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Subject: Ringer tier list and buff suggestions rss

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Zack Wiblemo
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After doing a simplistic team tier list, which you can find elsewhere on the forum, I decided to do the same with the Ringers. Again, this will be very simplistic to avoid having a massive, unreadable wall of text. The Ringers are very balanced for the most part, although there are a couple that are obviously better or worse than their compatriots. Of course, these are my own opinions after 50+ games of League play.

Format is (Cost)/(Health) when referring to stats.

S tier: If available, should be chosen or at least bid on to increase cost for opponents
The Butcher: 3/2, one shotting opponents is extremely useful.
Crettin the Ettin: 4/3, godlike crowd control, can be extremely annoying to deal with.
Kutulu: 4/3, arguably the best Ringer in the game, forcing opponents to burn live cards is a massive advantage.
M.A.Z.E: 2/4, great starting cost and high health for an ability that lets you manipulate the battlefield to your liking.
Footie: 2/3, absolutely broken for such a low cost, best offensive Ringer in the game.
Hoots Mon: 4/4, high cost but high health and ability can be used on either players' turn to quickly refresh hand.
The Survivor: 3/1, for those unaware with this Ringer, his text reads 'If The Survivor would be killed or knocked down, you may instead bench him and replace him with a bruiser or runner (the kill doesn't count).' Essentially, he's a free contest.

A tier: Universally good choice, few teams that can't take advantage of ability
The Dragon: 4/3, high cost, but 6 spaces for tackling/attacking and 8 spaces for sprinting is a potential game-saver.
Panther: 2/3, would be S tier if she could avoid Runners' killzones too, almost broken in this aspect for a low cost.
T-Bone: 3/4, healing all damage allows him to jump into Fighting contests with little regard for outcome.
Panda Monium: 2/3, lost points can rack up but opponents will force him to approach at some point.
Gabriel: 2/4, low cost, ability and high health go hand-in-hand but his usefulness wanes as the game progresses.
Gojira!: 4/3, high cost, manipulates the battlefield but needs to win contests consistently to have a good return on investment.
Tycho: 3/2, ability is somewhat niche (only Fighting, only adjacent enemy figures), but just a single successful use of his ability is a game changer.
Zorra: 2/3, low cost for a universal buff to all figures in her killzones.
Nibbles: 2/3, 2 points per kill will rack up and he does not need to initiate the contest, but winning consistently enough to make an impact may prove difficult.

B tier: Average choice or good flex (second Ringer) choice
Macho Libre: 1/3, low cost and high health, ability requires good positioning, timing, and game sense.
Gangsta Z: 1/2, low cost and makes Runners better but once he's out the buff is lost.
Kongbad: 3/4, essentially a higher cost and health version of Panda Monium, but requires winning the contest to actually activate the ability.
Mr. Awesome: 3/2, autowins are good, but somewhat high cost and ability is niche, can put him in a bad spot afterwards.
The Patriot: 3/3, decent ability which improves his survivability and allows him to remain in the action, but doesn't do much otherwise.
Rumblefist: 2/2, good cost but ability is niche and health is low for what it does.
Scrag: 1/1, seems underpowered but fits in as the "anti-Ringer" extremely well, most teams will carry a Ringer so he has use.
Dis Assemble: 1/2, low cost and losing a contest or two can actually be beneficial with him.
Frank: 3/4, underpowered version of T-Bone, high health but high cost for ability and recycling possession back to him can be a distraction from actually making use of other players.
Gnome Mercy: 2/2, niche use, but can actually be a great offensive Ringer if low health is managed correctly.

C tier: Niche or gimmick choice
Biru Biru: 0/1, low cost but ability is very niche and health is too low to end up making a difference.
Spectre: 1/2, basically an underpowered version of the Panther, ability is very gimmick.
The Warrior: 2/3, very gimmick ability, could possibly score 12 points for you in a game or may not even get to activate it and is essentially vanilla until the new period starts.
Apocalypse: 1/3, good health for low cost, ability is very gimmick but is a good "kamikaze" option if you can read your opponent.
Wheels: 2/3, good health but ability is gimmick and she is stopped by figures/walls/can be reacted to as normal.

Buff suggestions:
Macho Libre: Keep original ability and add "Scores +1 on minor scoring mounds and +3 on major scoring mounds."
Mr. Awesome: Keep original ability and add "Ignores killzones while using ability" OR "Can move 3 additional spaces after stealing the ball" OR simply make him 1 cost.
Rumblefist: +1 health, possibly +1 cost for balance.
Frank: -1 or -2 cost OR new ability could be "Every time Frank wins a contest he is restored to full health."
Spectre: Keep original ability and add "Can walk through and land on fire, trash, Gojira craters, etc" and +1 or +2 health.
Biru Biru: +1 or +2 health.
Wheels: Keep original ability and add "When using her ability, Wheels deals 1 damage to any figure in her path unless the owner burns an energy card with value 3 or higher."
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