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Subject: Custom Cerise - Excalibur Expansion rss

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scott jacobsen

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So I am working on an Excalibur expansion (see this thread for full description of what I have planned: When it is complete I will compile all the cards into one thread but I wanted to keep them separate during the proof reading and revisions stage so that I don't have to search through a whole thread for comments on a particular card set. Today's contribution Cerise:

OK fist things first...AM I THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET THAT THINKS CERISE IS A REALLY COOL MARVEL CHARACTER?!?!?!?!? I only ask with such enthusiasm because there was next to nothing in the art work department for her. So unfortunately that art for this set pretty much sucks, which is very disappointing because I really liked her character and was excited about making the cards for her. I mean she is pretty much the marvel equivalent to green lantern plus she was romantically involved with one of the most popular marvel characters of all time (nightcrawler) you would think that she would be at least medium level popular by association, but apparently not. Go read some Cerise era Excalibur people. Ok rant is over, on to the cards.

Common 1 - Shi'ar Recruiter
Cerise Shi'ar and before she made it to earth she was part of a galactic recruiting team for the shi'ar. So it makes sense that she could be a pretty powerful recruiting hero. I am trying out a mechanic here that I don't think I have seen used before. This card give you +1 recruit for each other "Shi'ar Recruiter" card played during this turn. So although the recruit bonus to start is pretty small it could really snowball into a pretty powerful card. I think I like this idea but I can see some serious limitations as well. For example, if one of these cards comes up early in the game and another one doesn't come up till mid-late in the game then you have just been clogging your deck with a lame car. Also, the likelihood is not super great that even if you manage to get a grip of these cars that they will end up in the same hand with any regularity. But perhaps that is what balances the card. The other options I considered were making the bonus based on other Cerise cards or really simplifying it down to a 2 recruit + a kicker for covert or Excalibur or something.

Common 2 - Transit Suit Gloves
When cerise came to earth she was wearing the suit you see in this card called the transit suit. I can't remember all the details but most of the suit broke or got lost or something but she was able to keep the gloves. These gloves gave her the power to search for and locate things such as life forms (sort of like cerebro). So the basis of this card is that it is designed to accelerate your ability to locate the card/hero that you want/need, and if you use focus you can do it twice. The card is a little spendy for a common cad but I think it is pretty powerful so it has to be that way. This art could be the most disappointing for me. The gloves were a huge part of her character I thought for sure there would be a bunch of usable art for this...but instead I have a picture of her crying while wearing the whole suit rather than just the gloves which would make more sense. Someone please find better art than this!!!

Uncommon - Warrior of the Ghrand Jhar
Have I mentioned yet that the art for these cards is terrible? Cerise was also a great warrior for her people and was a member of the elite strike force the Ghrand Jhar. So she had to have a card that has some attack basis. However I tried to stack this card with her common cards recruiting power so you get a boost to your attack if you are able to recruit as well.

I think I talked about this earlier but the artwork available for her is just the worst...I mean if you weren't paying attention you would think her super power was BOOBS...which I guess it might be, so who am I to judge. OK so as I mentioned above she is pretty much the marvel green lantern. He can create anything object/weapon he wants out of green energy. She can do the same...but with red energy, she can also just blast people with it sort of like cyclops. So she is actually really powerful and I wanted to showcase that. However I couldn't come up with a good mechanic to represent her making a tank or axe or whatever out of her red energy so I went a different direction. While fact checking my Cerise knowledge I came a across a quote from her (it is from while she was with the all female hero group Graces, but that is just a minor detail) where she says "If we die we die together" and I thought that was really fitting of her personality. She was really loyal and a great friend so this quote makes sense. Also, it fits really well with the theme for the rest of the cards in the set (strength via recruitment). So the concept of the rare card is the more non-grey hero's are in your deck and the more grey hero's you have eliminated the more powerful this card will be. So if you have used her earlier cards wisely this cards will be pretty powerful.

As always I would love your input (and help finding better art!!) Please let me know what you think, feedback is super helpful.
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