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Mil05006 here and reviewing again, at least on a hopefully semi-regular basis. I’ve gotten into Star Trek Attack Wing recently, and want to post my reviews of the various ships that I have and have played with a few times. Keep in mind that, to date (8/26/16), I have never played competitively, so please don’t expect any grand fleet deduction plans etc from what I have to say.

First up on my list is the Dominion’s 2nd Division Cruiser. Costing $15 to get, is she worth it?

In the box you get 3 token sheets, the ship mini, a stand, 2 plastic pegs, and parts for the maneuver dial, and 16 cards (2 ship cards, 1 maneuver card, and 13 upgrade cards).

Here’s a picture of the model, thanks to DeviantMagick:

She’s a good looking ship. When I was picking out ships to expand my fleet I had my 3 year old son with me and this is the one he wanted me to get because it was purple, and purple meant that she would beat everyone. When I asked why, he responded that it would be hard to see in space. Hard to argue with that logic!

Anyways, onto the review.

She costs a hefty 34 points for the named version, which lets you roll 1 extra defense die each time you defend if you are within range 1-2 of a friendly Jem’Hadar Attack Ship. Her stats are 5 weapons, 1 evade, 6 hull, and 5 shields, with 1 tech, 2 weapons, and 2 crew upgrades. It has evade, target lock, scan, and battlestation abilities, and a forward firing arc of 90 degrees. The generic version costs 32 points and loses and ability, 1 shield, and 1 crew upgrade.

Her maneuver dial is what makes this ship shine. She has all green 1 maneuvers (bank either direction and a straight), mostly white 2 maneuvers (green 2 straight, rest are white turns or banks in either direction), good options at 3 (white straight and bank in either direction, red turn in either direction), and a 4 white straight and red come about. This makes her quite a maneuverable ship, able to make some solid turns to keep herself angled to fire on the enemy, and comeabout to slam them while they are still hopefully turning.

Unfortunately, the upgrades in this ship are a mixed bag, ranging from one useful to a couple situational to the rest just awful.

You get the following Admiral (Gul Dukat) and Captains (Weyoun 8 Keevan, and your generic captain) in this expansion (thanks to VarelseShrike for the pictures)

These are… not so good. Admiral Dukat costs you the use of Captain Dukat, and that is just not happening for the Dominion. Plus, his ability is… meh at best? I’d rather get a battlestations token. Those will usually give you 1 or 2 extra hits, where an extra die might just be a blank.

The Captains are pretty awful. Weyoun is really useless. Trading your attack for 1 ship to not attack you is just not worth it unless you’re going on a one on one with a ship and they can shoot at you and you can’t shoot at them. That’s the only situation I can see him being useful in, and for his point value I never see using him again.

Keevan is just… wow. He makes Weyoun seem like a good deal? If you know your ship is going down this round or you know that you can get an alpha strike in to kill your opponent before he can kill you. Still, with the risk factor of the enemy getting +4 attack dice if you fail to kill him, Keevan will just stay in the box and stare out of his card sleeve at me. I don’t see myself ever pulling him out unless I have a suicide wise.

Sadly, the generic dominion captain is the best captain in the lot. That says a lot about the quality of captains in this pack.

Your crew upgrades have a gem in them, however, and are the highlight of the set besides the ship (thank you VarelseShrike)

Remata’Klan (say that 5 times fast) is another form of a suicide wish. His ability seems ok at first, but the whole “have to be in the forward firing arc of at least 2 ships and at range 1-3” means that you get an alpha strike on 1 ship that might destroy it, but leaving you wide open to retaliation from at least 1 ship. Plus, his point cost of 4 and the fact that you have to discard him to essentially commit suicide means that he will stay in the box. You MIGHT want to use him if you are going up against a fleet of smaller ships and want to wipe one off the map quickly, but against anything else he’s useless.

Amat’igan is the star of the upgrades. He only costs 3, which is reasonable, and his ability to give you +1 defense die EACH time you defend is completely amazing. I always include him in my dominion fleets, and he is a huge star. He even keeps other crew upgrades safe that are more valuable. He is truly amazing. 3 points for +1 defense each time you defend? Awesome!

Lamat’ukan is ok. For 2 points, he is cheap, but his ability is VERY situational. Letting you move your target lock is nice if you can switch from a ship that is cloaking this turn or to one that is in front of you, but I mostly don’t run torpedoes for the Dominion (or most anyone) , so I never use him. The dominion torpedoes just aren’t worth the cost to include them in your fleet. He stays in the box, but if you do run a torpedo boat he’s a low cost upgrade that is worth it.

The weapons upgrades are nothing to get excited about (thanks to VarelseShrike)

Phased Polaron Beam is not very good. The limit of 1 range and 4 attack dice means that it’s really only effective against ships with a low hull value, typically under 2 to ensure its destruction using this ability. It is useful against ships that have shield regeneration, but they typically take a few turns to get their shields back up so you can continually shoot them instead, almost always dealing more damage vs what they heal. It stays in the box since it is not useful.

Dominion Photon Torpedoes are… photon torpedoes. Too many actions to use, too limited in their attack (you get +1 attack die vs. your normal attack and ONLY from this ship), and they costs too many actions to use/rearm. If you want to get +1 attack die, just use Fleet Admiral Dukat instead and use 1 action instead of 2 to get it.

Volley of Torpedoes is not useful. You have to have 2 different ships in your forward firing arc (Since the Cruiser doesn’t have a rear firing arc) AND you have to have a ship that can hold 2 weapons upgrades (1 for volley, 1 photon torpedoes) AND you have to spend 11 points to make it work PLUS 2 actions (need a target lock and to rearm your torpedoes) Too many points and too much gimmick for me.. This stays in the box as well. BLECH!

Elite Talent/Tech Upgrade (thanks to VarelseShrike)

Unnecessary Bloodshed is, indeed, unnecessary. Costing 5 points to get a normal hit for you (and a couple other ships if they are within range) isn’t worth it. I’d rather get a crew member to help me out, or a different tech upgrade. I’ll pass on this every time.

Sensor Array isn’t too bad, but it isn’t great either. You can maybe knock off an evade roll by your opponent, dealing them an extra damage. If you have 3 points and don’t have anything better to do, I’d take it. It’s not great, it’s not awful, but it can help.

Final Thoughts:

This expansion is a mixed bag. You get a really good ship (the generic is better vs. the named, though if you have 2 points getting the extra shields is worth it), a really good crewman, and a decent tech upgrade. Everything else is… not so good. However, the Cruiser fills a niche that the dominion needs. It’s a heavily armed ship that turns well, can take some hits, and is a better version of the Battleship. I usually field this in my Dominion fleets because it can survive the initial meeting, turn around quickly, and pound the enemy before it has completed turning to catch by up. It eats up escorts for breakfast, and is a solid ship. I’d throw on some upgrades from other Dominion expansions to help out, but I would recommend this ship if you think your Dominion/Cardassian fleet needs a ship that can hit hard, turn swiftly, and stay in the fight for a while. She’s a beast, no doubt about it, and keeps the enemies on her toes.

I would recommend buying this if you want to expand your Dominion fleet and need something to provide speed, power, and a quick turn radius.

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