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So I am working on an Excalibur expansion (see this thread for full description of what I have planned: When it is complete I will compile all the cards into one thread but I wanted to keep them separate during the proof reading and revisions stage so that I don't have to search through a whole thread for comments on a particular card set. Today's contribution my fist effort at bad guys, Mastermind - Gatecrasher and her associated villains Technet:

As this is my first ever custom Mastermind I am sure there is some work to be done here, but I think I am off to a good start. In general, the idea is that she is a mastermind that gains strength from her team and that because she is so strong and her team so vast there is likely to be a fair amount of collateral damage (as in hero's getting KO-ed because villains are escaping).

She gains strength the more technet villains are in play or escaped, and her master strikes will likely pull more Technet villains into play.

Crash the Party - Basic tactic, not particularly thematic.

Mind Control - Gatecrasher uses her mind control to prevent players from attacking her or Technet for a turn. The concept here is that it increases the probability that Technet villains will enter, remain or escape the city which will in turn buff the Mastermind. Also limiting your ability to kill certain villains increases the likelihood that some of them will escape causing more hero's to be KO-ed. Obviously this card is more powerful in a 4-5 player game than it is in a 1-2 player game. So I have thought about adding a note that says the effect lasts for 2 turns in single or 2 player games. Thoughts?

Second Chance - Again the purpose here is to bring more Technet Villains into play and protentially cause more villains to escape. Thematically this is based on her ever present sidekick Yap who has the ability warp people in and out of dimensions and as I remember it pretty regularly is using that ability to bail out Gatecrasher and Technet. So, I realize that bringing back defeated villains is more of a resurrection thing than a dimensional warp thing I think it plays well. Also, it is a little thematically weird that she has this power because of Yap but Yap is included separately as a villain. So it is a little confusing that he is suppose to be constantly by her side (according to the comics) but the card design has them separated. At the end of the day I figured the game gets silly enough on it's own (i.e. two of the same villain in the city at the same time, Galactus robbing the bank, simultaneously fighting and recruiting maria hill etc), so it think this minor thematic break is probably OK.

Unknown Strength - Gatecrasher is described being incredibly strong but the limits of that strength being unknown. So this card could be BRUTAL (supposing you draw a 6+ hero) or it could be just a little rough (if you happen to draw a 2 cost hero). I realize it is a little weird that her strength is based on a draw from the hero deck rather than the villain deck but I figured to use the villain deck it would have to be based off of the printed attack and with very few exceptions the lowest printed attack is 3, and some go as high as 9 or 10. Also there are so many non-villain cards in the villain deck that I didn't like that the probability of the outcome being 0 cards KO-ed. So with the hero deck I felt like the most likely outcome is somewhere in the 2-4 range, which is rough but survivable. One way to work around my issues with using the villain deck would be to declare all non-villain deck cards as equal to 2 attack. So if you drew a master strike you would KO 2 cards. But then I still think the average attack cost in the villain deck is much higher than the average hero cost in the hero deck so using the villain deck would generally make the penalty worse...which might be better? Thoughts?

This is by far the strangest group of villains in the marvel universe. They are also pretty dang obscure, so artwork was pretty much limited to one or two options per character. Most villain sets include 2 copies of 4 different villains for a total of 8 cards. However, Technet has so many members that I thought it made sense to create 8 separate villains. Because they are a group of bounty hunters they can be bribed. I considered trying to work in the "Nightcrawlers Technet" storyline and have them be recruitable if you have a Nightcrawler card in play but it was getting to complicated so I scrapped that idea. If someone really wants that to be an option I could take another look at it.

Bodybag could capture 2 (maybe 3?) people inside his body. So he captures the the two highest cost hero's in the HQ and gains attack equal to their cost. If you happen to have 2 rare cards out he could be brutal, but that is an unlikely scenario and the ability to bribe levels things out a bit. Plus you gain the two heros when you defeat him so I think it is worth it. Because you gain two hero's from beating him I made his VP pretty low.

China Doll could shrink her enemies to miniature size. I wondered if there could be a size-changing element to fighting her but I couldn't figure out how to make that work so instead she shrinks your next hand down to 3 cards.

Joy Boys powers make him like a mean spirited genie. He can make your wishes come true but usually with an unfortunate/unanticipated twist. So his card has you reveal the top card of the hero deck, you get to use this cards abilities for your next turn only but you must also KO an equal or greater value card from your hand or discard.

Ringtoss is pretty basic. He/She/It captures the top card of the hero deck and you gain the cards if you beat her. The cards KO if she escapes

Scatterbrain can change objects with her mind and mess with you mind as well. So the change objects part is expressed by nullifying any artifacts in play while she is around and then she messes with you mind so you can't combat her unless you can counter that ability (instinct hero).

Ferro has 4 arms and 4 swords, if you mess with him you are getting wounded.

Yap is pretty much inseparable from Gatecrasher. As I mentioned above this presents some thematic incongruity by having him as a separate villain, but I think it works OK. In any case, he enters the city as close to the mastermind as possible (to keep with the idea of him being virtually inseparable from Gatecrasher). Then his ambush effect is essentially another gatecrasher master strike. But the master-strike happens AFTER he has occupied the city. So it becomes pretty likely that he could enter and escape the city before he can be attacked. Which is fitting because he is a sissy. If he escapes he buffs the mastermind +3 (which is only one more than any other escaped technet member). He is really easy to defeat so if he doesn't escape right away he should be easily disposable.

Hard Boiled Henwy could be my favorite card in the group. He is essentially a bomb. He enters the city at the bridge, if he escapes everyone gains 2 wounds, and he goes back in the villain deck as the 5th card in the deck (like a countdown...5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - boom!). However, even if he is defeated he goes back in the deck as the 5th card as well. So if he happens to come out early in the game you will have to put up with him quite often for the rest of the game. In the comics HBH explodes and his essence still exists until it is put into another physical form, so the idea that he keeps coming back makes some sense. Again he us a weak hero so defeating him should not be a big deal but I envision that he will force you to decide on spending 3 attack that you had planned for a different purpose until he arrived or taking the wounds. Also, if for some reason you get a heavy recruit hand when he comes up he will be a real hassle. My only concern is that maybe he should be 2 attack? Thoughts?
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