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Set Up.Had a chance to get my recently assembled and primed Engineers to the table at Guild Ball night at the Wandering Dragon. My Engineers composed of Ballista, Velocity (S1), and Salvo faced off against the Brewers composed of Tapper, Friday, and Hooper. We were playing to 6 VPs. There was no terrain.

The Game. I won the initiative and chose to receive. The kickoff landed perfectly for Velocity (my fastest, most nimble player and best kicker) to pick up the ball. Ballista, my captain, granted Velocity an additional Jog at the end of her action. The Brewers moved up the field -- I sent Ballista and Salvo toward the center of the pitch to meet the Brewer's captain and Friday.

Hooper went after Velocity, forcing Velocity to the outside of the pitch. Velocity took a beating, but Ballista and Salvo really put a beating on Friday. The Engineers have lots of Character Plays that cause knockdowns or pushes, or both, and it helped to neutralize Friday and Tapper.

Eventually, Friday was able to break free of the scrum (narrowly escaping being Taken Out due to a timely Momentum expenditure to heal). Friday and Hooper teamed up against Velocity along the right side of the pitch, both of them beating the crap of Velocity. Friday successfully Tackled the ball. Velocity immediately stuck in, successfully Tackled Friday getting possession of the ball back and obtaining a Push/Dodge result, allowing her to get outside both melee ranges of Friday and Hooper and make a Sprint toward toward the goal.

Ballista and Salvo, meanwhile, teamed up against Tapper to keep him out of the fight and give Velocity some time to do her thing. The Brewer's Captain, Tapper, is what I call a "hard target" -- we were hold him off, not really hurting him much.

On the other side of the pitch, Velocity had been able to break free of the swinging clubs and punches of the Brewers players, but the Brewers engaged her again and came in swinging. On Velocity's activation, hurting badly, she used her Nimble ability [making her Def 6+], spent a Momemtum to heal up [+4 Health], and then advanced on the goal. The Brewers' Parting Shots all missed due to the high DEF (and a lot of luck for the Engineers).

Next Turn, the Engineers won the Initiative and Velocity ran the goal, Kicked, and scored 4 points for the Engineers.

Engineers 4, Brewers 0.

The rebound went well-inside the Brewers' line of scrimmage and the Brewers easily captured possession of the ball. Velocity, hurting badly and out of the play for a while due to her distance from the ball, hung back while Ballista and Salvo attempted to reposition to block a Brewer advance on the goal while at the same time trying to keep Tapper occupied.

The Brewers seemed to shift toward to a Take Out strategy for points, both heading for Velocity to inflict some pain, but also attempting to keep possession of the ball to stop an second Engineer run at the goal.

At this point, we received the notice that the store was closing, so we called the game.

End Notes. It was a really fun experience, and what I like about the game is that most of the models I played with seemed to have many different ways to synergize with each other. Unlike, say, Warmachine, where you basically build an army around a specific set of synergies, Guild Ball seems to give you lots of different combinations and options within a given build. The Playbooks go a long way toward providing more flexibility as well.

I'm excited to play some more and get some paint on these primed models.


Final Note: Going from memory, so could have some of it wrong, but the broadstrokes and final score are right. Sorry for not having any pictures. I decided today to do a write up since there's not much activity on BGG for this game.
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