations (reinforced), 2x administrative buildings, 3x hangars, 6x HAS (2 units), 3 x ramps (ramp space 900.000 sq ft), 2x equipment maintenance buildings, 4x fuel storage tanks (100.000 USG), 2x ammunition storage tanks, perimeter security level 2, 1x security detachment of the air force base

ABAD: Air Base Air Defense
Defense Area:
Battery 1x NASAMSII (9x launchers, 3x 3D radar AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel)
Point Defense:
3x Jerne Batteries (4x Blindfire radar pitchers), 4-6x Stinger MANPADS launchers
Defense Area:
1x Buk-M2 Battery [SA-17 Grizzly] (6x launchers, 1x SNOW DRIFT surveillance radar)
Point Defense:
1x Pantsir-S1 Battery [SA-22 Greyhound] (6x launchers), 4-6x launchers 9M342 Igla-S [Sa-24 Grinch] MANPADS
Defense Area:
1x Battery HQ-16 (9x launchers, 3x radars CLC-2)
Point Defense:
1x PGZ95 platoon (8x PGZ95 launcher, 1x CLC-2 vehicle control radar), 4-6x Hongying 6 launchers (NF-6) MANPADS
Defense Area:
1x Akash Battery (4x launchers, 1x Rajendra radar)
Point Defense:
1x 2S6M1 Tunguska platoon [SA-19 ​​Grison] (6x launchers), 4-6x 9K38 Igla launchers [SA-16 Gimlet] MANPADS

1x Naval Helicopter Squadron
1x Light Attack Squadron
2x SH-60B and 4x MQ-8B
6x Mako / HEAT
2x Ka-27K and 4xKa-27PV
6x Yak-130
1x Ka-28PL and 5x Z-9
6x Hongdu L-15
3x Westland Sea King and 3x HAL Dhruv
6x HAL Tejas

NB: Naval Base:
1x Center base operations (reinforced), 1x radar generic surface, 1x administrative building, 3x maintenance buildings, 2x heavy cranes, 4x cranes medium, 8x berths, 2x ammunition storage depots, 3x fuel storage tanks, perimeter Security Level 2, 2x Company based naval defense

Naval Air Base Defense:
Area Defense:
(Provided by the air defense of the airbase)
Point Defense:
1x Avenger platoon (6x launchers), 4-6x Stinger MANPADS launchers
Area Defense:
(Provided by the air defense of the airbase)
Point Defense:
1x Pantsir-S1 Battery [SA-22 Greyhound] (6x launchers), 4-6x launchers 9M342 Igla-S [Sa-24 Grinch] MANPADS
Area Defense:
(Provided by the air defense of the airbase)
Point Defense:
1x PGZ95 platoon (8x pitchers PGZ95, 1x vehicle control radar CLC-2), 4-6x Hongying launchers, 6x (NF-6) MANPADS
Area Defense:
(Provided by the air defense of the airbase)
Point Defense:
1x 2S6M1 Tunguska [SA-19 ​​Grison] platoon (6x launchers), 4-6x 9K38 Igla launchers [SA-16 Gimlet] MANPADS
4x Streetfighter PC
3x Cyclone PS
2x Jason LST (main invasion force transport)
2x Steregushchy FFL
3x Scorpion PCF
3x Type 14310 Svetljak
2x Ropucha II 775M Project LST (main invasion force transport)
1x Type 054A FFG
5x Houbei Type 022 PC
6x Shanghai-III PG
2x Type 072-III LST (main invasion force transport)
3x Kora FFL
3x Veer FFL
4x Nocobar Car PC
2x Shardul LST (main invasion force transport)
4x Merchant AK Generic (for troops / supplies transport)
2x AO Oiler Generic (for supplies transportation)

Political stage:
None developed

Victory conditions:
Strategic Victory: control over 75% of the Tonga archipelago, including the main island.
Operatinal Victory: control over 50% of the Tonga archipelago, including the main island.
Tactical Victory: control over 25% of the Tonga archipelago, including the main island.

7 days of simulated time, the shifts start at 0800L (Local) hours a day, 01 day and end at 2400L (Local) on 07. Shifts can last between 30 minutes, but these can be expanded up to 8 hours each according to the speed required.

Weather and sea conditions:
Provided to each participant at the beginning of each stage and subsequently every 8 hours.

Initial deployment:
All naval forces are deployed in the main naval base. Naval helicopters can be deployed on ships or in the main air base.

Special Rules:
Mission Modules:
The LCS and Streetfighter FFL PC with mission modules, that Mission Moudles (MM) should be placed before the start of the stage. Players can change mission modules. To change MMs, the ship must be docked at the Naval Base, and take D6 / 2 hours to change it. Modules can be changed according to mission if the port has cranes available, the mission modules heavy for type A, while B and C can only be exchanged for large and middle cranes. If several ships change mission modules that´s require share cranes between those ships to fit them. You can not change mission modules if these cranes are damaged or destroyed.

LCS and Streetfighter FFL appears on Harpoon Naval Review 2004

Capture of islands:
You need the landing of a battalion-sized force, it has to be supplied and no other opposing force, unless the enemy force that defeated, not supplied or surrender, that´s island has considered that is under control by the defending force .

Victory Points:
All players start with a force of equal size, pre-purchased. All Victory Points (VPs) will be given to each side according to 0000L of every day, except the first day. Purchases are deducted from the total available VPs for each team. You can make purchases at any time of day, the new units appear 3 hours after purchase, updates take three hours to complete, but no limits on the number of updates that can make. All naval bases contain several dikes to update up to four ships at the same time.

Equipment destroyed / damaged:
DDGs: 10/5VPs
FFG: 4/2VPs
FFL: 2/1VPs
PCs: 1/0VPs
LSTs: 8/4Vps
Helicopter: 1/0VPs
Light combat aircraft: 2/0VPs
Infantry Company: 4/2VPs
Infantry Platoon: 2/1Vps

Islands: Captured / Held
Large: 5/3Vps
Small: 3/1Vps

Sunken Merchant Tranports Civil Sunk/99% -65% / 64% -35% / 34% -1% Damage:
Transportation 4/3/2/1
Oil 4/3/2/1
Ro-Ro 4/3/2/1
Vessel Passage 4/3/2/1

Equipment Purchase:
DDGs: 12VPs
FFG: 5 VPs
FFL: 3 VPs
PCs: 2 VPs
LSTs: 10 VPs
MSC: 2 VPs
MSO: 3 VPs
Tugs: 2 VPs
Helicopter: 2 VPs (ASW)
Light combat aircraft: 3 Vps
2x UAVs and Control Station: 3 VPs
2x VTUAVs and Control Station: 3 VPs
Infantry company: 5 VPs (inf Co)
Infantry platoon: 3 VPs (Specialist and Battalion HQ)
Infantry Squad: 1 VPs (Specialist)
FARPs: 5 VPs
Transport: 5 VPs
Oiler: 5 VPs
Coast Artillery Battery-ship: 3 VPs
Coast-ship missile batteries: 4 VPs
AAA Battery Short Range: 2 VPs
Short Range SAM battery: 3 VPs

AAA Arms Merchant: 2VPs (20mm to 30mm cannon guns + Fire Control)
SAM Arms Merchant: 3VPs (Madpans and short-range SAMs + Fire Control)
ASuW Arms for Merchant: 4VPs (40mm to 76mm cannon guns + Fire Control)

Neutral Naval traffic.
In the zone of control of each country (team) has 2 enter/exit points with randomly can appears neutral ships, that ships transit into the main port (annex to the naval base) of the exclusive economic zone (ZEE) country at cruise speed. That ships has under protection of the ZEE country, if that ship is sunk, that team has penalised without Victory points. Others teams has free to attack that naval traffic.

Outside Powers.
Never Develop, but the idea was if the war escalate to a bood war (invasion of a team main island) a small expeditionary airborne force (reinforced company) can be deploy as a parachute / airborne landing as last and desperate help (with the lost of a appreciate quantity of Victory Point with the helped team). That force never can use to invasion propose, only intent maintain the support regimen. If was destroy, never was replaced with a new force.
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oystein eker
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Nice to see this hit the table.
Faint hearts plays it on PC
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