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Subject: Solo Legacy campaign: Keep some advancements rss

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Henrik Johansson
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Available Advancements (3X3): WoSpr (Wood Sprite, see list below), Toad, Toad, LLOve, HeHea, DrSon, WoWar, SpRec, MaSee.
Available Vale cards (2X4): Roost, WoTre, TaDen, AeTre, ShBro, StVig, Pool, CoEnt.
Your field: 2CL (Two Cursed Land, drawn from deck and put into the field), 4 blank, (CL) (The on-deck card that stopped the drawing was a Cursed Land).

Turn 1
Plant: Push CL (FS) (Successful push, on-deck card is now Fertile Soil).
Harvest: WoSpr->Blank (ArOve) (Buy a Wood Sprite, put it into a blank, replace it with an ArOve in the displayed grid).
Prep: 2FS, 3blank, 2CL (CL).
Turn 2
Harvest: DeHar->Blank (Wayf). Circulate Toad (ArOve) (The solo play rules allow you to use a buy to circulate a card from the display, at a cost of 1 mana, and replace it with a random draw, in this case with an Arbor Overseer).
Prep: 2CL, FS (CL).
Turn 3
Harvest: FS->FS, circulate Toad ( Limb).
Prep: 2CL, Blank, Shuffle (the draw deck run out, shuffle your discarded cards), (CL).
Turn 4
Plant: Push CL (Blank).
Harvest: Limb->Blank (PeDru).
Prep: 5Blank, 2CL, 2FS, DeHar, discard CL (When Deadwood Harvester is played, you may discard a card from your field, and you select the CL), FS+FS (a card consisting of 2 FS and an empty slot), CL (CL).
Turn 5
Harvest: DrSon->Blank (GoGry), PeDru->DrSon (Seedl).
Prep: 2CL (CL).
Turn 6
Plant: Push CL (WoSpr).
Harvest: Seedl->CL (Rain), circulate ArOve (EaCho).
Prep: WoSpr,Shuffle, FS+FS, 3Blank, 2CL, Limb, DrSon+PeDru (CL).
Turn 7
Harvest: Roost (Lake) (use Star Sprite and Animal Sprite to buy a Roost Level I Vale card, replace it with Azure Lake), TaDen (WoTre), Wayf->Blank (Bear), EaCho->Blank (SuCus).
Prep: 2CL (CL).
Turn 8
Plant: Push CL (Blank).
Harvest: Rain->CL (HeHea), circulate AeTre (BlArb).
Prep: Blank, 2CL, FS (CL).
Turn 9
Harvest: Circulate WoTre (DiBur), FS->FS, circulate SuCus (Wolf).
Prep: CL, DeHar, discard CL, FS, Seed+CL, Shuffle, CL (CL).
Turn 10
Harvest: Wolf->CL (LiOra).
Prep: 2CL, FS+FS, DrSon+PeDru, Limb, FS+FS, Wayf (CL).
Turn 11
Harvest: Lake (SuAer), Bear->CL (FeChi).
Prep: CL, Blank, CL+Rain, discard CL, EaCho, Blank, Shuffle (CL).
Turn 12
Harvest: SuAer (SuAer), Bear->CL (FeChi).
Prep: CL, 2Blank, CL+Rain, discard CL, EaCho, Shuffle (CL).
Turn 13
Harvest: Circulate SuAer (LLNex), HeHea->Blank (Wolf), FS->EaCho.
Prep: 2CL (FS+LLOve+FS).
Turn 14
Harvest: HeHea->CL (Wolf).
Prep: FS+LLOve+FS, Limb, DeHar, Wayf, CL, FS, CL+Bear, DrSon+PeDru, FS+FS (Seedl+CL).
Turn 15
Harvest: StVig (WSHoa), DiBur (ShRoo) (+mana token), WoWar->Limb (ChWyv), SpRec->Limb+WoWar (EnEld), buy 2 mana->1VP.
Prep: Seedl+CL, CL (CL+Wolf).
Turn 16
Harvest: WoTre (Roost), GoGry->WoSpr (LLOve), buy 2mana->1VP.
Prep: CL+Wolf, Shuffle, CL, HeHea+CL, FS+FS, Wayf (CL).
Turn 17
Harvest: Roost (Lake), EnEld->Wayf (WoWar), buy 2mana -> 1VP.
Prep: CL, GoGry+WoSpr, DrSon+PeDru, CL+Rain, discard CL (Seedl+CL).
Turn 18 (-1 VP)
Harvest: ShBro (SuTem), Lake (SuAer), FeChi->GoGry+WoSpr (Bear).
Prep: Seed+CL, Blank, FS+LLOve+FS, FS, Limb+WoWar+SpRec, HeHea, DeHar, discard Seed+CL, CL, CL+Bear, EaCho+FS, Shuffle.
Prep cont.: CL+Rain, discard CL, Wayf+EnEld, DrSon+PeDru, HeHea+CL (CL).
Turn 19 (-2 VP)
Harvest: 4VP (from WoWar), SuTem (SuTem), draw CaFal (due to SuTem "When Bought" ability), WsHoa (CoEnt), discard CL.
Harvest, cont.: Buy 4mana->2VP, WoWar->Blank (Gaia), ChWyv->FS (MaSee), Wolf->DrSon+PeDru (LiOra).
Prep: CL, FeChi+GoGry+WoSpr, FS+FS, CL+Wolf (Seed+CL).
Turn 20 (-3 VP)
Harvest: SuTem (FeGro), draw AeTre, 1VP, Gaia->CL+Wolf (Hive), buy 4mana->2VP.
Prep: Seedl+CL, Shuffle, CL, HeHea+CL (CL).
Turn 21 (-4 VP)
Harvest: Buy 4mana->2VP, ShRoo (RaPin), Wolf->HeHea+CL (Grove).
Prep: CL, CL+Rain, discard CL (Gaia+CL+Wolf).
Turn 22 (-5 VP)
Plant: Push Gaia+CL+Wolf (DeHar), push DeHar, discard CL, Limb+WoWar+SpRec (automatic push since you are now up in Life/Decay), FS+FS, HeHea, CL+Bear, ChWyv+FS (FS+LLOve+FS).
Harvest: 5VP, FeGro, buy 4mana->2VP, Swarm->CL+Rain.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Harvest Pool + VP: 21
Deduction 22 turns: -15
Vale cards: 25
Guardians(SpRec): 10
Advancement cards: 29
Total: 70 VP

The Cards:

AeTre: Aether Tree
AnLif: Ancient Liferoots
AnLif: Ancient Liferoots
Amber: Amberwood
ArOve: Arbor Overseer
Auro: Aurora
Bear: Bear Totem
BlArb: Blooming Arbor
BlSav: Blessed Savanna
Brook: Shimmering Brook
CaExp: Canopy Explorer
CaFal: Cascading Falls
Calm: Calm Weather
ChWyv: Chromatic Wyvern
CL: Cursed Land
CoEnt: Conclave of Ents
Dawns: Dawnsinger
DeHar: Deadwood Harvester
DiBur: Direwolf Burrow
Cobra: Dreadcoil Cobra
DrSon: Druid's Song
EaCho: Eartchant Chorus
EaCra: Earth Cradle
EntEl: Ent Elder
FaHol: Fauna Hollow
FeChi: Feral Chieftain
FeGro: Feral Groove
FiFlo: Field of Flowers
FS: Fertile Soil
FuFor: Fungal Forest
Gaia: Gaia's Chosen
GoGry: Goldenwing Gryphon
Grass: Grassland
GrGua: Grove Guardian
Grove: Grovetender
Hatch: Hatchery
HeHea: Heartwood Healer
HeSan: Heartwood Sanctuary
Hive: Hive Swarm
HuTho: Hulking Thornhide
Lake: Azure Lake
LiOra: Lifetap Oracle
LiOrc: Lifebloom Orchids
LiSee: Lifebringer Seed
Limb: Limbthresher
LLNex: Ley Line Nexus
LLOve: Ley Line Overflow
MaMea: Manadew Meadow
MaSee: Magic Seed
Mold: Creeping Mold
Overg: Overgrowth
Owl: Mindful Owl
PeDru: Peacekeeper Druid
Pool: Pool of Light
Podl: Podlings
Rain: Cleansing Rain
RaPin: Radiant Pinnacle
Road: Exodus Road
Seedl: Seedling
Sent: Sentry
ShRoo: Shimmercliff Rookery
Skyha: Skyhaven
SpRec: Sporeling Reclaimer
StVig: Stream of Vigor
SuAer: Sunstone Aerie
SuCus: Sunchard Custodian
SuSav: Sunshard Savanna
SuTem: Sunwell Temple
TaDen: Talonthorn Den
Toad: Giant Toad
Vale: Vale of Magic
VeVal: Verdant Valley
WaWea: Water Weaver
WoTre: World Tree
Wayfi: Wayfinder
WeCan: Webwood Canopy
Wells: Wellspring
WeGla: Wellspring Glade
Willo: Will-o'-the-wisp
Wolf: Moon Wolf
WoSpr: Wood Sprite
WoWar: Woodland Warden
WSHoa: Wood Sprite Hoard
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