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Subject: Desert Storm redux! rss

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Hello fellow internet wanderer, if you are asking why review this now...well i don't really know but now i have it and i want to show my impressions more than 20 years after it was made.

Desert Storm : The mother of all battles! - Review

( A little bit of back story on how i come in touch with this game...i typed "Desert Storm Boardgames" on Google and this pop kidding! )

Quality : 7/10
Well, we cant really talk about quality from a game 20+ years old, as it will look bad compared with games we have today, but still i have to say that this game defend itself really well.

First, the magazine it came with : The magazine is one of the best magazines i've read so far. The whole magazine talk about the Desert Storm campaign, with Order of battles, immages, detailed operations and interview with US soldiers and even Iraqi prisoners of war.

Second, the rulebook : The rules are in a separate book, black and white.

Third, The counters : a full sheet and a half of standard wargame quality counters. A counter is just a square with numbers and unit representation ( Infantry, armored, brigades, ecc ).

Last, The Map : WOW! A big sturdy map, too much quality for just a magazine game.

Gameplay : 7/10
The rules are of medium complexity, but if you are familiar with classic wargames you will have no troubles.

Units can move and can perform different attacks, a lot of optional rules, even a solo variant and some fun stuff like German divisions from NNN universe, a death ray and a big dragon ( Godzilla ).

The two sides play in different ways. The coalition with strong but thin units, with lots of mobility and capable of night attacks while the Iraqi have good numbers but become sitting ducks at night time.

The standard two players game make the Iraqi units play different from the real counterpart to create a balanced game, and it works well.

The solo variant make all Iraqi units a 1 or 2 Combat strenght and basically is an historycall recreation of the real campaign.

Collectible : 7/10
Hard to find but cheap ( i payed mine 15 dollars ) and a piece of classic wargaming history, really recomended.

Total : 7/10
A must for all Desert Storm fans and a nice game for everyone else, cheap, good quality and entertaining, get it as fast as you can, because there are only a small amount of copies around and as soon as it will disappear you will hate yourself for this missed opportunity.

AND thats all, what more can i say? Well, i got two copies, one to play and one to collect so i feel sorry for the one who can't get a copy, but you leaved it for so much time on the geek that as soon as i went in contact with it i committed myself to get a few copies.

I will end this here, with a tear for a forgottem gem...

A hug to all Desert Storm Veterans!
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