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Subject: Risk Style Combat rss

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Nick Switzer
United States
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Got to play this game over the weekend and like many other people, loved the game but the combat system was lacking.

So I had this idea:
1) Add 10 red and 10 black normal, six sided dice to the game. Each player will have a pool of 5 red dice and 5 black dice for the game.
2) When combat is initiated, starting with the space phase, both players will calculate and take from their pool the number of dice each ship/ground unit involved in the combat gives them for each color. Instead of taking Rebellion dice (the dice that came with the game) take six sided dice.
3) For each leader that is involved in the combat, take Rebellion dice equal to the total tactic value of that leader.
4) Draw tactics cards based on the leaders tactic value. Tactics card may be played at any time. Tactics cards that say "opponent cannot block hits" are immediately discarded and a new card is drawn.
5) Once both sides have their allotted dice, each side rolls all dice.
6) First resolve Rebellion dice.
6.a) Double lightsabers are used as normal
6.b) [o] count as direct hits to any space unit (color must match unit's health color)
6.c) Explosion symbols count as double direct hits to any space unit (color must match unit's health color)
7) Six sided dice are treated just like risk but are tilted in the attacker's favor.
7.a) Match up the attacker's highest red die with the defender's highest red die, and match the second highest attacker's red die with the second highest defender's red die and so on.
7.a.i) Add one hit to one of the defender's pieces in the combat territory if the attacker's red die is equal to or higher to its corresponding red die. (Color must match unit's health color)
7.a.ii) Add one hit to one of the attacker’s pieces in the combat territory if the defenders red die is higher to its corresponding red die. (Color must match unit's health color)
7.b) Repeat ‘7.a’ for black dice.
8) Repeat steps 2 and 5-7 for ground troops. Players my still play tactics cards at any time.
9) The cycle of steps 2, 5, 6, and 7 continues until one side is defeated or retreats.

Would love to hear feedback and I’m open to any and all suggestions. Really my goal with this is to increase the amount of damage that is dealt in a shorter amount of time while still trying to keep the battles balanced. Looking forward to reading what people think.
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Jason Sherlock
United States
Anaheim Hills
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Admin @ www.cigargeeks.com
I am guessing that you feel that the Rebels are too powerful and are trying to nerf them. This should really give the imperials a big edge in the game.

It will reduce the Rebels ability to do hit and run strikes to draw in Imperial leaders while keeping their losses minimal. Instead, these quick strikes that were meant for disruption and suppression, become actual assaults with high losses on both sides.

It will also make pitched battles much more deadly. The Imperials, being much better at mustering large groups and replacing losses will benefit most from a deadlier combat system.

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