Troy Wellington
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Here is how I changed the rules.

Always play with 3 or 4 heroes. So if its 2 players then each controls 2 heroes.

Draw 2 villains per hero when starting the game.

Each hero will then alternate turns.

Each heroes turn is 2 steps.

Move & attack
Roll the action die

Each hero has set movement

The Flash can move 8
Superman can move 6
Green Lantern can move 6
Batman can move 4 but can move diagonal

Combat is the same as normal. The one change is if you lose then the villain has gotten past you so move them forward a space instead of moving your hero to the middle.

After the hero does their movement and/or fighting the player then rolls the action die.

On a movement roll move ALL villains forward either one or two, depending on which is rolled.

On an add villain roll you then roll the 8 sided die and add a randomly drawn villain in that sector as usual.

On a justice league symbol then nothing happens.

If multiple villains land on hot spots only draw 1 villain card.

You then play until you either clear the board, capture all the villains, or the satellite is destroyed.

When playing this way I feel I have a lot more control over how I plan out my next move and implement my strategy. It is fairly tough. I find myself winning about 60% of the time. There is still luck involved but I feel more in control of how I play and winning or losing depends upon my decisions instead if the dice.

Usually the satellite sustains a couple hits early in the game then I'm racing around trying to protect it before that last hit sneaks in. I also really have to think of how the heroes are going to work together, which I feel is in the true spirit of the Justice League.
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I like your variant here, except giving each hero a standard movement ; it should still be a die-roll.

Maybe The Flash gets +2, Batman can move diagonal.

Superman gets +2 on attack, Green Lantern and move other characters.
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