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Hi all, first time poster at this part of the wood. Want to test the water here.

So here is a micro card game idea I am toying with. It's still early, but hoping to get some tester to see if it is worth going forward. comments and feedback all welcome. Thanks.


Dealing with Devils
Dealing with Devils (Working Title) is a negotiation, quick set-collecting game. Players play black-heart merchants trying to get rich quick by dealing with the devils (and each other), but too greedy, and it will get you kill.

4-Player Rule:
Game is play over 4 rounds (use a pad to keep track of the score).
At start of the round, gather and shuffle all the cards. Deal out 4 cards to each player (facedown). Play may look at their hand, but not other’s (unless they want to show you).

Player will give one card to each other player, and keep the last card to yourself. This is done in the order as player like, over course of negotiation. Player are encourage to bluff, trade favor, and guess what other card player have and are getting, in order to get the best deal themselves. A card could be given to a player (or yourself) placed face-down or face-up in front of them. Once given (place in front of them), then it is final, and can not be move till the end. The player also can not look at any face down card in front of them.

Give 5 min or so for this phase or until all players are done giving their cards. All players should have 4 cards in front of them (3 from other players, and one from their own). Player then reveals the card in front of them, and counts the coins/scores.

However, if player have 3 or more skulls in their hand total, they die, and all their hand count as nothing. Else add up your coins you earn, and record it on the score pad.

Will see if can come up with a 3P or 5P version later too....


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