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By Chas (Draft 1)

INTRODUCTION: This is a two game series for four players. First we'll play a team Heroscape game with 600 point armies with a new, simple General Rule. Then for the second game, each player will add a 600 point Magic Arena Planeswalker army to his General Army. There will be a pause between games for drafting mono colored Planeswalkers (from the original core game), with their summoned army and spell deck. We'll be using the new Post Innistrad (Third Set) army totals, units, and spells, but not the multicolored Planeswalkers (with one of each set, that could make drafting complicated and limited).

GAME ONE: “IS GENERAL TSO CHICKEN?” Before coming on game day, each player builds a 600 point Heroscape army, using the following rule. General Rule: The highest point value Unique Hero in a player's army will be declared as his General (No, you can't turtle in the start zone with General Kyntela Gwyn)! If two cards are tied, the player may choose either as his General. However, if the General is defeated, the player and his army is out of the game. However, your General may not be Mind Shackled or Controlled, temporarily or permanently.

Otherwise, all standard Heroscape rules apply. The Start Zone will be a standard 24 hexes, but note that on ly 23 of them may be filled by the army (one hex must be saved for the Game Two Planeswalker). No glyphs will be used. If neither team is eliminated, the winning team will be the one with the most remaining points on the board after 15 turns.



1. Making a random D20 roll for selection order, each player will draft a mono colored Planeswalker.

2. Each player will draft a 600 point army of the mana color matching his chosen Planeswalker.

3. Then each player will draft a spell deck (exactly 12 spell cards totaling 200 points—these points are not part of the army building points, but included in the cost of the Planeswalker).

Game Blending Rules

Those we've used before that I made up. See them in the site AOTP submenu, under the AOTP Blender section. Check there the OP of my thread “Porting AOTP Into Scape.”

New Scenario Rule: “The General and the Magician:”

The General Rule for Game One is now modified:

1. If your General is defeated, your player Heroscape Army is not lost, unless your Planeswalker is also defeated, in which case it is removed from the board immediately.

2. If your Planeswalker is defeated, all unplayed pell cards are placed in your spell graveyard (discard pile). However, any summoned creatures remain, and previously played Enchantments remain in effect (unless they were on the Planeswalker). As long as your General is undefeated, your Heroscape army remains on the battlefield.

3. If both your General and Planeswalker are defeated, all of your forces are removed from the board, and you are out of the game!

4. If both teams still have forces on the board after 20 Turns, the team with the most remaining points on the battlefield wins.


Once a fourth set of AOTP is publised, or if multiples of any of the two master sets are later obtained, multicolor Planeswalkers may be selected.

If you don't own AOTP but want to check out the cards, they are available on the submenu in their own "The Books of" format here:
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