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Subject: Games Five and Six rss

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Jon Snow
United States
New York City
New York
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Game Five

(Chas Fed, Ken Romulans, Nick Klingons)

Betrayed early by the Romulan, the Klingons lost their Star Base to them. Drawing The Traveler Exploration Card, the Klings connected the resulting new system directly to Romulus, the Rom home system! Later the Feds connected to this system and battled with a Battle Group fleet of 5 + a single ship vs the Roms with a fleet of six plus a single ship. The Roms got 4 hits vs the Feds' 2, and the Feds retreated. Later the Romulans developed Advanced Cloaking. The Klingons were in terrible shape, and I saw no way to resist the Romulans with that Advancement, so we surrendered early to them.

Game Six

(Chas Klingons, Ken Federation, Nick Romulans)

The Romulans and Federation fought at first, and then exchanged their Level Two Trade Agreements. The Klingons and Romulans also traded their Level Three Agreements. Everyone was poor and developing slowly, with the Federation finding a number of hazardous worlds and phenomena. Although the Klingons had more systems, three were civilizations that the Klingons needed to ramp up before taking on. Eventually they did our first ever Invasions successfully, and also did one Hegemony.

Then the Romulans and Federation went to war again, eventually fighting four Battles of Delta IV! They only had one straight space lane path to follow against each other, which I called “The Yellow Brick Road.” The Federations planned an invasion of Romulus, but miscalculated and failed to bring it off. At the game start, I had warned Nick that if he drew that strong Advanced Cloaking I'd be unhappy, but it was the first Advancement he drew. Now he finished researching it and beat the Federation, occupying Earth! The Federation had only one Production Node, and couldn't recover losing its first group of ships! I moved in to take the Feds out of the game with their last ship on their last controlled world, before they could start growing again, after asking Romulan permission (which I hadn't expected to get, actually).

The Romulans proceeded to attack me with all three of their feets where I had a star base and many ships plus a fleet, but with First Strike he took me out, except for two ships which retreated. I was researching Romulan Cloaking Tech, but still had one round to go, and so didn't have it when I had needed it.

Nick had cleverly stockpiled Ascendancy, so that even with an income of only 4 culture Tokens per turn, he was able to gain one Ascendancy Token each turn! And he passed me by. Rather than risk his last few ships against me in battle, he just pulled back to his home system and gained an Ascendancy Win: Romulans 5 Federation 3 (but out of the game) and Klingons 3. Nice work, Romulans.

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Pat Doyle
United States
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You mentioned some difficulty against the Romulan's advanced cloaking tech.

There are a couple ways to mitigate that.
First - Advanced cloaking tech is an offensive weapon. If you have nothing else, you need to go on the offensive and just suck up any bad things the Romulan can do. It sux, but no one said the universe was a fair place.

We played a game last 2 night ago. The Roms had Adv Cloaking and was raiding the Klingons. The Klingon player was despondent and felt it was a broken tech. Definately not channeling is inner Klingon. Any time he attacked the Roms, they went to warp. Well, that good. He ended getting straight to Romulus unopposed. That Tech is useless for defense you you have to go on the offensive! Qapla!

Second - Feds and Cardassians have detection tech to eliminate the Cloaking advantage.... sorry Klingons.

THird - Look for espionage tech that allows you to Exhaust an enemy tech card.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!....oh wait wrong show.
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