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Subject: Custom Pete Wisdom - Excalibur Expansion rss

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scott jacobsen

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So I am working on an Excalibur expansion (see this thread for full description of what I have planned: When it is complete I will compile all the cards into one thread but I wanted to keep them separate during the proof reading and revisions stage so that I don't have to search through a whole thread for comments on a particular card set. Today's contribution Pete Wisdom:

I think this set came together pretty well...but it is a little thematically loose. In general Pete is a card drawing hero. His first 3 cards will allow you to draw cards (under the required circumstances) and the rare card gives you a big reward if you have drawn more than 3 cards in a turn. Pretty straight forward. However, there is not much thematically about Pete's character or powers that lends himself to card drawing, but I guess you could say the same thing about the spider characters and that is pretty much all they do so it is not that big of a deal I suppose. On to the cards:

Common 1 - British Intelligence:
. Draw a card base effect. But if you have another covert card in play you can instead reveal 3 cards from your deck and draw one, Ko one and discard one. I thought about making it so instaed of drawing one of the 3 cards you just put it on the top of the deck. That might make the card a little less powerful and therefore more balanced for the cheap cost of 2 I think I like it as is. Pete started out as a member of various British Intelligence agencies so he could have access to significant and classified info, so I like the idea of drawing an additional card here, and he could be selective in what he does with that info so the covert kicker seems to make sense as well.

Common 2 - Rally The Troops:
Base 3 recruit ability play a patrol kicker that will allow you to draw another card. The idea here being that as things start to get pretty bad and villains are starting to over-run the city (the streets seemed like a fair marker for that) Pete (who could occasionally be a little cocky) is finally convinced that something needs to be done, gets off his ass and rally's the troops to save the day.

Uncommon - Hot Knives...: Basic attack card with covert kicker (so you do more damage if you are sneaky about it). It also has a card draw bonus for defeating a villain. I am not sure how it fits thematically, but I needed to have a card draw component to make the payoff on the rare card work.

Rare - ...Through Butter: This is similar to Forge's BFG but you get to defeat a villain instead of the mastermind. Strong base attack plus a free kill on a villain if you have drawn 3 or more cards this turn. Again, I am not sure how this fits Pete thematically, but he was a pretty powerful dude and he was almost exclusively and offensive/attacking hero. So it did make some sense to me that his rare card would be a pretty heavy attack. I could consider changing the effect to just a +x attack for drawing 3 or more cards but for now I think I like it this way. I also wonder if the effect shouldn't let you defeat the master mind once for free (just like the BFG)? THe more I thought about it the more that made sense (although I have yet to make the change). It seems to me that by the time players can generate enough recruit to get 7/8/9 cost card that generally speaking the city has started to get a little more under control so defeating a villain is less valuable at that point. Also, in order to trigger the draw effect on one of his cards you need to have already defeated a villain so it is probable that the city could be pretty weeded out by the time you get to use this card. What do you think?

As always input and feedback is super helpful and very much appreciated.

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