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Subject: Assassination Action rss

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Matthew Ulrich
United States
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First off, I was unsure if I should post this under rule or variant. You can make a game variant out of this but it is mostly a "fan made action" for the game. I'll post it and welcome comments.

Mage Knight Assassination Guide
By demonj00

Assassination is an idea I came up with for a risk/reward system for the game that could really add another layer of depth to the gameplay.
Here is how it works.


First and foremost, assassination can only be done at night on creatures outside. That means that rampaging orcs, mage towers, keeps, etc can only be assassinated at night. Any instance where you use night rules, assassination can be used in the daytime, including the ability that lets you take your turn as if it were night. Dungeons, tombs, and monster dens can utilize assassination in the day or the night. Doesn't work on cities.

The second most important thing to remember is that assassination can only be attempted ONCE a ROUND.
The point of this is to add another strategy to the game. Something else to consider and really add risk and reward to the game. I came up with this idea after seeing how “away missions” worked in Star Trek Frontiers. I wanted a system where you could alternatively deal with enemies.

Please place 3 additional mana dice to the side of the game setup. You will use these dice for assassination rolls as to not disturb the mana in the source. If three dice are not available you may use 2 or even 1 die, but you will record the outcome of the roll before rolling the dice again for a total of three if your level allows it.

(Example: If only 2 mana dice are available and you need to roll 3, you may roll 2, note the outcome, and roll one again for the 3rd outcome. Please note that this is not a REROLL, but a 3rd roll. Same counts if you have only one die available and have to roll 2 or three based on level)

Also you can’t assassinate draconum, because no.

How It Works

Assassination takes some planning. This is not a typical action and does not behave like the actions you are familiar with in Mage Knight. You must move into position on your prior turn to utilize an assassination attempt.

Moving Into Position

To move into position you must move into the adjacent hex of the target you wish to assassinate. You can still take an action that round if you are in a town/monastery/etc. YOU MAY NOT TAKE AN ACTION AGAINST YOUR TARGET AND THEN ATTEMPT ASSASSINATION. Move into position, take a non-combat action and end your turn. You must await your next turn for the assassination attempt.

Initializing Assassination

Once your turn comes, you can attempt the assassination. To initiate the attempt you must generate 6 movement. You can do this any way that the core game allows you to accumulate movement, including using mana from the source or crystals/tokens. All that matters is that you generate 6 movement.

(I chose 6 for the cost to initiate based on the cost of advanced actions at monasteries.)

If you are able to generate 6 movement you may move to the next phase of the assassination attempt. If you cannot generate 6 movement you CANNOT attempt the assassination.

The Assassination Attempt

Now that you have successfully moved into position and initiated the assassination attempt, it is time to play it out.

(I have devised a system in which is gets increasingly easier to assassinate as your level increases)

To assassinate you will roll extra mana dice (not the dice from the source). Here is the amount of dice and options you have based on level.

Level 1-2 1 die You may not purchase an additional die.
3-4 1 die You may spend 2 Mana Crystals/Tokens or expend 2 units to purchase 1 additional die.
5-6 2 dice You may not purchase an additional die.
7-8 2 dice You may spend 1 Mana Crystal/Token or expend 1 unit to purchase 1 additional die.
9-10 3 dice You may not purchase an additional die.

Please note that you cannot at levels 3-4 and 7-8 roll your default number of dice then decide to purchase an additional die. You must purchase the additional die before you roll, and roll both/all three in the same roll.

Once you have decided on how many dice to roll you may proceed to the die/dice roll.

Take the amount of dice you are allowed and roll them. If rolling 2 or more dice the order of precedence is (RED/BLACK - BLUE/GREEN/WHITE/GOLD)


RED/BLACK – Successful assassination. You have killed the target and can reap rewards.

BLUE/GREEN/WHITE – Botched assassination. You have not killed the target and must suffer botched concequences.

GOLD – Cowardice (you are yellow!) You were too afraid to carry out the attempt.

(As you level up and gain access to more dice it become increasingly more difficult to actually roll cowardice. This is an additional crux to deal with on low level assassinations because you “aren’t very good at it”.)

It should be noted that you can still roll cowardice at levels 3-6 and 7-10, but you would have to roll 2 gold and three gold respectively.

It is only cowardice if ALL dice are gold.

It is also increasingly easier to successfully assassinate a target as you level up because the order of precedence says that even if you roll RED/BLUE or BLACK/WHITE/GREEN, you have successfully assassinated your target. You only need to roll one successful die for the assassination to be a success.


Now it is time to reap the rewards of your actions.

Level 1-2 = 2 fame + monster fame
3-4 = 3 fame + monster fame
5-6 = 4 fame + monster fame
7-8 = 5 fame + monster fame
9-10 = 6 fame + monster fame

(I am open to altering the official rule on fame if someone has a better idea.)

But wait, there’s more! Role one more die!

If you roll a Red or Black, get a spell!

If you roll a Blue or green, get an advanced action!

If you roll a gold or white, get an artifact!

Give yourself one reputation as well!

The bards sing of your badassery!

Botched Attempt

If you botch the attempt, you take full, unblocked damage from the monster/unit and flee one hex (any regular space, plains, hills, desert, forest, swamp, etc.) You cannot flee into a town, monastery, keep, etc. If the closest hex is one of those you must go to the closest regular hex. You also lose one reputation.

The bards sing a tale of a woeful adventure.


If you roll cowardice, you end the encounter on your current space (which should be adjacent to the monster you are attacking), and you lose 2 reputation. You don’t take damage or anything you just chicken out and leave.

The bards sing songs about how much of a bitch you are.


This is meant to be a fun fan made addition to Mage Knight. You don’t have to use it, I just conceptualized it and tested it until it was a fun addition to the game. I haven’t extensively tested it, and though it is complex I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I know you must be saying “there are 4 pages of rules for this one action” but trust me, it isn’t that bad. Just follow the steps and you will be assassinating in no time.

You can even make a 3 day/3 night game out of it. First person to successfully assassinate wins.

If you have any questions/suggestions email me at

You may also request a nicely formatted word document by email.
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Mattijs Hagen
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Sounds nice! I think a I'm going to try this soon. Just one question: does the fame reward that you get according to your level replace the fame you get from the defeated monster? Or is it additional?

Thanks for your reply.
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Matthew Ulrich
United States
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Mattijs wrote:
Sounds nice! I think a I'm going to try this soon. Just one question: does the fame reward that you get according to your level replace the fame you get from the defeated monster? Or is it additional?

Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure. I think the current values would be "instead of the monster fame". Maybe I need to revisit the fame idea. Maybe half the current values + monster fame?
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