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Subject: Mission: Nautilus rss

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Paul Kellett
United Kingdom
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The team meets up once more, ready to take on the next challenge in the Tomb.

This time, we are to find and repair the submarine once piloted by Captain Nemo. Things aren't going to be so straightforward (what mission is?) as the sub first needs to be repaired and recharged with energy crystals before we will be able to pilot it out of the Tomb. On top of that, the Russians have found out about the sub and have sent one of their top agents, Commissar Rhuzinov to try and capture the sub for the Motherland.

We enter the Tomb, Alex, Fred, Helene and myself along with Major Victory, an E.O.P hero who has been assigned to us for this task. No sooner than we are inside then there is a massive crash and a Hell Golem pulls itself out of a giant pit that has opened up in the next room. We barely manage to wound it but in a selfless act, Major Victory unloads every last round of his .50 cal rifle and launches himself at the monster, knocking it back into the pit. "Go now, complete the mission" he yells as he disappears into the depths.

Shocked, we split up. The first room I enter contains a Doppelganger, damn, I hate these things! It launches a deadly attack and there is little I can do to stem the horror of fighting my monstrous self. I flee from the Tomb and my consciousness is pulled back by the Arc Druid.

Alex kills a swarm of Scarabs and then succeeds in ending the Doppelganger. The rest of the team are doing quite well and soon we have found all the energy crystals needed to power the sub.

Having been returned to the Tomb, my luck was not getting much better. I stumble into a pit trap and plunge down to level three.

Alex, investigating a suspiciously wet room on level one locates a secret passage leading down to the subterranean lake where the Nautilus is docked. To our dismay, it is more damaged than we had hoped and we must search the Tomb further and try to locate some spare parts. At least I now have company Unfortunately, that company also includes the Russian Commissar, a Manticore, an Elder Thing and a Juggernaut Jinn! This proves too much for Alex who tries to flee. He is however stuck, unable to climb back up the way we came and just stands in the middle of the Mongol's Hall, shaking in fear.

Fred quickly joins us and after a hard battle, the Commissar falls. Despite being afraid, I manage to despatch the Elder Thing and Fred finishes off the Jinn.

Helene arrives carrying some submarine parts and, after I load the sub with energy crystals, she sets about the repairs.

Our repair attempts are halted when a Siren appears in the next chamber and we are compelled to move towards her. Thankfully, Helene is made of stronger stuff and she kills the foul temptress with ease before returning to the sub.

Lady Luck still wasn't feeling favourable towards us however and with an almighty crash, the Hell Golem bursts into the chamber, closely followed by Major Victory!

We have no time to find out how he managed to survive or, indeed, what happened after he plunged into that fiery pit as we all concentrate our efforts on the Golem.

Alex managed to deal a good bit of damage before Major Victory is dealt a fatal wound and falls but not before detonating his remaining grenades, wounding the creature further. Eventually, Fred succeeds in dealing the killing blow, however, he himself falls to his wounds.

Question - the rules state that no adventurers can return to the Tomb if they flee or die once the Golem has spawned. Is the trigger for that rule the act of spawning the Hell Golem or is it just while it is alive? The way it reads is that the spawning is the trigger and after that no-one can re-enter the Tomb, so we played it as that and Fred was out of the game.

With Fred gone and Alex and Helene working to get the sub operational, I set about clearing the nearest chambers of monsters. After what seems like forever, the sub is finally repaired enough to make out way out and we gladly make our exit from this cursed Tomb and back to the E.O.P.'s headquarters.

I know I seem to say this every time, but WOW! I think this is my favourite scenario yet, it was so tense and the story and tomb cards were really punishing. So much went wrong or was put in our way. After the Hell Golem turned up, a tomb phase card's effect meant that we dealt no damage and another one negated our armour. This put us all on really low health and every monster spawn was a big worry.

This ended up being a huge 4 hour epic, with two thirds of the map tiles and Passages & Perils tiles out on the table.
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Christopher Batarlis
United States
New Jersey
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Awesome share again Paul!!! Love that Major Victory!

yes, you're correct, when you've spawned the Hell Golem for the 2nd time (not beginning of the game) he basically is heralding the end game final battle, and therefore, death and fleeing is permanent in order to have a proper lose condition for that section

So glad you really enjoyed it! It's one of my favorites!

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