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Subject: Questions That Came Up During Several Plays... rss

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Chris Evans
United States
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Hello! First I want to say, I really enjoy this game! Yes, I have looked through the questions here and went through the rule book to see if my questions already have answers first. I seem to be in the minority of folks who like the rule book and I appreciate the play examples. Some things are a little vague so I am looking for some clarification. Here are my questions:

1. I have a flashlight. I see a cave just west of me and I see another cave all the way on the other side of the map that will put me close to the finish. Can I traverse west, spend the flashlight to enter the cave, emerge from the other cave on the other side of Bear Valley, and then continue traversing/exploring? Or does my turn end at that other cave that was already there before my turn started? I figure the turn must end at that point, otherwise that's very powerful.

2. When does equipment come into your possession? Is it when you land on an card with equipment, or is it when you begin your turn on a space with equipment? I've been playing it the latter way.

3. Vertigo's Mushroom am I reading this right? For each explore she does, she can opt to put it on the bottom and draw a new one that she then has to keep? I'm playing it how it appears in the example, which seems over-powered.

For example, is this sequence accurate when considering Vertigo's mushroom bonus?

1:00...path card...plays it...

2:00, bear card, puts on bottom, draws new path card, plays it,

3:00, draws mountain card, puts on bottom, draws new path card with 4 exits, plays it,

4:00, draws card with 4 exits, puts on bottom, draws mountain card, has to play it because she already put a card on the bottom during 4:00,

5:00 draws card with 5 exits, puts it on bottom, then draws fox card, keeps it, moves to fox card as per the rule about mountains

4. Forrest's Fox Bonus...can Forrest "chain" these if possible? Like, land on one fox, take another turn that gets him to another fox, so take another turn, etc? This happened in one of our games and we allowed Forrest to take two bonus turns in a row for landing on two fox cards.

5. Violet's "water" bonus....can it even be used on the very first turn of the game since the base camp has water?

6. Let's say during my Explore that I use a canoe...later in the Explore, I become "lost". Do I get the canoe back? Or does it stay where I left it? I believe it stays where I left it, I lost it for pressing my luck.

7. Canoe use...let's say I'm on the north side of the river and I use my canoe to canoe down one river card. Can I exit the canoe on the south side of the river? Or do I have to stay on the North side? I'm playing it that you can exit on either side of the river.

Thank you!
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Carl Chudyk
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Glad you enjoy the game Chris.

1. You are right. When you emerge from the far cave, your turn ends.

2. Again you are correct. If you begin your turn on a space with any equipment, either that was there last turn or carried with you when you moved your token last turn, you may use one of the equipment pieces and carry any number of them with you. You cannot use equipment along your path during a turn; you must stop on a piece to be able to use it on the next turn.

3. This is exactly right, it is a powerful ability, but Vertigo must start on a Mushroom to use it.

4. Yes, Forrest can chain his ability by ending each turn on a Fox.

5. Yes, Violet can move through other players on the first turn of the game. She is still restricted on the first turn to moving a certain number of spaces, like all players.

6. You are right, if you get lost after using a piece of equipment, the equipment remains where you used it even though you cannot move your token in that direction.

7. Yes, you can exit the river on either side after rowing upstream or downstream.
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