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Subject: The Hood – Automated Turn Rules rss

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Tony Speer
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Here's something I've been trying out, in order to make The Hood an automated character, so you can still play solo whilst using him.


Setup Schemes and Events as per the Base Game rules.
In Asia, place The Hood’s lair, plane, sub and one Hood Agent figure. Place the Hood peg in his lair.
Place one Hood Agent figure on each blank space on the Hood track.


As The Hood moves along his track (forward or backward) and reaches a space containing an Agent, that Agent moves to the game board space currently occupied by the Hood character peg.

Each deployed Agent increases the rescue score of any Disaster in their space by 1.

Agents can be captured by International Rescue (IR) using the capture action with a required score of 5.
Increase this score by 1 for each additional agent in the same space.
Each additional IR character in the space adds 1 to your roll.

Captured Agents are returned to the left-most blank space on the Hood track. They cannot be placed on The Hood’s current track position. If no suitable space is available, they are removed from the game.


At the end of each International Rescue character’s turn, roll the dice. If any hood is rolled, the Hood will perform one action.
If not, play passes to the next IR character.

If The Hood is taking an action, continue rolling until the dice show either ‘double hoods’ or ‘no hoods’.
The Hood will always take the highest scoring action that he can succeed at.

If attempting Hijack or Spy actions, calculate the total score using Agent and IR supporting character bonuses and take the highest successful action possible. The Hood will remove as many Agents from the board space as necessary, if this will win the action, but can only remove as many as there are available spaces on the Hood track to return them to (i.e. left-most blank spaces that are not The Hood’s current position). If not enough can be removed to succeed, then the action cannot be taken.
Double hoods automatically succeed at the highest rated possible action that requires a score.

The Hood will attempt actions in the following order:

HIJACK - Required Total Score : 8

If The Hood starts his turn in a space containing an IR craft, he will attempt to hijack the one with the most occupants, where there is a seat available for him.
He cannot hijack TB3 at any time, nor TB4 or FAB1 individually, if they are loaded into TB2 or FAB2.
If successful, all IR occupants, including those within loaded vehicles, are then kidnapped.
If there is an equal choice of target, he will choose in the following order:
TB1, TB2, TB4, FAB1, FAB2, Ladybird Jet.

SPY - Required Total Score : 6

If The Hood is in the same space as an IR craft and the Hijack action cannot successfully be taken, he will attempt to spy on one of the TB craft that he does not currently have a picture of.
If there is a choice available, he will choose in the following order: TB1, TB2, TB3, TB4.
If successful, he adds the appropriate picture to his camera and advances on the Hood track.


If neither Hijack nor Spy actions are possible or successful, The Hood will attempt the Plot action and place a face down Event Card onto the left-most available Event card slot on the Hood track. An available slot is one which replaces an already overcome event and does not correspond to The Hood’s current position. If no suitable slot exists, the Plot action fails.


If no other actions can be taken, or are unsuccessful, The Hood will move the vehicle he currently occupies (this may be a hijacked IR craft) up to its current maximum speed.

The Hood’s choice of vehicle (if he has a choice) when he takes his first move action upon leaving his lair, is determined by the proximity of a potential hijack or spy target. If a target vehicle is within 1 space of Asia, he will use his sub for his first move, otherwise he uses his plane. From then on, if he is in one of his own vehicles, each time he finishes a move action in the same space as his other vehicle he will swap craft as a final operation before completing his turn.

If he is in his own craft or an otherwise unoccupied IR craft, he will head towards the nearest IR craft containing the lowest number of occupants (ignoring other supporting characters currently in the same space) with the intention of attempting a Hijack or Spy action offering the most likely prospect of success. If there is an equal choice of target vehicle available, he will choose in the following order:
TB1, TB2, TB3, TB4, FAB1, FAB2, Ladybird Jet.
When choosing a target, bear in mind the restrictions on Hijacking; TB4 and FAB1 cannot be hijacked individually if loaded into another vehicle and only the Spy action can be taken against TB3.
If he controls a craft containing kidnapped IR members, he will take the shortest route available to reach Asia, with the intention of imprisoning his hostages. When he has hostages, the Hood will always move at the vehicle's maximum current speed until he reaches his lair. i.e. he will not stop mid-move at a space containing another IR craft (for a Spy or Hijack attempt). If his next turn starts with an IR craft in his space, he will attempt his Hijack and Spy actions, if the other vehicle contains a greater number of occupants and an available seat, as detailed above.

ESCAPE - Required Total Score : 5

If IR capture The Hood, he is moved to Creighton-Ward Manor and can only take the Escape action until successful and he is then returned to his lair, together with his plane and sub.


If The Hood finishes a turn in the Asia space whilst in one of his own vehicles, he will transfer to his lair, if there is an available space (he cannot be captured whilst in his lair, but spaces may be occupied by imprisoned hostages, preventing his transfer).
He transfers between his lair, plane and sub when in the same space, subject to the MOVE rules above and will transfer kidnapped IR characters between hijacked vehicles and his lair to imprison them.
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Peter Ball
United Kingdom
Nr Grantham
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Will have a look at this was in the middle of doing a Hood non-player flow chart.
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Tony Speer
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A couple of tweaks I'm also looking at are:

1. At the initial dice roll to determine whether The Hood takes an action on that turn, use the number of hoods rolled at that time to determine the number of actions he takes; 0, 1 or 2.
If taking 2 actions, complete the first action and then roll to determine the score for the second one.

2. An available slot for the PLOT action Event Card includes, not only previously overcome Events, but also empty slots from defeated Scheme cards. Cards still cannot be placed at The Hood's current track position. (Similar to the official rules, but not allowing face-down Event cards to be replaced, otherwise the action would never fail).
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