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Yuber Okami
South Carolina
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After giving a second try to the google translator my friend CH (who is not registered on this boards, BTW) and I seem to have translated the game's rules. Could any polish-speaker give it a look? once we get confirmation that the translation is OK we (all right, HE) will produce a fully formatted document (in fact, he already did...).


The game "Alien" can be played by two to seven people. They play in two rival sides: One player is the Alien Queen and directs its forces, while the other player (or several players if the game is played by more than two people) controls the members of the expedition, which came to the base to destroy the Aliens. The purpose of the latter is to kill all the expedition members.

Box contents:
 Board depicting the layout of the base on which the battle takes place between the aliens and the members of the expedition. There is a legend with explanatory notes of the symbols attached to the rules.
 6 Character data sheets
 7 pieces of cardboard together with saucers. Chips depicting characters and the transporter after excision nalecy lodge in half and place in plastic postawkach.
 72 ALIEN tokens
 74 objects tokens
 16 black tokens
 20 cards with tasks. When you take the cards they must be shuffled and set aside, forming the tasks’ pile.
 Tables "FIGHT RESULT" and "LEGEND"
 Dice
 Rules

Both rival parties shall execute their actions in two phases for the entire duration of the game. In addition, in the context of each phase various tasks are performed in a predetermined order. All players must follow these rules.

 Movement of the APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
 Moving and performing other actions by characters using their action points
 Calculation of the consequences of the expedition member’s attacks, immediately applying them to the game

Phase 2 "ALIEN"
 Hatching
 Aliens’ movement
 Metamorphosis
 Calculation of the effects of aliens’ attacks, immediately applying them to the game

The expedition is composed of six members (five men and one android). Each of them has its own character card listing his individual characteristics. If the members of the expedition are to be guided by only one player he gets character cards controls the whole expedition. In contrast, when there is more than one expedition player characters must be distributed among the expedition players. In this case, each one controls her character or characters.

Each of the six characters taking part in the expedition has a particular strength indicated on his character card. This feature reflects both the strength and combat skills.
 If the strength of the character is reduced, it is noted by covering the lost or missing strength point with a black token on the character card
 It is possible to regain lost strength points by using medical kits
 The strength of a character cannot be higher than his/her initial value
 If the strength of the character drops to zero (all strength points are covered), this means that this character has been killed. That character’s token is removed from the board and all of his items are lost.

Each member of the expedition has three pockets which may carry one item. This means that the character can possess at a time no more than three items. Tokens representing the objects are placed on the fields called pockets that are on the character card. If any of the members of the expedition already has three items and wants to take another one he must discard one those already on him to empty the pocket. Then you can pick up the selected object by placing it in an empty pocket.

All characters possess short features on their cards. Located in there are some action restrictions and the items with which the character starts the game.

All the characters have 6 action points at the beginning of their movement phase which are used for moving, shooting and performing other actions. In any case the figure can never use more than 6 action points in one movement phase. Each of the actions described below entails the use of action points.
 Move one tile regardless of it being a room, corridor or air duct one
 Raising and placing one item in your pocket
 Throwing away one item from your pocket
 Shooting a single shot
 Reading a task from a floppy disk in your computer
 Using an explosive charge
After shooting one or more shots a character can not be longer move or perform other actions in this phase. A character can use any number of his 6 action points (he doesn’t need them to use all of them). Any points not used in a turn cannot be carried over to the next turn.

VASQUEZ moves three squares (3 action points). While standing on a tile labelled explosive magazine she takes an explosive device (1 action point), placing the token in her pocket. She then moves one space (1 action point) and shoots an alien once (1 action point). In this way VASQUEZ has used his 6 action points.

Members of the expedition move through the base mainly on foot. During his movement phase a character may move up to six tiles if she uses all of her action points exclusively for moving. When you move the characters you can freely change the facing/direction of motion. A character can not stand on a tile occupied by another character or go through a tile in which there is already another character. If the movement of a expedition member takes him to a tile adjacent to another one occupied by an alien then the character must stop there.
Members of the expedition begin at the field where they landed their ship (Left bottom corner of the board). During the game characters may not enter the landing field, the only exception being to start the APC (see 4.2). Only after killing the Alien Queen may expedition members enter the airstrip which means they return to their ship (see 8).
4.2 APC
The APC can also be used for moving through the base. To run it you need the fuel that can be gotten from the fuel storage. The fuel container must be delivered to the APC. One fuel container has enough fuel for activate the APC for three phases, moving up to ten tiles in each of them. After this, the token representing the fuel is set aside. To enter the vehicle a character has to stand on a tile box on which the APC stands.
After delivering the fuel to the APC it can:
 Navigate the corridors and rooms
 Drive through tiles occupied by Aliens (Aliens can not attack or stop the APC)
 Haul any number of characters
The APC can not:
 Move through the air ducts
 Come into any airlock tile
 Come into any tile marked as a warehouse
 Attack aliens
 Move when there is no fuel in it
At the end of the APC’s movement, characters who were on it can leave it by using an action point (treating the tile in which the vehicle stopped as the tile in which the character stood before moving). They can’t, however, leave the APC and in the same phase enter it back: they can do this only in the next phase. Once the fuel is exhausted all the characters have to leave the APC. Until the delivery of a new fuel container no character can dwell inside it. Aliens can freely move through and around the APC. The APC is represented by a token on the board and all the characters (which are also represented by tokens) driving it are put on the picture of the vehicle which is on the upper right corner of the board. At the beginning of the game the APC is located on the landing field before entering the base. It has no fuel.

Members of the expedition can navigate outside the base exiting it by using the airlocks. There are five, each marked with a different number. To go outside the base character a must have a vacuum suit taken from the suits storage. When the figure standing on a tile labelled airlock is moved to "track crossings" (on the right side of the board) to the input box labelled ("we"). During the next phases of the character moves one space in each. After passing the end of the "transition path" ("you") character can enter the base through a freely chosen airlock.

During the game the characters must rely on auxiliary objects for completing their mission. Each of these items has a different purpose. To take the item a character has to stand on a tile labelled storage of such items. Then, at the cost of one action point he can take it, putting a token representing the item in any free pocket. An object placed in a pocket of a character can only be used by that character. Members of the expedition can exchange objects with other characters who are in neighbouring tiles. If the character wants to get rid of some object (e.g. to empty his pockets to be able to take another item) at the cost of a single action point. You can either discard the item or put the object on the tile were the character stands. Any object left this way lies in the tile until one of the members of the expedition comes to the tile and takes it.

VACUUM SUIT – can be taken from any suit storage. It is used to exit outside the base (see 4.3). The number of suits is limited to four. Each suit can be used any number of times, they don’t wear out.

FUEL CONTAINER – can be taken from any fuel storage. It is indispensable to run the APC (see 4.2). The number of fuel containers is limited to six. After using the container, the token representing it is set aside, not taking part in the game anymore.

FLOPPY DISK – It shall be collected in the component warehouse. It is used to read the expedition tasks from a computer. (See 7). After reading them they are put back into the component warehouse. Number of floppy disks is limited to four, which in this case means that it can not be at once more than four floppy disks on the board.

SPARE PARTS – can be collected in the components warehouse. It is used to repair various devices when performing tasks. Repairing involves that the character who has taken the spare part holds also the defective device. In this way the device is repaired. The number of this item is unlimited which means that utilized the token goes back to the warehouse.

EXPLOSIVE DEVICE – you can get it in the magazine. Using this a character can blow up a freely chosen corridor (you can not use it to blow up air ducts and rooms). On the tile adjacent to the tile occupied by the character using the explosive device put a token of
– collapsed corridor token. No character or Alien can go into such marked tile for the rest of the game. After using the explosive charge token it is set aside. The total number of charges is limited to four.

MEDICAL KIT – so you can download the medical supplies storage rooms. It is used to heal wounds on expedition members. The use of a single package heals one wound, increasing by one point the treated character’s strength. Strength can not become higher than the initial value as a result of the treatment. Medical packages can only be used by BISHOP. Treated character must stand on a tile adjacent to the tile occupied by BISHOP. Medical kits are limited to six. Once used, the token is set aside for the rest of the game.

WEAPON – can be taken from any armoury. In the tokens depicting each weapon there are two features:
 Range (the number in the lower left corner)
 The shot’s strength (the number in the lower right corner).
A pistol, for example, has a range of three, so it can be used against a target located up to three tiles away from the shooter. If the distance is greater than the range of the weapon, you can not shoot, neither can you shoot if the line drawn between the center of the tile on which the shooter stands and the target’s tile goes through:
 Walls
 A tile occupied by another character
 A tile occupied by an Alien different to the target
The second feature – the shot’s strength – is used to calculate the efficiency of the shot (see 6).

AMMUNITION CARTRIDGE – weapons are useless if besides it a character doesn’t own ammunition. You can retrieve it in magazines or armouries. A full cartridge contains four charges, allowing you to make as many shots at the cost of one charge per the shot. When the game character will give the shot has to be seen consider, by changing a chip magazine of ammunition on the same chip but with a lower amount of cargo. When you shoot all the charges you can’t shoot until you take a new cartridge. An ammunition cartridge, regardless of the amount of charges in it, always occupies one pocket. Quantity of ammunition stored in any storage room is unlimited. (The number on the token amounts for the number of unused charges)

GRENADE – It can be taken from any armoury. It is the only weapon that strikes at the same time three tiles. You can throw it up to a distance of two fields. When the grenade is used in a corridor or duct it strikes on the tile that has been thrown at and the two tiles adjacent to it. When thrown inside a room it works on three arbitrary adjacent tiles, of which at least one is located no more than two tiles away of the one were the grenade landed. All Aliens located in the zone of action of the grenade die, as well as any characters who are in that area. The number of grenades in the entire game is four. Once used the grenade counter is set aside.

Members of the expedition equipped with firearms, ammunition and located at the right distance can shoot at Aliens. In one phase they can shoot one or several ALIENS if allowed to do so by the amount of ammunition carried. They also need to choose how many charges they are going to use against eache of their targets. Using more charges increases the effectiveness of the shot. To know the result of the attack first shot effectiveness is calculated by:
Current character’s strength + ( weapon strength * number of shots )
Subtract from the calculated effectiveness of the shot the strength of the ALIEN being attacked. This gives the strength of the attack. Then the player in charge of the attacking character throws the die once. Outcome of the fight is found in the table "FIGHT RESULT" at the intersection of the column "Attack force" with the “Roll of the dice" row. In this way, the result is calculated separately for each ALIEN attacked. Once you find out the result of the attack immediately play the effects of it. If the firing character is not standing on a tile directly adjacent to the attacked ALIEN he doesn’t suffer any unfavourable result of combat. If the outcome of the shot forces the ALIEN to withdraw a specified number of tiles it must be done in such a way that the Alien does not enter a tile adjacent to another one occupied by a character, and cannot enter a tile occupied by another ALIEN. If the Alien can’t withdraw due of the above conditions it is killed.

Hicks shoots a force 4 ALIEN standing in an air duct. Hicks’ strength is 5, and he shoots twice with a rifle, which has a firepower of +3.
5 + (3*2) = 11
From the calculated effectiveness of 11 or subtract the ALIEN’s strength of 8 (ALIEN strength, while being in an air duct, is doubled). So the strength of character attack is +3. The player in charge Hicks rolls a 5 on the die. The outcome of the fight can is found in the table at the intersection of column 3 and row 5, which says that the ALIEN loses 1 strength point and must retreat one space.
In order to achieve the goal of their mission, the expedition members must perform certain tasks, for which they receive points that can latter be used for killing the ALIEN Queen (see 8). To read the contents of the tasks you need to take a floppy disk from any component warehouse and take it to one of the three computers. The player whose character has a floppy disk and drops it into a tile labelled computer draws one card from the task card pile, and the floppy disk is put back to the component warehouse. To discover each subsequent task repeat steps as in the first task. The card with the task is read only by the players in charge of the expedition. For the player in charge of the Aliens the content of the card (and thus the task) is a mystery. After completing the task (according to the instructions on the extended tab) the Alien player reads the card and checks whether the job has been correctly done, setting the card aside if the task has been fulfilled. For the completion of a task the expedition gets one point which is then marked by moving blue token on the points track panel , which indicates the number of completed tasks . The expedition can perform up to three tasks at the same time, which means that they can only have three undone tasks’ cards at any one time.

The aim of the expedition and also its victory condition is to kill the Alien Queen and then return to the ship standing at the entrance to the base. Only close cooperation between the players in charge of the expedition members can provide a full mission success. If the expedition reaches the purpose of its mission then all expedition players are considered to be winners regardless of whether the characters they controlled survived the expedition or not.
Keep this in mind especially when a character has to sacrifice his life to save other members of the expedition. The following are two options for the killing of the Alien Queen. Players have to agree which variant they want to choose before starting the game.
Option 1
The players in control of the expedition may declare an attack on the Alien Queen after successfully performing any task. The player in controls of the Aliens throws the dice once and thus determines the strength of the ALIEN Queen. He then compares that strength with the amount of points gained by the expedition from successfully performed tasks.
If the force of ALIEN Queen is:
 Less than the number of points then it’s killed and ALIENs no longer hatch.
 Equals – the ALIEN Queen is killed but ALIENS continue to hatch.
 Greater than the number of points of the expedition: the expedition loses all its points, and must earn new points in order to attack again.
Option 2
Players arrange before the start of the game how much completed tasks will be needed to kill the ALIEN Queen (np.3 tasks). After the last of a fixed number of jobs is successfully completed the ALIEN Queen dies, and ALIENS no longer hatch.
In both variants after killing the ALIEN Queen the remaining members of the expedition have to reach the ship standing on the landing site in front of the entrance to the base. If just one character makes it there the game ends in victory for the expedition. If, however, after killing the ALIEN Queen all the members of the expedition are killed while retreating to the landing site the game ends in a draw.

Aliens are directed by one player only. They move during their movement phase (the movement phase ALIEN (Phase 2), not to be mistaken with that of the members of the expedition (Phase 1). There is a number in the tokens representing ALIEN which record their strength. If the strength of the ALIENS changes during the game, replace the token with another one with an appropriate strength number.
ALIENS are killed when their strength drops to zero, and then their token is removed from the board.

The player in charge of the ALIENS throws the die once to determine the total points of new strength he may bring into play.
ALIEN strength can never be higher than four.
The number of ALIENS entering the board is arbitrarily chosen by the ALIEN player as long as it doesn’t exceed the number rolled.
When disposing of a die roll of 6 it could be possible to bring into play:
- One strength 4 ALIEN, and a second with a strength of 2.
- One strength 4 ALIEN, a second strength 1 one, a third with a strength of 1.
- One strength 3 ALIEN, a second with a strength of 2, a third with strength of 1
Be aware that in any case the sum of the ALIENS’ strengths equal to the number rolled (6).
New ALIEN tokens are set up in tiles marked as hatching places. There are five scattered throughout the board. The ALIEN player selects any of the hatching tiles from which new ALIENS start the game. This means that he may well set all newly hatched ALIENS together or each separately, in another hatching tile.
The process of hatching occurs just every ALIEN movement phase.

After finishing the "hatching" phase, the ALIENS move. Each new ALIEN starts its journey on the hatching tile on which it has been previously placed. ALIENS can move through the corridors, ducts and inside rooms moving up to four tiles. It can stay on the same tile or move less than its maximum allowed. ALIEN may not enter the tiles labelled airlock and go outside the base. If an ALIEN enters a tile adjacent to another one occupied by a character it must stop and attack him (see 10). Aliens may not enter a tile occupied by another ALIEN (except during metamorphosis) or pass through that tile, neither they can enter the landing site. ALIEN strength, when it is in a duct, counts double.

Inside the air ducts ALIENS are subject to metamorphosis. Two ALIENS standing on the same tile of at the duct mutate. This results in only one ALIEN with a strength equal to the sum of the strength of the ALIENS involved in themetamorphosis. Keep in mind that the strength of the resulting ALIEN cannot exceed four. If by the result of the transformation there are any remaining unused points strength, they are lost. The metamorphosis can not be done on a tile adjacent to another one occupied by a member of the expedition.

As a result of the metamorphosis, two ALIENS with strength 3 and strength 2 produce one ALIEN with strength 4. The remaining strength point is not used in the metamorphosis, so it is lost.

ALIENS do not use any weapons during combat. To attack a character, ALIENS must stand on a tile adjacent to the tile where that character stands. One character can be attacked by several ALIENS. Attack power is calculated by subtracting from the sum of the strength of the attacking ALIENS the current strength of the character.
Once this is calculated, the player in charge of the ALIENS throws a die and checks the "FIGHT RESULT" table on the intersection of the "attack power" column (the calculation as above) and the "die roll" row (the number rolled) in order to find the result of the attack. Results of the fighting are immediately played. Each ALIEN can attack only once during the same phase. ALIENS can not attack the APC.
Each ALIEN must attack while standing in a tile adjacent to the tile occupied by a character. If several ALIENS attacking a character suffer an unfavorable result, it is suffered by all of them. If as a result of the fighting a character must withdraw, but is unable to do so in accordance with the rule that she must not stand in a tile adjacent to an ALIEN nor on the tile occupied by another character, it loses as many strength points as the number of tiles he is unable to withdraw.
Example 1:
One alien with a strength of 3 attacks Hicks, whose strength is 5 because he has not suffered any injuries.
that is 3 - 5 = -2
Attack power is -2. A 5 is rolled so as a result of the fighting the alien loses 2 strength points, and it is forced for withdraw two tiles.

Example 2:
Three ALIENS, one strength 4, the second with s strength of 2, and the third with s strength of 3 attacks Hudson, who earlier in the game had lost 1 strength point so its current strength is 4.
that is (4 + 2 + 3) - 4 = 5
Attack power is +5. A 4 is rolled so HUDSON loses 2 points of strength (leaving him with just 2 points) and he retreats two tiles.

The player in charge of the ALIEN forces ACHIEVES victory when he manages to kill all the members of the expedition. ALIENS move and attack even (but may not hatch) when the expedition has killed the ALIEN Queen until one of its members arrives to the landing field, at which time the game ends in victory for the expedition.
After killing the Queen, ALIENS can still force a tie by managing to kill all the expedition members on the way back to their ship. Game rules have been arranged so that the ALIENS and the expedition have an equal chance of winning. Everything depends on the tactics adopted by the players’ opposing camps.

If the game is played by more than two people, players who play as members of the expedition divide all the characters among themselves. In the characters sheet is noted which items each character stats the game with, e.g. Gorman at the beginning of the journey has one pistol in his first pocket, a full magazine in the second one and an empty third pocket. All other tokens of objects and black tokens must be put aside in the vicinity of the players in charge of the expedition. Shuffled task cards be placed next to the board, while ALIENS tokens should be placed next to the player embodying the Alien Queen. All characters start in the same place, i.e., the landing site located at the entrance to the base (bottom left corner of the board), and there the markers representing individual members of the expedition should be placed. The APC is alsolocated at the landing site. There is no fuel in it. At the beginning of the game, there are no aliens in the base’s premises. They appear only during the first "Phase 2", during hatching. Before starting the game determine which option to kill the ALIEN Queen will be valid in this game. After these preparations, you can start the game to see who will win.

Game development: Artur Górski
Graphic design: Jerzy Kurczak
31 – 557 Kraków 49 skr. poczt.15

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Mario Mario
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Great Job. I hope this real good game will have second life.
Maybe someone will even remaster the game and publis 2017 version

If U need any help in future write to me
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