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Here's my thematic stringing together of all of the missions which have come out so far, and the key for which product features each mission: SoD=Swamps of Death, CoA=City of Ancients, MotV=Masters of the Void, SM=Serpentmen, CS=Colonel Scafford, FT=Frontier Town, BLoC=Beli'al, Lord of Cynder, CoC=Caverns of Cynder, UG=Undead Gunslinger, T=Trederra, SK=Sand Kraken, FS=Flesh Stalker

The first mission should be either "For a Few Dark Stone More" if your posse is composed of Outlaws and Bandidos, or "Rescue" if it is composed of heroes. Then play the other mission before proceeding to #3

1. "Rescue", CoA, SoD
Heroes won't hesitate to go after the kidnapped townsperson, while
even those outside the law can have a twinge of conscience.
Besides, rescuing a townsperson will be sure to weigh in your favor
if you're ever caught and sentenced for your crimes.
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Three Night Terrors

2. "For a Few Dark Stone More", SoD, CoA
Virtue may be its own reward, but it sure doesn't pay the bills.
Why not stake a claim on the contents of this abandoned mine?
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Three Slashers

3. "Exploration", CoA, SoD
The courage shown by the posse in at least attempting to rescue the
missing townsperson has done a lot for your reputation, hence the
reason you are hired by the mine owner to map his mine.

4. "Escape", CoA, SoD
Unfortunately, after your previous map-making expedition, the posse
was a bit too confident in their ability to find their way and lost
themselves, putting an end to their mapmaking for profit.

5. "Seal the Void Gate", CoA, SoD
Naturally, though, when danger threatens, the posse is willing to
step up in place of the poor failed posse who tried to save the
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Two Elite Threat cards

6. "Blow the Mine", CoA, SoD
If you failed to seal the void gate, this is the next logical step:
going into the tunnels through a different entrance and blowing up
the entire mine complex with dynamite. If you succeeded in the
last mission, you could skip this expedition or still undertake it,
given that the flavor text states the sealing one gate wasn't
enough to end the threat. This is also a great mission to repeat
after failing a mission meant to stop an emerging threat.

7. "Night of the Dead", SoD
I always figured that this scenario must have come about as a
result of explorers unsealing an ancient Indian burial cavern
located in the area on the map labeled "The Tombs".

8. "Bank Robbery", FT
Whether you completed the last mission or not, you'll certainly be
traveling away from the domain of the Hungry Dead and therefore
toward areas inhabited by the living. And where you get the
townsfolk, you get those who prey upon them. Not monsters, but

9. "Jail Break", FT
The biggest flaw in the bandits' bank robbery plan was the fact
that the last man left in the bank, the one who shot the hostages,
would certainly be captured, jailed and soon hung. So the rest of
the gang rides to the rescue of their murdering coyote of a
comrade. Can you stop the gang this time?

10. "Seal the Hell Pit", SoD
This mission doesn't explain how the posse got the magical chant
which seals the Pit, but to me the answer is obvious: you took it
from the book you recovered in "Seal the Void Gate".
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Harbinger

11. "Hunted", MotV
Unfortunately, a pack of Void Hounds emerged from the Hell Pit
before you arrived and has followed you out of the mines, seeing
your posse as tasty prey. Fortunately the book you recovered in
"Seal the Void Gate" makes reference to the location of another
book, one which sounds like it can ward off the pack, assuming you
can find it before you wind up as the Void Hound Alpha's chew toys.

12. "Terror in the Night", CoA
Time for the posse to REALLY prove their mettle! A chance to
either atone for the victim you failed to save in the first or
second mission, or to keep up your reputation as knights with
shining belt buckles. When our posse failed this one, we played
"Blow the Mine" to try to collapse the mountain on top of the
Ultimate Terror. Sadly, though we succeeded, the Patriarch of
Night Terrors was out hunting at the time, and soon found a new
home, forcing us to again hunt him down and finish him off.

13. "Stop the Ritual", CoA
Truly a Hero's work is never done! Having just faced down one of
the nastiest monsters around, it only makes sense that your posse
would take a dim view of anyone trying to bring more of these
abominations into this world. Whether you succeed or fail here
will determine which mission is most appropriate next. If you win,
go to 14a; if not, head to 14b.

14.a "Last Stand", CoA
Now how on Earth did the posse get into this situation?!?! Well,
after stopping the summoning ritual in the last mission, you
decided to be thorough, returning to the same mine and descending
the lift pictured on the map, to make sure the second level held no
further summoners. It didn't, but it is filled to bursting with a
cornucopia of creatures, the lift broke the second it touched down
here, and there's no time to fix it before the enemy will be upon
you . . .

14.b "Town Assault", FT
You failed to keep the monsters from entering this world; now it's
time to make sure the innocents of the nearby town aren't the ones
who will pay the price for your failure. Can you be the breakwater
against this overwhelming flood of foul fiends?

15. "The Lost Journal", SoD
Extremely sick of enduring beatdowns while trying to fight for the
greater good, the heroes seek out Dr. Hedgebrook's Journal to
advance their own understanding and effectiveness, or perhaps
they're simply tempted by the high price it will fetch. Either
way, success here logically leads to the next mission (so you
might want to replay this Mission if you fail!).

16. "Swamps of Death", SoD
Even if the posse sold Dr. Hedgebrook's Journal, they took a good
look at it first, and it includes directions to a mine complex,
whose stable portal leads either to an area in a swamp near a
treasure-filled ruin, or close to the genuine Fountain of Youth (
the text is this area is covered with ink blots and bloodstains;
given that, plus the difficulty of deciphering the Doctor's
writing, and you're lucky you were able to puzzle out his
directions to the mine!)!

17. "The Cursed Idol", SoD
With your newfound reputation for being courageous (or crazy)
enough to actually venture through portals into other worlds, the
old prospector naturally seeks your help to return the idol to its
proper resting place.

18. "Temple of Dread", SoD
Likewise, you're the only ones in town brave and experienced enough
to risk following up on this poor fellow's story.

19. "Hanging High", FT
No sooner have you arrived in town than you see an old friend about
to be hung by these outlaws in Marshals' clothing! You have to
save him! This time . . . it's personal!

20. "Human Sacrifice", SM
You might be done with the Swamps of Jargono, but unfortunately the
Swamps' inhabitants aren't done with you! A Serpentmen raid on the
town has led to the kidnapping of a young woman for the purpose of
ritual sacrifice. Can you find and rescue her in time?

21. "Warring Tribes", SM
After the last inter-dimensional act of aggression by the natives
of Jargono, your posse has decided that a corrective punitive
response is more than justified (i.e. you went into the Swamps to
kick some ass in retaliation for the kidnapping). Unfortunately,
it turns out the primary reason for the sacrifice in the first
place was for that tribe to beseech their god to grant them victory
in their war with another Serpentmen Tribe! Caught between the two
sides, with your gate having collapsed behind you, you now only
hope to escape Jargono with your lives . . .

22. "Shootout in the Streets", FT
The corrupt US Marshals you fought were allied with an infamous
bandit gang, which did not appreciate your interference. Hence
they have tracked you down to exact vengeance upon you!

23. "City of the Ancients", CoA
Clearly the region occupied by the infamous gang you angered is no
longer safe territory. Time to make tracks for another place.
You've been hearing about portals being found down south leading to
a frozen city in another world filled with advanced technology.
Maybe you should check it out.

24. "Frozen Expedition", CoA
Explorers are venturing into other worlds in increasing numbers;
unfortunately not all of them are as skilled and competent as your
posse, and now its your job to clean up one of their messes. The
good news is that you learn from them about Arzhakov's Gate, which
offers quick and easy access to Targa so you can fix their mistake.

25. "Overload", CoA
Now that you know about Arzhakov's Gate, making your way to Targa
is simplicity itself! You're really got this other world travel
down! Tragically pride goeth before a fall, and while poking
around in the icy metropolis you touched something you shouldn't
have. Having explored deep into city, you're much too far away to
make it back to Arzhakov's Gate in time. You've got to stop these
"boilers" (i.e. reactors) from overloading or die trying!
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: The Guardian

26. "They're Getting Away", SG
A little leery of venturing into the Other Worlds after the results
of your last Mission, you immediately find yourselves embroiled in
a terrestrial problem, a bank robbery by a bandit group even worse
than the one you alienated: The Scafford Gang!
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Three Dark Stone Brutes

27. "Most Wanted", SG
You're not about to repeat the mistake you made with the infamous
bandit gang! Now that you're earned the ire of the Scafford Gang,
you're going to strike first and cut the threat off at its head
before it has a chance to strike at you (and collect the huge
bounty on the Colonel's head at the same time!). And thanks
to the dying words of one of the gang members you killed in the
last Mission, you know exactly where Colonel Scafford is hiding

28. "Cracks in Reality", CoC
Cracks in the fabric of reality have torn open and are venting Void
energy around the countryside to terrible effect! This town's
Blacksmith, in consultation with a Dark Stone Shaman, has forged
runes out of Dark Stone which he believes will seal the cracks, if
they can be placed near them. Once more your famed posse is
entreated to save a town!
Special Thematic Effect-The town you travel to after this Mission
automatically has a Blacksmith.

29. Defend the Bridge, CoC
Like when fighting a Dark Stone Hydra, no sooner have you put down
one threat than another rears its ugly head! An abandoned mine has
multiple portals to different Other Worlds in its depths, and
creatures have been coming through in large numbers. There is a
natural chokepoint in the mine, however, a bridge over a gorge.
Since the sides of the gorge are rough enough to be easily climbed,
there would be little point in dynamiting the bridge, especially
when it arranges the monsters in such neat double file for you . .
If you succeed in this mission, go to 30a next; if you fail,
proceed to 30b.

30a. "Blow the Mine", SoD, CoA
Now that you've stopped the current outflux of monsters, it's time
to make sure no more can emerge in the future. Going any deeper
into that mine would be too risky, but there is a small abandoned
mine nearby. Blow that and you'll also collapse the deeper parts
of the mine of gates.

30b. "Town Assault", FT
Just making it back to town was a living nightmare! Now you have
to defend the townsfolk from the terrible horde which has poured
out of the gate-ridden mine!

31. "Wanted: Undead or Alive", UG
It's not enough that so many living outlaw gangs are wreaking
havoc; now the dead ones are making trouble too! Put them
down for good, before they do the same to you.

32. "Revenge of the Dead", UG
The rise in intelligent undead activity has been spurred by the
legendary Undead Gunslinger. Though you may have confronted him
before, now you MUST slay him or the Curse he is creating may
engulf the land!

33. "Dark Deal", CoC
The recent events in the Brimstone territory have been hard on the
inhabitants, and in despair one of them has surrendered to the
darkness within his own soul, venturing into a nearby mine in hopes
of striking some kind of insane bargain with a demon! You have to
stop him before his madness endangers all!

34. "Call of the Void", MotV
Much like the evil humans you've faced, the Demon seeks vengeance
for your interference in his affair and so he has called in a
favor. A relentless psychic attack batters your minds, and you
have to slay the source of the assault if you hope to cling to your
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat: Void Magus

35. "Fire and Ash", CoC
Okay, this demon messed with you, now you're going to mess with him
(*sigh*You seem to have forgotten just how poorly following that
impulse worked out in Mission #21)! Behold the demon's home realm:
the Caverns of Cynder!

36. "Hunt for Liquid Dark Stone", CoC
Well, no luck so far locating that demon again, yet inside the
smoky, lava-choked caverns you do find liquefied Dark Stone, the
most potent and most unstable form of that mysterious mineral yet
discovered. The local Blacksmith badly wants some of this Dark
Stone and is willing to pay for it. Hey, since you're already
searching Cyder anyway, you might as well make some money in the
Special Thematic Effect: The town you visit after this Mission
automatically has a Blacksmith

37. "Broken Seals", CoC
This is by far the most dire and important mission you have ever
undertaken! The mystical seals which hold Beli'al, last of the
Shadow Kings and Scourge of Worlds, captive in Cynder are
weakening! You must strengthen them or the entire Earth will fall
to the unimaginable might of the dark god!

38. "Experimentation", FS
You've probably encountered him in the Caverns of Cynder, but now
the evil alien scientist is threatening YOUR world! Track him down
to his lab and put an end to his sinister, sadistic experiments!

39. "Avatar of Evil", B
Did you truly believe Beli'al would overlook your efforts to
prolong his millenia-old imprisonment? He has sent an avatar to
punish you and everyone around you!

40. "Foothold", T
One of the nations of Trederra is preparing to annihilate an Earth
town and loot it of its Dark Stone! Can stop the Trederran
Execution Force from conquering the town?

41. "This Is No Cave!", B
A new mine has abruptly appeared in the side of Mt. La Terra, but
numerous expeditions into it have vanished and earthquakes have
suddenly begun shaking the land. Fearing the inexplicably
appearing mine might be another Trederran invasion bridgehead, your
posse goes to check it out. It's not the Trederrans this time,
though. It's something . . . worse.

42. "Toxic Purge", T
This Trederran nation is attempting a different, much more
efficient means of exterminating the inhabitants of a local town:
poison gas! Your posse must engage in a breathless struggle to
shut down the poison gas generators in time.

43. "Battlefield Recon", T
You need to gather intelligence about this hostile Other World to
try to discern their next offensive move. And maybe, with a little
luck, you can scavenge some more powerful weapons for yourself . .
Recommended Thematic Epic Threat-Trederran Field Marshal

44. "Front Lines", T
This recon mission has gone terribly wrong. Your gate has
dissolved and your posse is stranded in an active war zone! Can
you survive long enough to make it back to Earth?

45. "Lost Soul", CoC
Shaken by your narrow escape from the war-torn world of Trederra,
you respond to a call for help from an innocent trapped in the
Caverns of Cynder. Given that you are the only beings to stand
against Beli'al and survive in an age and an age, she believes that
only you can save her!

46. "Guns of War", T
Much as you'd like to avoid going to Trederra again, you recognize
that the pressing need for intelligence and advanced weapons
outweighs your personal desires. So you've found another, stable
gate into Trederra, but this nation has detected the presence of
the portal and after you're through two field guns start shelling
the area of the gate, to ensure nothing else can come through . . .
and incidentally ensuring that you cannot get out, not unless you
can successfully silence those big guns.

47. "Doomsday", T
All of your spying in Trederra has finally paid off! You've
discovered that one of the Trederran nations has developed a
Doomsday Device and intends to use it to destroy a large section of
another world! You have to stop them!
Thematic Recommendation if you fail to save Earth: Whatever world
is targeted by the Doomsday Device is cut off from the Other Worlds
because the resulting devastation has disrupted its connection to
the Void! If this world is Earth, then the Heroes are trapped
offworld and may not visit the Town between this and the next three
Missions or the Mines! The rulebook states you may then play any
of the six basic Missions, but on another world instead of in the
mines. I recommend the heroes return to Trederra and play "Escape"
(to find their way to a place of temporary safety), "Exploration"
(making a map of this area of Trederra to sell if you get home) and
"For a Few Dark Stone More" (the Dark Stone you find in this case
is incidental, having just been deposited at that location on
Trederra by a group of Raiders who needed to drop off what they had
before gathering more. The important thing is that the Raiders
took the Dark Stone from Earth, so its connection with the Void has
finally been re-established! Find where the Raiders left their
bags of Dark Stone and you'll find the portal home . . . assuming
you can overcome the Field Marshal and his troops, who have come to
pick up that vital Dark Stone.)

48. "Unleash the Kraken!", SK
Terrifying as the Burrower was, you'll soon learn that facing the
great Sand Kraken is even worse!

49. "Out of Time", FS
Never has a title been so true! There you are, drinking and
celebrating your survival against the Sand Kraken, when a wounded,
weary Traveler, ragged and limping, bursts through the doors and
makes his way to your table. Only this Traveler is-is one of YOU!
Unless you alter the current timeline, he warns, it is your posse's
destiny to perish at the hands of a Flesh Stalker! Can you change
the future, or will you be forced to accept your inescapable fate?

Fifty Shadows of Brimstones missions published so far! There are six Mission packs on the way, each of which has six Missions. Then there are another two Other Worlds coming, each of which will have six Missions. Finally, like Bel'ial, I'm certain the Ancient One will have two unique Missions of his own. So fifty Missions down, and fifty Missions to go!
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Don Tibbitts
United States
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I really like this! I think I'll swap one and two but I think I'm definitely using this for my next campaign
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United States
New Hampshire
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Nice job stringing them together in sort of a "story mode". Wish I had all the modules, but this is a great outline to follow with what we have.
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United States
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This is great stuff. If you'd like to expand on this, I think it would be awesome if you worked with Padirn to get this added as another campaign choice for his HexCrawl variant.
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Andrea Florio
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Great job!!!!
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Andrea Florio
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Adam, I'm playing your campaign and I love it!
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Adam Mitchell
United States
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andvice wrote:
Adam, I'm playing your campaign and I love it!

Great! I'm very glad to hear it!
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