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Tic, tac, tic, tac.

Who don't remember those tic,tac sounds? Well apparently a lot of people because this game died a few months after release but lets try to understand why...

24 Trading Card Game

Quality : 7/10
The first thing that you notice in a card game are the cards of course. In this case tha cards are of decent quality, not the best one, but still ok. Artworks are really nice and simple and immages portray the characters and situations from the serie.

Gameplay : 7/10
When i first came in touch with this game my first impression was "I have to try this trash" but when i play it i was like "Wow, why this game was in the shadow?"

Basically, you have the board divided in sectors:

- The field : where your agents do missions;

- The briefing room : where your agents support your other agents in mission and where an agent is played from your hand;

- The Agenda : A special card that give you bonuses;

- Draw pile and Discard pile;

- Turn track and points track;

Your deck is composed of 24 cards ( "ahah nice touch...ok sorry" ) and 1 agenda.

At the beginning you place the turn on 1, you place the points on 2 and draw an opening hand of cards.

The core of the game is to achieve 24 victory points awarded during missions ( "ahah you see 24 cards, 24 points, 24 in the title...ok it was horrible..." ), each turn your avaible points increase by one, with these points you can play agents from your hand to the briefing room, action cards, or equipment cards. There is also another type of cards with clock numbers on them, each turn you turn them clockwise and when they reach 0:00 you can play their text. To score points you need to have at least an agent to the field, then you decide to start a mission with him and you opponent can block you with one of his agents. Then both players can place a card from their hand face down, the skill of the agent commited on the mission increase as the number of the card played has printed in the bottom right corner. Then both can play action cards and receive help from the briefing room. If at the end the attacker has more skill than the defender he wins, wound the defender once and score a number of points equal to the sifference of skills.

Example : Agent Bauer with a skill of 4 confront himself against a terrorist with a skill of 2, Bauer wins the mission, score 2 points and wound the terrorist.

Thats all, the one who score 24 points first, win the game.

It may seem easy but trust me its tricky, because maybe you perform well and all your agents score points, but then in your opponent's turn you will not have an agent avaible for defend yourself and he scores.

You must prepare your moves carefully and decide the right moment to strike and win.

In the game there are two factions : The CTU ( Counter Terrorists Unit ) and the Terrorists. They play in different ways, the CTU with intelligence and skilled killers while the terrorists tend to sacrifice their lifes for a greater cause wounding you agents in the process.

Collectible : 9/10
Only two sets were ever produced so it wont be hard to complete them. You have rares, commons, uncommons, foils, there is a lot to collect.

Cards are cheap and easy to get on ebay for 30 euro/dollars per box.

The sets are:

- Basic training ( two players base game );

- Day 0 tactical packs ( boosters of 24 cards each );

- First edition ( boosters of 11 cards each );

Total : 7/10
Good but not great.

Overall a good experience, if you like the show you need to try it.

Or if you like card games, this one can be interesting and cheaper to get.

Hope you will find this usefull.

Now i have to go...tic, tac, tic...i have only 24 seconds to...of sorry again...

A hug to Jack Bauer!
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