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Subject: Armor vs Infantry rss

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Clay Stone
United States
New York
New York
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Hi Doug,

hope all is well with you.

I wanted to pose this question to you. When we were playing over at CSW there was a rule you mention to me that slipped my mind. It had to do with Armor units attacking pure infantry. I think you stated, now i might be wrong, that if an armor unit attacks (PA/TA) on a pure infantry units and the armor unit inflects heavy damage on the infantry units that we disregard the "maximum step loss" rule.

ie: I have an armor battalion attacking a two step infantry battalion and my tank does 2(2), since i'm attacking with armor on pure infantry unit the infantry unit must take both step losses.

Is this correct, or was i dreaming this...hahaha

I remember you saying that you made a rule change to allow tanks to be more affective against pure infantry units.


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Doug John
United States
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Doing great actually. Keeping busy anyway.

Yes there is an addition to the rules that we talked about (you weren't dreaming).

First don't forget 13.5.1d (combined arms). So hopefully your Tk Btn was attacking into a hex that did not have movement covering terrain or had marsh terrain. If that didn't apply and your Tk Btn was attacking into a hex without covering terrain, then the third bullet in 13.9.2 would apply. In the example you gave, the Inf Btn would take 2 mandatory hits as step losses and resolve the discretionary hits as normal.

If the

13.5.1d Combined Arms

Pure AFV units that attack into, or defend in MCT or marsh hexes must be stacked with infantry, engineer, or recon type unit to operate at full effectiveness.

• A Btn-sized unit (Btn may be reduced) of the above types provide combined arms for all pure AFV units in the hex.

• A Coy-sized unit (one or two steps) provides combined arms for one pure AFV unit.

• Hybrid units are a combined arms unit. A Btn-sized hybrid fulfills the combined arms requirement for the stack; a Coy-sized hybrid unit only provides combined arms for itself.

AFV units that do not meet this condition halve all combat strengths and has an armor and/or AT factor of zero.

Exception: The strength penalty does not apply if a pure AFV unit(s) are attacking or defending against pure AFV units and neither side meets the combined arms requirements.

13.9.2 Resolve Mandatory Hits

The parenthesized result value equals the number of mandatory hits inflicted upon the affected side.

• Mandatory hits must be taken as step losses, following the priorities in 13.9.2a. Maximum step loss applies (11.6.3).

• Remaining mandatory hits are then converted to discretionary hits.

• If during a GA or overrun the attacking side is able to generate at least one unmodified attacking armor factor, and the defending side cannot generate at least one unmodified armor or anti-tank factor, and the defender is not in a hex with covering terrain; mandatory hits may not be converted to discretionary hits. All mandatory hits must be taken as step losses, maximum step loss does not apply.

• If units cannot retreat even one hex (due to terrain or enemy units) all discretionary hits must be taken as step losses and/or fatigue hits. Maximum step loss does not apply.
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