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Subject: Monster Abilities? rss

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Richard Reekie
United Kingdom
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Have played two 2player games so far and require a couple clarifications for the Impervious and Corrosive Attack, abilities of the Adra Animats.

1). With regards the Impervious ability

Its very clear that Impervious ignores buildings such as the Blacksmith or Wizards Hut that add attack or Hero abilities that bestow +X attack to other units in the party.

However it is unclear whether this also affects soul gem boosts and hero weapon items such as the exceptional sword.

Personally I would argue both soul gem boosts and hero weapons are not affected as soul gems represent the units getting stronger through battle experience, and thus any attack increases are inherent increases to the base attack level of the unit, similarly weapons are equipped items so neither represent +X attack abilities and so cannot be affected by Impervious.

2). With regards Corrosive Attack

For this it would be nice to just have a clear explanation of how this is meant to be resolved and played out as the way we have played it has meant that the cards feel broken and way too negative to come up against.

When do you discard your hand? What do you discard?

We have played it that you discard immediately during the Combat and don't redraw till end of turn. This feels way too negative and swingy as it means the active player Draws 5 Resources and skips their Build/Hire Phase as they have no cards in hand. They have to pass all resources to the next player, basically giving the other player a full set of bonus draw resource/BuildHire Phases.

In both games I've played the same player has faced all the Dungeon monsters with this ability and this swing in the other player who hasn't had to face these monsters favour has basically been the difference between one or the other player winning.

Discard? What is considered the players hand? Just City cards or City Cards and Quest Cards?

Again we have played it that you discard Quests as well as this is unclear. Again this feels like a way too negative swing in the other players favour, with the loss of Main quests the active player may have been working towards, versus the reward of Soul gems and VP you get for facing this monster.

I realise that I may be reading how to resolve these monster abilities correctly as intended and thus answered my own questions, but some clarification would be nice. If this is indeed how these monsters play, then personally I think I'd remove them from the game in future as the reward for successfully beating Corrosive attack monsters versus their negative effects and how they benefit your opponents when you take them on feels too broken and swingy, and in this case I think playing without them would provide a more balanced fulfilling experience for all players, of course if we've been playing Corrosive attack wrong and it should be played out differently then I'd love to know for future games.
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Christopher Taylor
United States
Lake Forest
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1) Impervious
This ability ignores any ability that says "Add +X Attack".

2) Corrosive Attack
The adventuring player's hand is discarded when this ability triggers. It is only the hand of City cards (Quest cards are not part of a player's hand).
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