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Subject: An Intense Victory of My Own Design rss

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Take Walker
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The honey glow of being able to play Sentinels games comprised of my own cards has sort of worn off, but suffice to say I've been playing a lot, fine-tuning things as much as one can when not facing real decks. The point being, after that first game, I haven't felt the need to post sessions because I figure most people won't care (and will get tired of me flooding this forum), but this one's worth it. Assuming I can properly articulate what happened. Here's the setup:

Captain Coward
Masked Warrior Irou
Princess Sparklemuffin
Mega Man

vs. Dr. Wondertainment (who I have yet to post here, though I'm getting close!)

in the Everfree Forest.

I've been working on Wondy a lot recently, and the Everfree is a pretty decently set-up environment, as far as I can tell.

The way Dr. W (no relation to Dr. Wily) works is he floods the board with squishy targets who can rack up a lot of damage via synergies and mess with the heroes in various, often hair-pulling ways. He starts with H-2 cards called Little Misters in play, and wants to have H Little Misters out by the end of his turn so he can flip and start stealing cards. The heroes then have to beat on the Little Misters until all the cards under Dr. W have vanished, at which point they win. I don't want to get into much detail, but here's how things went.

Captain Coward is running on version 2.2, having been given an all-new deck consisting of 37 separate one-shots and 3 targets. I just revamped him so that 18 cards cause self-damage, card discarding, etc., and 18 let him heal, with 4 'neutral', if still beneficial cards. His round consists of playing two and drawing two, with the second play completely random. I love the way he works. I may need to tweak his HP, because he went down first, but his few out-of-turn play abilities let him rack up some crazy, crazy turns. (The memorable one started with "At the end of each turn, play a card", leading him to his final card play at the end of the villain turn letting everyone play, power or draw right then. It was tremendous.)

Irou has been sitting pretty as a very solid deck that might yet be a smidge overpowered. Some simplification of his color system has led to much more dynamic henshining than previously. He was the one who lasted the whole game, ending the final villain turn with 1 solitary HP. (Mr. Soap had it out for him, constantly undercutting his DR.)

Sparklemuffin I've been slowly working into something that might actually be interesting to play someday. A recent change to her wand to give it healing meant that she was often the highest HP target. Dave the Unicorn came out in the middle of the game (only to be eaten when Wondertainment flipped), and I got a sense of her playing the way she should: a few Purity cards, an evil unicorn trying to corrupt her, spreading hopes and wishes and pain all over the multiverse. That paragraph probably doesn't make any sense.

Lastly, the Blue Bomber. Poor, poor Mega Man. He's kind of boring, when you get down to it. I need to change some stuff. But usually when I play him, the first thing he does is get the Mega Buster and go to town on every target in sight. This time, I don't think I ever saw one. Instead, he used the power of friendship: with Rush's help, he was able to keep the environment under control, because it also likes flooding the board with targets (it's a crap Wasteland), and they are not particularly squishy. He definitely pulled his weight.

What it came down to was CC and Mega Man incapped going into the final villain turn. Wondertainment had four of his five "play a card" start-of-turn effects in play, and play cards he did. It just so happened that, of the ten cards in play, none of them were able to entirely destroy the heroes at the end of that turn. He flipped and hoovered up a bunch of the heroes' stuff; then Princess Sparklemuffin went down, and Irou was reduced to a single hit point.

Irou managed to survive with 4 HP, thanks to 2 from one of the villain's cards and one more from Sparklemuffin's incap. His ability to hit three targets for 2 melee each three times a turn (thanks to incaps from his team) was what ultimately led the heroes to victory. He swung that rod like it was going out of style, bashing the quickly-regenerating Misters into pulp. It was glorious.

I had a bit of a quandary when Sparklemuffin incapped, since most of the cards under Wondy were hers, but it turns out I made the right decision: remove them from the game. Even if I hadn't, I think Irou would have cleaned up nicely, that's how much damage he was doing. In the end, that single card came out from under the Doctor (thanks to some well-earned vengeance against Mr. Soap!), Irou survived the environment turn, and the day was saved.

Most intense two hour game I've ever played! XD
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