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Subject: Homebrew rule: forging weapons rss

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Rodrigo Oliva
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Hey guys!

After playing Zombicide Black Plague, I felt there was something missing. Giving some thought on this feeling, I realized that the game doesn't have any rule regarding item creation, which is something quite commom for medieval fantasy, in my opinion.

So, I came up with this!

This rule is intended to make the game a little more strategic and interesting. As this process is not very fast, and demands some objects to be performed, I believe this rule applies for those who are playing like a campaign. I must say I HAVER NEVER TRIED THIS RULE MYSELF, because I don`t play much (though I love the game) – so these parameters are just suggestions, which means they can be changed. I am saying this because I don`t know if this is going to make the game more enjoyable then it already is, or if this rule is too difficult to be applied. I really expect people to try it out and share experiences, opinions, suggestions and adaptations.

I have used the Portuguese version of the game, so, sorry for any mislead translation and for any other mistakes you may come by.

Hope you guys like it!!

• In order to forge an item, the team must attend to these requirements: the group must have a hammer (not discarded in the process), water(not discarded in the process), one player in the group must have Iron Hide as a natural ability (comes in the character sheet) available to use (it must be unlocked) and one player in the group must have Spellcraft as a natural ability (comes in the character sheet) available to use (it must be unlocked) – if these two ability requirements are found in the same character, the group has attended this aspect; also the player forging the weapon must be in the same threshold that the item is allowed to be used. This means that if you want to create a Dragon ire Blade, you must be in the orange level to forge it: you can have all you need to create it before the orange level but, until you reach that threshold, the player forging the item can`t do so;

• Any player is allowed to craft weapons. Players with Spellcraft and/or Iron Hide Skill are able to forge as a Free Action; otherwise, it spends One action. All player involved in the process must be in the same area, as they could trade objects;

• Each item contains its own formula. However, if you have all the requirements to forge a weapon of higher level, you can do so. Example: forging a short sword costs two daggers, and forging a Sword costs one short sword plus one dagger. If you have three daggers, you can create a Sword – you don`t have create a short sword first, and then spend another action to forge a Sword;

• The forging formula is as follows:
Short Sword 2 daggers
Sword 1 Short Sword + 1 dagger
Long Sword 1 Sword + 1 axe
Padded armor 1 leather armor + 1 shield
Platemail 1 padded armor + 1 shield
Long Bow 1 short bow +1 hand crossbow
Repetition Crossbow 2 han crossbow
Crossbow 1 repetition crossbow + 1 hand crossbow
Bastard Sword 1 long Sword + short sword + 1 axe
Dragon Breath Sword 1 long sword +1 sword + dragon bile + fire*
Flaming Great Sword 1 bastard sword +long sword + dragon bile + fire*
Chaos Longbow 1 long bow + 1 axe +dragon bile + fire*
Vampire Crossbow 1 crossbow + 1 jerked meat + dragon bile
Shield of Ages 1 shield + 1 padded armor +apple +bile
Carnage Axe 2 axes + dragon bile + 1 jerked meat
Earthquake hammer 1 axe + 1 hammer + apple + dragon bile
*fire: this may be from any origin – a torch or a fireball. The card used as the fire requirement is not discarded as are the others;
• After the item is forged, the players involved in the process may trade/rearrange their inventory as a Free Action;

I am really looking forward to hearing from your experiences!

Have fun and play safe!
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United States
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The thing I like most about Zombicide is the simplicity... This breaks that so not for me.

However the thing I like second most about Zombicide is the sandbox... Custom characters, custom maps, custom rules, sometimes even custom items and zombies... So I would encourage you to keep brewing... Just because this idea isn't for me doesn't mean it isn't for you or others!
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Rodrigo Oliva
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Thanks Brian!

I really appreciate your opinion. Totally agree with the fact that this rule doesn't add simplicity to the game. On the other hand, for people playing campaign may be an option as they may have some items to discard (what to do with an apple when you are in the red level?).

Using this rule may improve some of items importance, in my opnion.
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