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The 4th Division Battleship! Feared in the Dominion War, she comes to your tabletop in attack wing. Costing $15, you get the ship mini, stand, base, 3 token sheets, and 13 cards (2 ship, 1 maneuver, and 10 upgrade). Is she worth getting?

Here is a picture of the ship mini and the components thanks to gladpanda

The Ship:

She costs 36 points for the named version with the ability to give 1 other friendly Jem’Hadar ship within range 1-2 a free action from their action bar each turn. This is an “always-on” ability. 6 weapons, no evade (she’s a boat), 7 hull, and 5 shields, with 1 tech, 3 weapons, and 2 crew upgrades. The generic costs 34 points and loses 1 shield and 1 weapon upgrade. She only has a target lock, sensor, and battlestation action on her action bar, so no dodging for her! Additionally, she turns like a boat. She has straights 1-5, with 1-3 as greens, banks on 1-4 in both directions, and red turns in both directions at 3. Yeah, she’s going nowhere to the side fast, and tie that with a limited 90 degree weapons arc and you’ll find yourself in some trouble. She can’t turn very well, so what can she do? She can deliver a massive punch, and soak up damage, but that’s about it.

The Captains are a mixed bag again. Weyoun 7 (again) lets you add 2 crew upgrades to your ship that cost 1 less if they are dominion upgrades. Useful, but not as good as Weyoun 6 from the 5th Wing Patrol Ship. He’s a good secondary commander though, and can really beef up your ship with some crazy crew potential.
Gelnon is an interesting captain, costing 3 with a value of 5 and letting you spend your action to roll2 dice against a ship at range 1, dealing damage like normal without them rolling defense dice and giving you a battlestation token if you roll a battlestation result. It’s a gimmicky but potentially useful ability, just not on this ship. It’s good against enemies with a high evade value, and is better on a faster ship so you can run in, do this, shoot them, and get out before you get blasted. No one is going to close to range 1 on this sucker if you have this out, that’s for sure. You also get a generic dominion captain.

Your crew are generally not super useful. Ikat’ika costs 5 and you can discard him to force someone attacking you to reroll any dice of your choice on their roll. Useful ability, not for 5 points though.
Kudak’etan costs 4 and gives you the action of targeting a ship at range 1, discarding Kudak’etan, disabling another crew upgrade, and disabling all the crew upgrades on that ship. Unless your enemy is running a heavy crew ship, this is not very useful either and comes at a hefty cost to you.
Ixtana’rax has the action of letting you flip over all critical damage cards assigned to you at the cost of disabling him. Costing 2 points, he is a definite life saver and is completely worth getting on bigger ships to help keep them safe.

The weapons upgrades are nothing crazy. You get a photon torpedo that lets you roll +2 attack dice if fired from your battleship, and another phased polaron beam that is only good from range 1, has 4 attack, and les you ignore enemy shields when you attack them. Not really useful and not anything that will make you want to use them. These both stay in the box.

The tech upgrade is shroud, which is really handy. It costs 1 point and is discarded before any of your dominion crew upgrades would be disabled on the ship. That’s an awesome ability, and really lets you save your critical crew to use again.

The elite talent is Ketracel-White, which for an action lets you remove all disabled tokens from all dominion crew upgrades. Useful, only costs 2 points, and can really save you time if you go for a disable-heavy crew. It’s great for action economy and is cheap.

Final Thoughts:

The Battleship is not a fun ship to use. She turns like a boat and really struggles to get her impressive 6 attack dice into anyone’s range. You can add other upgrades to help her out, but she still is sluggish and only good for soaking up damage. However, her crew, tech, and elite talent are all really useful, letting you resuse your crew again and again and keeping you safe from critical damage cards. I never use the Battleship, but her upgrades see regular use in my dominion fleets.

Verdict: Only purchase if you want everything OR if you run a disable-heavy dominion fleet.

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