Stephen Schaefer
United States
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I have the game, I'll send you the rules next time I'm at home (just had our new baby!). It's basically a one-sheet; the rules are pretty simple. It's a roll and move, and getting the iso chips unlock bonus powers to accelerate the endgame.
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John "Omega" Williams
United States
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Theres a rules summary in my review as someone else had a simmilar request.

Rules summary as follows (in part as a request for someone missing the rules for their copy.)
Whenever Kavok appears on screen everyone must stop what they are doing and respond as ordered.

1: set up: shuffle each individual deck and face down also the the rank tokens and the bridge tokens. Place the bridge tokens on the bridge spot. Place a phaser token for each player on the phaser spot on the board.
Each player then draws a rank token.
Players select a stand up counter and an individual colour for the base and place it at any of the the Computer access spaces and then draw one Computer access card. Select a tricorder for each player that corresponds to the colour of the character base.
Players then stick a communicator badge sticker on their shirt. Optional is a rank sticker too.

2: Objective: Defeat Kavoks challenge. Gain access to the five levels of the Computer by collecting isolinear chips to place in your tricorder, get a phaser from Security and crawl through the Jefferies tubes to win by regaining control of the Enterprise.

At Warp 9 the Enterprise will reach the Klingon home world in 60 minutes. You must win before the timer counts down to 00:00.

3: Winning: Collect a Phaser and the 5 chips, remove your communicator and then crawl through the Jefferies. At the end of the tube you will land on the Bridge access space. Draw a Bridge token. If it reads malfunction then you can try again next turn. If ut reads stun. Then you have defeated Kavok and won. Stop the VHS(DVD)

4: Medal of Valour Ceremony: The winner is then awarded the Medal of Valour sticker and one of the others reads the following.
"For services above and beyond the call of duty, and for saving our lives, we proudly award you ____(winners name)____, the United Federation of Planets' Medal of Valour. Congratulations. Live Long and Prosper." (TM)

A: Start the tape and watch the introduction. Once play begins there will be moments that are deliberately confusing. If anyone loses track of who or what is to be done next then pick someone and proceed! You are racing the clock!

B: Kavoks commands:
* Whenever Kavok appears play must stop and you must do as he commands. When he speaks to a player they must touch their communicator and say "Yes Captain Kavok!" If you are not wearing your communicator, or if you fail to respond when Kavok speaks to you specifically then if another player notices they may take a random card from you!
* Klingon words when the translator malfunctions.
Kronos = Klingon homeworld
BIJ = (Beej) Punishment
Mev = Stop
* If Kavok says "The crew member who is moving now" this refers to the player who last touched the dice.
* If Kavok says "Experience BIJ!" then draw a BIJ card and do what the top part of the card instructs. But if the screen flashes low-level malfunction the do what the bottom part of the card instructs then return it to the bottom of the deck.
*When instructed to "Take the Challenge of the Klingon Sword" spin the spinner for a chance for a BIJ or a Access card.
*If Kavok gives you a name then you must answer to it for the rest of the game.

B: Movement
*On your turn roll the dice and move FORWARD that many spaces. Movement is always clockwise and more than one player may occupy a space.
*Rooms count as spaces and you must roll the exact movement needed to enter a room. You are not required to enter a room though.
*Computer Access spaces: draw a access card if you land on this space. Room cards can be traded in a room for the next needed level of isoliniar chip. Clock cards have a time on them. When this time comes you must perform the action even if it is not your turn. Each clock card has two times on it. If you miss the first one you can try for the second. If used or both expire then return to bottom of deck. Other cards will grant actions as indicated.
*Holodeck spaces: If you have a level 1 isolinear then you may access the holodeck for advice. Draw one Holodeck card. It is returned to the bottom of deck after it is played.
*Turbolift spaces: If you have a level 2 isolinear then if you end your move on a Turbolift then you can move to any other Turbolift space.
*Move Again spaces: Take another turn.
*Lose a Turn spaces: Miss your next turn.
*Report to Sickbay spaces: Move immediately to Sickbay room and miss your next turn.
*Brig Room: you are detained and cannot act for 1 minute.
*Security Room: you need level three isolinear chip to access this room. (malfunctions and some cards may allow you to bypass this requirement.) Enter to collect a phaser.
*Jefferies Tubes: Only accessible if you have all 5 levels of chips. If you are in a tube and lose a chip or phaser while there. Then you must back out and collect these items again before attempting to use the tubes again.
*Stasis Fields: These are clear plastic tubes representing stasis. A player in stasis cannot move or act on their turns until released. There are only 2 Stasis fields so if an third is trapped then they get to choose one of the two already trapped crew to free.
*Power Panel space: immediately release all stasis locked players.

C: Isolinear Chips
You collect them in order and gain the bonus when you gain that level.

LEVEL 1: can draw a Holodeck card if land on a Holodeck space.
LEVEL 2: can access Turbolifts when land on these spaces.
LEVEL 3: can access Security room.
LEVEL 4: automatically frees you from Stasis.
LEVEL 5: Can access the Jefferies Tubes and the Bridge Access Panel.

If you are required to lose an isolinear chip, then it is always the highest level one you have.
And that is it!
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can I maybe have the file of the rules too? I found the game in my country house but i miss the instructions. The summarty is great, but I would like to print the original ones for the box.
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