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Subject: Death Note Retheme and Variant (New Mechanics!) rss

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Gary Pope
United States
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Hello everyone so late last night a reddit post inspired me to make a Death Note retheme of Coup. But I wanted to take it a little bit farther than just a basic retheme. I also wanted to add new mechanics. I did not design the game yet, but please suggest rule changes or switches in character roles (that would be more fitting). Here's what I have so far:

•Light Yagami
•Misa Amane
I made the main characters the ambassadors because they were always concealing their identities with someone elses, which matches the roles power
•Teru Mikami
•Kiyomi Takada
These were support characters that helped the main characters out by carrying out orders
Naturally all of the Shinigami's are the assassins
•Kyosuke Higuchi
•Raye Penber
This was a bit harder to figure out, but I picked scapegoat characters that died, and also characters that were "kind of" untouchable. Other characters were also more fitting but they fit better in other roles
•Soichiro Yagami
•Touta Matsuda
•Shuichi Aizawa
•Kanzo Mogi
I simply made the Japanese Special Task Force the captains

Variant Rules:

Plays 3-6 players

If I can find more character art I can come up with a 6-10 player expansion

Setup: Shuffle all Influence cards into a single deck (20 cards) and deal 1 card to each player. This is the player’s “character” and cannot be switched out at any point of the game. Deal out 2 more cards to each player (just like regular Coup) and these are the players’ Influence Cards. Hand out 2 coins to each player and begin the game.
Objective: Be the last player with any influence cards left. Players are eliminated either when both of their influenced cards are turned face up, or when a player uses The Death Note action and correctly guesses a player’s “character” including the name.

Thematically everyone now represents one of the characters in the show and must keep their identity hidden from other players, they must use their influence in other characters to achieve their objective of eliminating the other Death Note diary users. If their character dies they naturally lose, but also if they are all alone, just like Light in the show, they will lose since they have no assistance in hiding their identity

Alternative Rules: Everything is the exact same in this version of Coup except for the following:

Everyone gets 2 new actions:

• The first one is called “The Death Note”

o As an action for your turn you can attempt to guess another player’s"
“character” role and name.

- If you are correct that player dies and is out of the game. Proceed o
to turn all 3 of the cards in front of them (1 character card and both
influence cards) faceup so players see what cards are out of the game.

This thematically represents you figuring out your victim’s
information before they can find you

- If you are wrong you must declare the role of your “character” (but
keep your name secret)

This thematically represents you making a false accusation and
“killing” the wrong character giving others more clues about yourself
in the process

• The second action is called Investigate. You must pay 7 coins to
Investigate a player. That player must tell you the role of their character
card, but must keep their name a secret. This action can be used instead of
Coup when you have over 10 coins.

You can use the abilities of all 3 cards in front of you and you can still lie as well, BUT you cannot lie about your character’s role. When announcing an ability that you are using you do not declare if it’s from your character or from one of your influence cards. If someone challenges you when using one of your influence cards proceed just like regular Coup. If someone challenges you for using your character’s role ability, you must declare that that is your character’s role without showing the card (to avoid giving the name). If your influence card and character card are the same role you can reveal your influence card instead, if challenged, and keep your character card a secret. Remember you cannot lie about your character’s role.

• For example, Player A declares he is going to assassinate Player B. Player A
pays 3 coins to the bank. Player B thinks that Player A does not have the
assassin, so he challenges that Player A does not have the assassin. Neither
of Player A’s influence cards are an assassin, but Player A’s character role
is in fact an assassin (specifically a Ryuk), and declares that he is using
his character’s role ability to carry out this assassination. Because Player
A cannot lie about this, the assassination continues and Player B reveals one
of his influence cards from the assassination, and like regular Coup because
he lost a challenge he now has to flip over a second influence card knocking
himself out of the game. Player B now also reveals his character card as

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