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Subject: For the Meeple, by the Meeple (Review of Incan Gold) rss

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Michael Carpenter
United States
West Virginia
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Box Art

Style of Game: Small Filler
Play Time: 20 minutes
Theme: Pasted on
Number of Players: 3-8
Main Mechanics: Press your luck, Simultaneous action selection
Components: Good
Weight: Light

Each player takes a set of two player cards.

The image with the explorer holding a torch and moving into the temple means that the player will continue to risk the dangers of the temple, thus, risking the gems he or she has already won this round. The image with the explorer looking back at camp means the player will drop out of the round and bank the gems they have won this round. Each player will also receive a fold-out tent.

Players must also create the temple in the center of the table by placing the cards numbered 1-5 as shown and place an artifact card under each of the temple cards.

The five artifact cards that will be placed under the temple cards.

The 110 gems are divided into three piles by type (turquoise 1, black 5, and gold 10) and placed near the playing area.

Finally, the deck of 30 quest cards is shuffled and placed near the playing area as well. The quest deck is made up of 15 treasure cards and 15 hazard cards (3 each of 5 types of hazards.

The goal of this game is to collect the most wealth, in treasure value, by the end of five rounds.

To start the game the start player turns over the number one temple card and places the artifact card that was under the temple card into the quest deck. The deck is shuffled and placed back beside the playing area. The artifact card is now available to be retrieved during the round.

The start player then reveals the top quest card of the quest deck and places it beside the deck.

In this case, the first card revealed was a treasure card with a value of 7. When a treasure card is revealed the the players will divide the number of gems that the treasure card is worth as evenly as possible and then place any extra gems on the card. In a three player game each player would receive two turquoise gems and the players would place one turquoise gem on the treasure card just drawn. The gems that the players receive are placed near their tents but not in them yet.

Next, players must decide if they are going to continue into the temple or if they are going to head back to camp. To do this players all secretly select the player card (torch or camp) and place it face-down in front of them. The active player will then say "go" and all players will reveal the card they have selected simultaneously.

All players that decide to leave the temple will bank their current gems by placing them in their tent but they will no longer be able to share the gems that are split when a treasure card is revealed. Players that leave the temple also split the gems that are currently on treasure cards. If there are still leftover gems after being split they remain on the treasure cards and can be collected by the players who are next to leave.

All players that decide to continue into the temple will leave their gems by their tent and take their player card back.

Once all players are ready the next quest card is revealed. In this case a hazard card is revealed.

When a hazard card is revealed no players receive any gems. If this is the second copy of that type of hazard to be reveled this round then the round ends immediately and all players that are still in the temple lose all the gems they have collected this round. If it is only the copy of this hazard then players again decide if they are going to continue into the temple or head back to camp.

The next quest card is then revealed.

In this case an artifact has been revealed. When an artifact is revealed players immediately place a black gem (value 5) on the artifact card. When an artifact card is in play and only one player leaves the temple during the decision to continue or leave occurs then that player will take the black gem. If more than one player leaves at the same time then no one would receive the black gem. The first three artifacts collected are worth 5 points each, any after that are worth 10 points each.

Play will continue like this until two copies of one hazard are revealed in each round. Once this occurs the current round ends and players repeat the progression of the first round five times. One copy of the hazard card that was revealed twice should be removed from play for later rounds. Player should also make sure to add the artifact card to the quest deck for each round.

Play continues like this for five rounds. Once five rounds are completed players will count the total value of the gems they were able to place in their tent. The player with the highest value of gems wins the game.

While this theme is really just pasted on because there are so many push your luck themes, the game does really feel like things are getting riskier and riskier as you go further into the temple each round.


- Several exciting moments
- Easy for anyone to learn and play
- Great for kids
- A lot of fun for the amount of time it takes to play

- The game technically plays different every time but it feels the same from play to play

I really only have the one con for this game because there isn't enough going on to have too many complaints. I feel inclined to say that there isn't a lot of longevity to this game but I'm not sure that's true. Push your luck games are just plain fun for most people so I would think there is going to be a place in my collection for one push your luck game for a long time and I believe this will be it.

I am seldom excited to play this game anymore but when I first purchased it, it was definitely a go-to filler. You cant't ask for too much more out of this game than it provides you... I'm just not extremely enamored by what it offers. There is really just one decision to make but it is a fun decision so I do enjoy the game at times.

If the situation is right I will not turn this game down but only if the situation is right. It's a good game to have just in case though.

Rating - 6/10

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