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Subject: Evilnameous II rss

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Alex Kremer
United States
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Evilnameous II
Born : 2673
Ruled : 2652-2638 (14 year Reign)
Death : 2638 (Died at Age 35)

For Pharaoh Evilnameous II the start of his reign could not come sooner. For Orius I had convidenced the gods, and the people that his father had somehow pushed the evil that had spread upon the land onto him. His name was destined to be doomed with the poorly managed 24 year reign! Yet after the death of Orius I with no heir to his throne it was up to the only legit ruler to take the place, and thus Evilnameous II came to power at the age of 21.

2652 BCE : In his first year as pharaoh nothing interesting happened to note about.

2651 BCE : Sitting idle in his throne room Evilnameous II looked out at a land that seemed to almost run itself!

2650 BCE : At about this time he began to wonder why his father had been so cursed by the gods.

2649 BCE : Another year of no activity.

2648 BCE : His kingdom seemed to be running smooth on its own, and none of his hand was needed to sort out the problems.

2647 BCE : Life was great in the prospering empire; as still nothing happend.

2646 BCE : With Nubian forces attacking Memphis Evilnameous II sprang into action. He grabbed his chariot and his small and untrained army and went riding towards the hordes of troops. Unfourtantly his haste was in poor taste, as his troops were outsmarted by the Nubian cavalry and chased away from Memphis!

2645 BCE : Still healing from the wounds suffered in battle Evilnameous II had nothing to do this year.

2644 BCE : In the south of the Nile a low harvest hit the people. Evilnameous II eager to be recognized for doing something for his people went straight south to pray and help the people find grain. He first prayed to Bast, the cat god to stop the mice from eating all of the grain. This was highly successful and the cats were able to more effectively catch the mice! Giving the people more grain, next his wits were called into play about how to move tons of food from the north towards the south, this he effectively did. Saving hundreds from starvation in the process.

2643 BCE : After the long year before doing chores for his citzens Evilnamous II retired to Abydos for relaxation.

2642 BCE : His year off was followed by a year of still nothing.

2641 BCE : Yet another year without any significant activity.

2640 BCE : In the lower Nile region a girl was born to Evilnameous II unfourtantly it died soon after, leaving the nation still without a heir.

2639 BCE : In Thebes a grain shortage left the people once again hungray. Evilnamous II found that it might be best to pray once again to Bast to attempt to rid the rats of the grain stocks, however this failed, and more rats infested the grain stocks, but his plan of bringing food from the north was successful so the famine in the region was only partial.

2638 BCE : All of the trips through the country side has left the king with a poor illness in the southern Nile. Unfortantly his sickness ends up killing him as he is unable to recover from the nasty bug.

Evilnameous II did not do very much. He ruled over a relativly peaceful period in the history of his empire and did not have to much to show for this. He was buried at his tomb in Thebes which is a medium sized tribute to his sub-par rule.

Intelligence : 2
Military Knowledge : 3
Piety : 2
Dynasty : 6

Dynasty : -2
Population : +0
Military : -1
Economy : +1

Wonder who will replace him eh?
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