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Subject: Bird of Prey vs. IRS Negh'Var rss

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Charles Rankin
United States
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This was my second time piloting the Bird of Prey. Randomly drew the I.K.S Negh'var as the dummy. Before we get to the details, here are a few quick notes for those following along at home.

1) I orient the warp tile such that its right edge orients straight up and the left edge orients to the NW. Thus, all move references will be either NE, NW, E, W, SE, or SW.

2) I reference Data as follows <color>(location), where color is one of R = Red, G = Gold, B = Blue, P = Purple, D = Dark, and W = White, and where "location" is one of I = Inventory, T = Token, S = Source, D = Die (used to represent a die previously pulled from the source, almost exclusively used to represent how a die went back to the source at the end of the round, e.g., R(D)->B(S) ).

3) A few glossary terms: RSB = Romulan Starbase, DSB = Dominion Starbase, RWB = Romulan Warbird, [R|G|B]RS = [Red | Green | Blue] Research Station, SW = sideways, LRA = Long Range Attack, L&B = Lursa and B'Etor.

4) I forgot the rule where you must have at least 2 of the 3 source die be of basic colors. This came up in rounds 4 and 5. However, it appears that it was only during round 4 that it may have had an impact.

5) I forgot that you can't attack from a Borg Cube. This is relevant twice.

Round 1: Tactics: Me -> Evaluation, Dummy -> Secret Plot. Source = RRW

1) We exit the wormhole and scan Sector 4 the NW and Sector 9 to the N. Sector 4 provides us a RWB near a DSB as well as a nearby outpost. Sector 9 has a nearby DSB, but has generally rougher terrain which could bog us down. I elect to head over into Sector 4 and see what awaits us at the DSB. I take the Evaluation tactic to help prepare my hand. This also gives us a great chance to go first, which might give us an extra turn.
Full Speed Ahead w/ W(S) -> Move 4. W, W.

2) The DSB looks handle-able, but I'd rather take the easy XP from the RWB and get a level under our belts.
Attack RWB. Engage w/ R(S) -> LRA 3.
+3 XP, +1 Rep (0+). R(D)->P(S).

Level up: Manipulation + Experimental Defenses

I'm particularly keen on data skills like Manipulation, so that's an obvious choice. I'm not as big a fan of Experimental Defenses, mostly because I prefer to take out enemies with LRA where possible. However, I decide to take a little insurance in case we don't end up getting sufficient LRA later in the game. Finally, not that we now have two Purple in the source, which is not ideal. Hopefully this won't hamper us in the future.

3) Time to liberate this DSB and secure it's Undiscovered treasure.
Manipulation -> B(I) + R(T)
Attack DSB. Experimental Defenses + L&B w/ B(I) + Improvise -> Pulse Torpedo Shields 2 + Attack 8.
+5 XP, -1 Rep (0)

Reward: Warp Manipulation
Level up: New command token

Well, look at that. Experimental Defenses came in handy already. I've yet to be unhappy choosing Warp Manipulation. It gives you great movement flexibility and it's advanced half (Perfect Cloak) can be decisive in complex combats.

4) Weyoun is available in the crew offer, and he's become a goto for me in the early game when available. The Diplomacy always seems to be welcome early, and his other abilities can be critical at times as well.
Intimidate w/ R(S) + 2 SW -> Dip 7. Recruit Weyoun.
-1 Rep (0-). R(D)->P(S)

No, you aren't imagining things. The source is now entirely Purple. :/

5) We've got a lot of movement cards in our hand, so let's go exploring.
P(S)->B(S). Explore w/ B(S) -> Move 4. NW, Explore W -> Reveal Sector 7. +1 XP.
Sector 7 doesn't help us much from this position right now. But, it does have a Class M planet, which could provide us some good recruiting and Advanced Actions later.
Engage -> Move 2. Explore NE -> Reveal Sector 2. +1 XP
Sector 2 isn't amazing for us, but it does have a nearby GRS which we can leverage, and has some Away Mission options.
Explore -> Move 2. NE (landing on GRS).
+G(I) from GRS. B(D)->R(S).

6) The dummy has given us a little breathing room, so we hang out on the GRS and gather some more data.
Sytnthesize Data w/ R(S) -> R(I).
+G(I) from GRS. R(D)->B(S).

7) We've now got a bit of movement and a bunch of excess cards, along with a bored Weyoun. Looks like we can get some extra exploration in and get to an outpost. We can only get a Federation Officer, which isn't my favorite, but an extra crew member is an extra crew member.
P(S)->D(S). Full Speed Ahead w/ G(I) + 4 SW -> Move 8. NE, NW, Explore E -> Reveal Sector 11. +1 XP.
Explore NW -> Reveal Sector 10. +1 XP.
Weyoun -> Dip 4. Recruit Federation Officer.

Sectors 10 and 11 provide a lot of options, but navigating the terrain is going to be a bit tough. But, that's a problem for the future.

This was a good round for us. We explored quite a bit and have a number of opportunities. Plus, we have a full compliment of crew. We'll just have to see how our hand looks at the beginning of the next Round.

Round 2: Tactics: Me -> Planning, Dummy->Ambition. Source = RBG.

No grand ambitions this round. We only need to explore two more tiles to reveal a core sector, which would open up Elite units during round 3. Beyond that, we'll look for some opportunities to grab experience and level up.

1) We are going to head over to the west to explore and end on the Drydock. That will set us up to take on either or both of the RSB and RWB.
Explore w/ B(S) -> Move 4. W, Explore W -> Reveal Sector 3
+1 XP. B(D)->R(S)

2) Sector 3 is basically a dead end for us. It's pretty barren and the terrain doesn't align well. We are unlikey to explore further west this game. Let's go ahead and take out the RSB to increase our hand size a bit.
+W(T) from Drydock. Attack RSB.
Power to Shields w/ R(S) + Improvise + Battles Stations w/ W(T) -> Shields 5 + Attack 7.
+3 XP. -1 Rep (-1 plus). R(D)->G(S)

Level up: Motivation + Ingenuity

In general, I like having data generation capabilities, and Ingenuity can add that crucial Dark data for our Undiscovered cards.

3) Our current hand is pretty weak. We've got a bit of movement but not much else useful. There are two Class H planets nearby, but I don't think we are quite strong enough for those at the moment. Let's go take a peak at the nearby DSB.
Federation Officer -> Move 2. E -> Reveal DSB.
We aren't set to take this out right now. Let's draw some cards and see if that helps.
Repair Hull w/ G(S) -> Draw 2. Motivation -> Draw 2 + B(T)
Even with all those cards, we just aren't getting what we need. I think I'm going to try and head down to the Class K planet back in Sector 9. Advanced Scan is in the Undiscovered offer, and I'm a big fan of that card. Hopefully the Class K planet will be a bit easier to deal with than the DSB.
Explore w/ B(T) + Full Speed Ahead -> Move 6. SW, SE, SW.
G(D)->R(S). +G(I) from GRS.

4) Time to beam down to the planet.
Class K Away Mission
No Block -> Wound Federation Officer. Weyoun w/ R(S) -> -3 Defense. Battle Stations w/ G(T) -> 4 Attack.
+6 XP. +G(I) from GRS. R(D)->D(S)

Reward: Advanced Scan

5) We've got some good movement capability in our hand, including Warp Manipulation. Plus we are only a couple XP away from a level up. So, time to head back up north and explore some of the Core Sectors and start planning for next round.
Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). L&B w/ B(I) + Full Speed Ahead -> Move 7.
Warp Manipulation w/ G(S). NE, NE, NW, NW, NW, Explore E -> Reveal Core Sector 6. +1 XP.
Engage -> Move 2. Explore NW -> Reveal Core Sector 3. +1 XP.
Ingenuity -> +W(T). Synthesize Data w/ W(T) -> +B(I).

Level up: New command token.

6) Not much we can do with our remaining cards, but I'd like to get back to the RSB, as that may set us up to do some recruiting at the beginning of the next round.
Engage + 4 SW -> Move 6. SW, SE.

Overall, a pretty lackluster round. However, we did reveal core tiles, which enables Elite units next round and gives us a couple things to potentially level up with. And, we did get Advanced Scan which I'm happy about.

Round 3: Tactics: Me -> Evaluation, Dummy -> Fortune. Source = BRP.

I take Evaluation, as I'm looking to get either some LRA to take out the nearby Borg Sphere or some Diplomacy to do recruiting.

1) Good, we got some Diplomacy, and Shinzon is in the Crew Offer, which will boost our LRA.
L&B w/ B(S) + Open Hailing Frequencies + Weyoun -> Dip 11 - 1 Rep bonus -> Dip 10. Recruit Shinzon.

2) There are a number of things we could do here. The two best are to stay in the immediate area and tackle the Planet H planets or head up towards the Borg cube and reveal it while getting next to the DSB and Class M planet, which gives us option to get new Crew or Undiscovered cards. I choose the latter, which is made easier with Warp Manipulation in our hand.
Full Speed Ahead + Full Speed Ahead -> Move 4. Warp Manipulation w/ G(I). NE, NW, NE, NW.
This reveals both the Blue Borg Cube defenders as well as the DSB defenders.

3) Looks like we can take the DSB and Advanced Range is in the Undiscovered Offer. We are already trying to get more LRA, and Advanced Range will double it. Hard to beat that.
Insight w/ W(S) -> Take R(S) -> R(D) + 2 R(T).
Attack DSB. Engage w/ R(T) + Shinzon -> LRA 7.
+4 XP. -1 Rep (-1 minus). R(D)->R(S). W(D)->G(S).

Reward: Advanced Range

4) Gowron is in the Crew Offer, which would give us a bit more LRA potential. Let's grab him.
Explore -> Move 2. SE. Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T).
Improvise w/ P(S) + Intimidate w/ R(T) - 1 Rep -> Dip 9. Recruit Gowron (replacing Fed Officer).

So, I should have lost another Rep here due to Intimidate, but it looks like I forgot to do that. This would have some minor immediate impact, but appears to have otherwise not changed much in later parts of the game. One of these days, I'll get a completely error-free play.

5) With all of our LRA and Advanced Range plus Advanced Scan in hand, we should be good to take on the Blue Borg Cube. But, let's grab a couple more cards to make sure.
Motivation -> Draw 2 + B(T). Ingenuity -> W(T). 3 SW -> Move 3. SE. Attack Blue Borg Cube.
Engage w/ R(I) + Gowron w/ R(S) -> LRA 7. Advanced Range w/ W(T) -> LRA 14.
Advanced Scan w/ G(I) -> Ignore Resistances + All Def -1 (taking them from 15 to 12). Dead Borg Cube.
+16XP. R(D)->G(S)

Level up: Secret Craft + Tense Negotiations.

6) We don't have much oomph left, but we should have enough to grab one more Undiscovered Card if we get lucky.
P(S)->D(D). Tense Negotiations + 3 SW - 1 Rep + 3 Dip (from Cube) -> Dip 7.
Interact Cube w/ Dip 7 + D(D) -> Acquired Romulan Ale.
D(D) -> P(S)

Romulan Ale isn't my favorite card, but it's got a bit of versatility and was the best of the cards available.

7) Not much to do on our final turn for the round.
Secret Craft -> +B(I) + D(T).

Very productive round. We destroyed one of the Borg Cubes and substantially increased our deck and crew. Couldn't have asked for much better.

Round 4: Tactics: Me -> Planning, Dummy -> Ambition. Source = BWP.

Planning is an obvious choice. However, the dummy is going first and it is heavily weighted with Gold data. We'll need to maximize our turns where possible, as this could be a short round. I don't have an explicit plan for the round. At a minimum I'd like to find the second Borg Cube, and reveal it if possible. Beyond that, we'll look for some opportunities to get some more XP and level up.

1) Photonic Shockwave is in the Crew Offer and can be obtained via the next door Class M planet. In my head, I was thinking this reduced Defense in stead of Attack. Oops! It's not a bad card, just not likely to be of great value to us (as we are focusing on LRA).
Improvise w/ P(S) + Open Hailing Frequencies - 1 Rep -> Dip 6.
Interact w/ Class M planet -> Acquire Photonic Shockwave.

2) Let's take out the Borg Sphere next to us, which will give us another level.
Synthesize Data w/ B(I) -> G(I). Attack Borg Sphere.
Advanced Scan w/ G(I) -> Ignore Resistances + Def - 1. Weyoun w/ W(S) -> Def - 3. Shinzon -> LRA 4.
+8 XP. +2 Rep (0-). W(D)->W(S).

Level up: New command token.

3) Time to explore.
Explore w/ B(I) + Full Speed Ahead w/ W(S) -> Move 8. SW, W, W, Explore W -> Reveal Core Sector 2. +1 XP.
Repair Hull -> Draw 1.

4) The nearby Distressed Class K planet looks interesting, moreso for the XP than the cards.
2 SW -> Move 2. NE (to RRS). Away Mission to Distressed Class K planet.
Ingenuity -> W(T). Insight w/ B(S) -> W(S)->R(D) + 2 R(T).
Gowron w/ R(T) + Engage w/ R(T) + Advanced Range w/ W(T) -> LRA 14.
+9 XP. R(D)->R(S). B(D)->R(S). +R(I) from RRS.

Reward: Restoration + Empathy

Neither of these Undiscovered cards is amazing. But, with Restoration we can afford to take some damage if needed, and Empathy can help us fix up our Rep.

5) The dummy did end up playing very fast this round, and this is our last turn. Our main concern is to reveal the final Core Sector. We'll figure the rest out after that.
Motivation -> Draw 2 + B(T). Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). Secret Craft -> +B(I) + D(T).
Full speed Ahead + 2 SW -> Move 4. NE, Explore NE -> Reveal Core Sector 7. +1 XP.

We've got a good bit of Diplomacy left, so let's go to the DSB and use it.
L&B w/ B(T) & D(S) + Tense Negotiations + 1 SW (containing "Attack") + Empathy w/ R(T) -> Dip 15 + 2 Rep (0+).
Interact w/ DSB -> Recruit Bochra + Acquire Stasis Field w/ D(T).

Level up: Technical Advance + Innovative Weaponry

Bochra and Innovative Weaponry give us more LRA, and Stasis Field gives us more flexibility in our attacks.

This was an average round. We got some good XP, some decent cards, and we know where the final Borg Cube is. We should be in good shape to finish the game in the 5th round.

Round 5: Tactics: Me -> Evaluation, Dummy -> Timing. Source = GDP.

So, there are really only two things between us and the final cube. One, GOR is in the Crew Offer and I'd like to get him to improve our LRA a bit more. Two, the best spot for us to approach the cube is from the RSB, so we'll need to take that out as well.

1) Let's recruit GOR first
Bloodwine w/ B(I) & D(S) + Weyoun -> Dip 10.
Interact w/ DSB -> Recruit GOR (replacing Weyoun)
D(D) -> G(S)

2) And now time to take out the RSB, which will also improve our hand size for the cube assault.
Attack RSB. Stasis Field w/ B(I) -> Enemy doesn't attack.
Battle Stations w/ G(S) + Battle Stations + 1 SW -> Attack 7
+3 XP. -1 Rep (0). G(D)->G(S). Reveal Gold Borg Cube when we auto-move to RSB.

3) It turns out that our hand is good enough that we can actually take on the Gold Borg Cube as well as the nearby Borg Sphere, but we need to get into position first.
L&B w/ B(I) + Explore + 1 SW -> Move 8. NW, NE, E.
Time to take it home!
Attack Gold Borg Cube + Borg Sphere.
Our enemies have native defenses of 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 4 = 34. The Gold Borg Cube increases that to 38.
Ingenuity -> W(T). Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). Technical Advance -> +B(I) + G(T).
Advanced Scan w/ G(S) -> Def -1 for all enemies + Ignore all resistances. Enemy defense total now 34.
GOR + Gowron w/ R(T) + Shinzon w/ B(I) + Bochra w/ G(T) + Engage w/ R(I) -> LRA 19.
Advanced Range w/ W(T) -> LRA 38 -> 5 dead enemies.
+34 XP, +2 Rep (+1 minus). G(D) -> W(S).

Level up: New command token
Level up: Stolen Formula + Flexibility

4) This is our last turn, and we'll get the most XP from taking on the adjacent Distressed Class L Planet.
Insight w/ B(I) -> G(S)->R(D) + 2 R(T). Innovative Weaponry -> +B(I). Secret Craft -> +B(I) + D(T)
Away Mission on Distressed Class L Planet.
Improvise w/ P(S) + Tense Negotiation w/ R(T) + 2 SW (w/ Attack) + Flexibility -> Dip 17.
+10 XP

Reward: Penetrate Shields + 3 R(I)

And, that's a wrap. Let's total things up.

Current XP: 110
Knowledge: 8 x 2 + 6 + 6/2 = 25
Leadership: 11
Conquerer: 4 x 2 = 8
Adventurer: 3 x 2 = 6
Disaster: 0
Cubes: 2 x 10 = 20
All cubes: 15
Rounds: 1 x 30 = 30
Dummy cards: 10
Not End of Round: 5

Total: 240
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Robert Leonhard
United States
West Virginia
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Thanks for posting.

Can you explain what happened in this battle:

3) Time to liberate this DSB and secure it's Undiscovered treasure.
Manipulation -> B(I) + R(T)
Attack DSB. Experimental Defenses + L&B w/ B(I) + Improvise -> Pulse Torpedo Shields 2 + Attack 8.
+5 XP, -1 Rep (0)
Reward: Warp Manipulation
Level up: New command token

Well, look at that. Experimental Defenses came in handy already. I've yet to be unhappy choosing Warp Manipulation. It gives you great movement flexibility and it's advanced half (Perfect Cloak) can be decisive in complex combats.

What was the enemy attack? Did you take damage?
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Charles Rankin
United States
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I was fighting the DSB token listed at the bottom of the back of the Walkthrough guide. It has Defense 4 w/ Normal Phaser and Photon Pulse resistances, along with Photon Pulse Attack 2. Experimental Defenses is effecient against the Photon Pulse Attack and fully blocks it (thus avoiding the Energy Dissipator effect). L&B w/ B(I) adds 3 to the Attack that the advanced Improvise provides (I forgot what card I discarded to Improvise), which is a total of 8 attack. The attack (Normal Phasers) is inefficient, but 8 / 2 = 4 is just enough to take out the token.

On my next session report (probably not due until next weekend), I've been taking detailed notes as I go, so things should be a lot clearer (although a bit more stream of consciousness), and my reasoning about situations will be more evident as well.
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Robert Leonhard
United States
West Virginia
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Got it. That clears it up. Thanks.
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