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Subject: Resource gathering system for a game rss

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kel kel
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Houdy friends,

I am in need of an opinion/asdistance.

I have developed a game, that has elements from various strategy games, mostly on risk.

In my game, theres a hex map, 37 teritory tiles.

On each teritiry, pre start, you place a resource token on it, for now, 3 types.

I thought of a few gather systems,, and id like to hear opinions:

1. At the begining of the gather phase in each round, players will collect resources according to this -
The player with the most res of one type, will get 6 rezources, the player with the second highest resource tiles , will get 5 of that resource. Hence forth to all players.

Pros :
Easy count of how much resources a player gets on each turn.
Drives players to compete for having the majoroty of resource tiles over other players.

2. Each player gathers the number of resources he controls by tiles.
Drives players to fight over specific tiles.
Will be a problem in balance costs for elemnts that you can buy.
Longer calculation of resource per player.
Since there are 37 tiles, there might be an over flow of resources to one player or more.

There is another insentive for a player to conquer tiles in form of mini missions to get victory points.

Further more,
There is anothet element im thinking of:
All items in game require only money,
But, each resource will worth a different amount of money,
This will allow less complicated costs of elements you can buy in game.
Another idea is to make the money value of the resource to be dynamic by changing its market worth each turn with random cards, thus making the game to have both battle and both economic aspects that will make players trade buy and sell resources as price changes.

I would be very happy for any reply , and idea or review for this.
I developed an original battle system that has very little luck to it.

So thank you so much,
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Gilad Yarnitzky
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Some thought about your systems in no specific order:
As for the value of resources: you can modify the value of the resources by increasing/decreasing the value when they are traded/sold. the more you sell the lower the value gets. the more you buy the higher the value you gets. This way players will try to get territories of the high value for trading.

You did not write for how many players the game but there is a real difference between case 1 & 2 and I'll explain.
You said there are 37 territories and 3 resource types. so there are ~12 territories for each resource.
In a 4 player game for case 1 the total of resources will be 6+5+4+3 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place a total of 18 resources and in case 2 a total of 12. in 5 players the difference increase 20 to 12. Maybe if you started with 5 you'll get a more similar resources for both cases but still, case 1 will generate more sources for 4+ players. This is an issue you need to think about
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kel kel
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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Well, i like the buy sell idea affecting the market price, its rather nice.

The game is for up to 6 players.
Meaning it will produce 63 resources per turn... Which is way too high...

In the second case , the total number would be a max of 37 resources per turn, which is also high.

The thing is, that i need some way, that regardless of players in the game, which will allow me to keep tge costs of things the same for each game regardless of how many players play.

So,if im making it to be dependent on player position of higher amount,i can atleast keep a steady constant resource number per game.
But, it is still too high.
I need some way, that a player will recive 2-3 amount of supply pwr resource he holds and in the same way, encourage fight over tiles to gain more resources.

I have thought about several ideas more:
A player need to build a refinary, and only with refinary one can get res.
And a ref can gather from all adjasunt tiles, and limited one or two refinaries per player....
But im not sure about this.

This is the only thing that stucks my game , i got everything else right.


How about, making a player, choose only one resource to extract each time? This will allow trading with other players and maybe limit the amount of resorces per turn, max of 6 resources per plaeyer per turn.
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kel kel
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Ok, low activity here, but ill write anyhow.

Ive went with this system:

1. Created a table, a colum for each player, for each resource type (3)
15 rows.
Yhis is the teritory counter for each, that moves whenever theres a territory conqeust.

2. Created a second table, attached to the above, same collums,
On 6 rows.
This table ranks the leading player for each resource.
Exaple, player 2 controls 6 teritories of resource a, and the rest of the players got less, so he is ranked first.
Only the 3 first players,
Player on first rank gets 4 cards, 2nd rank get 3 cards 3rd rank gets 2 cards, and 4-6 get 1 card only of the resource.

Thus, a controllable supply of resources in a game regardless of playera in game, easy pricing of things.

Not a lot of dealings in the gathering stage, only need to remember to move your marker each time you take a territory.

Also, conquering a territory from one of the 1-3 ranked players, yeild higher number of redource cards loot from opponants,thus, creating preasure on leading players in resources.

What do you think?
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