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Notes: I forgot bring on one of my Airborne units. I played solo. The Germans were setup at random, so they did not really have optimal defense. The rolls for the Germans we are a lot of 10’s and the Rolls for the Americans seemed to always make the impossible. This scenario is usually very difficult for the Americans to win.

I think thats it in the fact this all from memory, I hope you enjoy.

March 1945 Remagen, Some bridge over the Rhine - The 101st Airborne was drop west of the bridge. There mission was to capture the bridge and the bridges control house. Intel said there would be some German resistance.

The Airborne machine gun weapons team moved up into the cover of the stone buildings and took up a position in one of them, no sign of the Germans.

The second Airborne unit cautiously moved up the road towards the bridge, a blast of gun fire broke out as a second line German infantry unit broke its cover from one of the stone buildings. The Airborne unit hit the ground and took casualties, but found the morale to keep moving, they made it just to the edge of the other side of the bridge. A second second line German infantry unit broke its cover to open fire at the Americans at the edge of the bridge but with no effect.

The Germans decided to sit tight and wait for possible opportunity shots if more American units that might show up.

The second Airborne unit moved into the building where they had received fire from early, they took some opportunity fire with no effect and exposing a German machine gun weapons team, lucky Americans. A third Airborne unit moved up the road brining with them a bazooka to the other side of the bridge close to the enemy. The German infantry unit open up in a volley of gun fire, causing the Airborne to take some loses and stop moving.

Since the German machine gun weapons team was exposed they decided to open up on the Americans machine gun weapon team in the stone building across the river with no effect.

The American Airborne unit held steady and melee ensued in the building, taking casualties and the German unit being eliminated.

Finally the last Airborne unit move up the road to the middle of the bridge, taking fire from the German infantry unit and was eliminated.

The Bazooka team seeing that there fellow brothers were gunned down, opened fire and eliminated the German infantry unit in the building. The Airborne unit that just had eliminated the German infantry unit in melee moved into he German machine gun weapon team building. The Germans opened fire only to have the machine gun jam.

The American Airborne unit held fast and so did the German machine gun weapons team, a brutal melee ensued. The German machine gun weapon team took a casualty and is eliminated. The American succeed un-touched, leading to a successful mission.
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