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Subject: Session Report: Bir Gifgafa (Solitaire) rss

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Going forward in time again for my third scenario. The Sinai War was interesting politically, but both SOW scenarios are fairly involved. So we land on the Six-Day War. Bir Gifgafa is a straight out tank battle. The Egyptian have to blow through the Israeli line, race to Bir Gifgafa before reinforcements arrive.

The Israeli setup is rather limited. All units have to be on roads/trails within 2 hexes of 0908. With the stacking limits of the game, you use up pretty much all available hexes. However, I'm putting the infantry and halftracks in the rear, so they can race towards Bir Gifgafa on the first turn and secure it to prevent an Egyptian blowout victory. Also, the Israelis have an awesome Morale of 6, while the Egyptians have a crappy morale of 2. This means it won't be hard for the attacker's wave to be blunted.

One other thing to look at in this scenario is the terrain. The sand dunes to the north will slow the T-54s down to 2 hexes a turn. The slopes of the hills are steep, also. So the initial attack pretty much HAS to go through the Israeli line.

Turn 1:
The Egyptians advance onto the map. However, they hold back to avoid being in the normal range of most of the Israeli units. The Israeli AMX "tanks" snipe as best as they can at the Egyptian force (also remembering that you can't fire over friendly units). One Egyptian tank platoon is damaged, the other destroyed! Since the tanks didn't move, they take up firing positions.

Turn 2:
The Egyptian tanks cautiously advance. The Israelis fire back but to no effect.
No Israeli reinforcements.
The defenders start to fall back with some of their tanks. A lucky hit, the command tank of the 2nd battalion is hit!

Turn 3:
The Egyptians destroy a whole company of AMXs Half the force continues to advance over the hill and between the burning tanks...
No Israeli reinforcements.
The AMXs fire - some of them at close range, but only damage another tank platoon. The command vehicles begin to pull back.

Turn 4:
More combat. The Egyptians are slowly advancing.
No reinforcements.
The Israelis start retreating to Bir Gifgafa.

Turn 5
The Egyptians charge West.
Here come the Centurions!

Turn 6:
The Egyptians fire at the defense in Bir Gifgafa. One platoon advances and is damaged. However, the Israelis have reached their Hesitation point.
...And so does the 2nd Egyptian battalion.

Turn 7:
The Egyptians are out of command, so they can only sit and fire at the Israelis. There are lots of burning tanks that act as a visual wall between the two sides. The Centurions start to fire and pick off a damaged platoon from long range.

Turn 8:
The Egyptians advance, but a platoon gets destroyed by the Jeep with the HEAT ammo. Now Bir GIfgafa is surrounded by buring wrecks. The Centurions fire at normal range, but the bloodied Egyptian force is lucky this turn!

Turn 9:
The Egyptian's only hope is to break the Israeli force. And the T-54s lay down a wall of fire, destroying another AMX platoon. The defenders of Bir Gifgafa break!

The Centurions find their mark, breaking the 1st Egyptian battalion.

Turn 10:
The battalion commanders still exist, so they are going to make a mad dash for Bir Gifgafa. But the Jeep kills a T-54, breaking the 2nd platoon as well! At this point, the force commanders look at their two remaining broken half platoons and decide to concede.

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