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Subject: Gwent and Condttiere Inspired Card Game rss

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Alex Newton
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Have you played Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and fallen in love with Gwent? I did, and I adapted it to a simple 54 card deck. Gwent is actually very very similar to Condottiere. If your looking to fix your Gwent addiction without buying alot of cards check out the rules below. I'm calling this version Barrel.

Rules: Start with a 54 card deck and two to four players. Keep the jokers in the deck. your going to need them. The players have their own four suites in front of them called battlefields. Each player plays spades, clubs, and diamonds on their own battlefield. Players play hearts on any of their opponents battlefields. Additionally there is a single face zone between all of the players, where face cards go after being played. Players only play cards during their own turns.The first player is determined at the start of each round by rolling dice. Highest roll wins, and ties are played out.

Players share the deck and it must be shuffled at the start of each new game. At the start of the game each player is dealt 10 cards. At the end of a round the victorious player is dealt one card. Any time that a player plays a numbered heart that player draws 1 card. Players do not draw when a heart face card is played.

A player may choose to pass at any point, but they may not play any new cards after choosing to do so until the start of a new round. A round is ends when all players have passed. The winner of the round is determined by adding up the numbered cards and calculating the effects of played face cards. After a round has ended all numbered cards are removed from the battlefields and placed in their player's discard pile. Then all face cards are removed from the game entirely. The highest score wins that round. A game is played until one player has won 2 rounds. The player with the highest overall score wins.

A player's score is determined by adding up the numbered cards in each suites of that battlefield. Face cards have special effects, and have no numbered value.

Kings multiply all numbers on their respective suites. For instance player 1 and player 2 have cards on the clubs suite and a king of clubs is played. Player 1 has a 10 of clubs. Player 2 has a 4 and 7 of clubs. Player 1 plays a king. now player 2 has an 8 and 14 of clubs, while player 1 has a 20 of clubs.

Queens reduce the each cards value to 1 on their respective suites. A queen of hearts played by player 1 will effect the hearts of player 1 and player 2.

Jacks nullify the effects of all other face cards in their suite with the exception of the ace.

Aces are valued at 1 and played like a numbered card on the player's battlefield. An ace becomes valued at 11 when another face card is played in the same suite. Aces are not otherwise effected by kings, queens, jacks, or jokers.

Jokers can do one of three things. Jokers can be used to return a card to your hand from your battlefield or discard pile. Jokers can remove the highest valued card or cards tied for the highest value from the game, also. Finally a joker can end a round forcing all players to pass.

I hope the rules aren't too complicated. Please enjoy, and feel free to post suggestions
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