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British Columbia
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Has anyone tried creating a deck for each hero?

It'd be interesting to see each player have their own Basic, Advanced, and Action decks to draw from.

No idea how you'd make it work for the Necromancer though.
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Joshua Christensen
United States
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I have not tried this but for the Necromancer I'd imagine he'd either have to make decks just like every one else but then use his discard effects to target his deck or his deck and the opponents deck. He could still choose to "draw" a card from his unit decks which would just put them in the discard. Possibly the Necromancer only brings Action cards and then uses discard stuff on the opponent's deck and plays stuff from their discard.
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John Choong
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
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Actually I have the idea for making constructed deck for Allegiance but I didn't post it up because I haven't gotten a set of the game for my own to experiment on. I believe through a constructed format we can build our decks to align with the distinctive characteristics of our hero so as to emphasis on their respective theme and power. However, I could pass the idea here for those who have a copy.

Each player will build a Basic Unit deck of exactly 30 cards, an Action deck of exactly 35 cards, and Elite Unit Dec of 12 cards. I'm still mulling with the right number here.

Each player Basic Unit deck must contain 5 Infantries. Then they can include the number of copies of the desired units based on the limit stated below.

Tier 1 Unit (Cost 7 and 8) - Can only have 1 copy of each card; deck must not have more than 3 copies of Tier 1 card.

Tier 2 Unit (Cost 6) - Can only have 1 copy of each card; cannot have more than a total of 6 Tier 2 cards in the deck.

Tier 3 Unit (Cost 4 and 5) - Can have at most 2 copies of each card; no limit to the number of Tier 3 units in the deck as long it fulfil the 30 deck requirement.

Tier 4 Unit (Cost 3) - Can have at most 2 copies of each card; deck must have at least 3 Tier 4 units.

(1) Player can only have 1 copy of those ACTION cards with cost equal to 5 or above.

(2) They can have the maximum of 4 copies of each ACTION Card with a cost of 4 with exception if attachment cards where they can only have 2 copies.

(3) All ACTION cards which are to attach to another is limited to only 2 copies each.

(4) Players can only have 2 copies of each card with a cost of 3 and 4.

Since Elite Units are unique, here are several ways to create the deck.
(1) Randomly Distribution - randomly deal 12 Elite Unit cards to each player.

(2) Each player are dealt 5 Elite Unit cards - Choose 2 to keep, 1 to pass to your opponent, and 2 others to be discarded face down into the box; do this 4 times

(3) If both players has the Allegiance set, then both choose their 12 desired Elite Units to be included into their respective decks.

(4) Cube Draft - deal the Elite Unit cards on a 3x3; starting with the first player, he or she chooses a row or a column, then the second player can choose the remaining row or column of 3 cards. After this, deal another set of 9 cards onto tge grid. The second player will now become the first to choose. Do this another two times so each player at the end has 12 Elite Unit Cards.

Whenever the Necromancer need to draw units, he must only draw from his own decks. However, when he uses his ability to Enlist unit, he can choose either to enlist from hos own discard pile or his opponent's. There will be no common discard piles shared by the players.

If you have tried the above format, do give me your feedback. I like to know whether the proposed number of card copies and total number of cards in the deck is appropriate or not.
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