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Market Garden Optional Rules

These add a little complexity but puts some reasonable limits on your cardboard commanders options. For me it gives a better feel to the game.

Closing with an enemy unit under fire is a hazardous action. Moving past several other units to do so should be very risky.

[O1] Reaction Fire 
During movement, if a unit enters and leaves a hex that can be brought under fire, the non moving player gets a free attack at 1/2 strength with every unit that can engage the hex.  
If using indirect fire, apply the rule of halves twice.
This rule also applies if entering close combat from a non adjacent hex.

Retreating means going back where you came from, entering new territory is advancing.

[O2]  Retreats
During close combat a retreating defending unit can't leave through the hex side used by the attacker.  A retreating attacking unit must leave through its entry hex side.

Attacking involves risk.

[O3] Murphy's Rule
If the AF is greater than 6, a roll of 6 also hits the attacker. Murphy is always around.

Bombs and shells don't know which side they are on.

[O4] Friendly Fire
Artillery and air support tokens assigned to close combats add +1 AF to both side's attack.
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