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Subject: Bruxelles Game Festival 2016 rss

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Gianluca Casu
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This weekend The brussels Game Festival (BGF) opened it's doors, which actually were the spaces of Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

The event used it's usual formula of tents on open ground ( one day we will be that successful to get the EXPO, mark my words) and this time used the back of the "Musèe de l'armé, which allowed us hard corers to play 32 hours without a stop if we wanted.

Helped by the weather which decided not to pour iced water on us (first time in 4 years) we all run from booth to booth searching for our favourite candies and so did I:

This is what I played on Saturday:

Pixie Queen:This is not yet out. Kickstarter starts in two weeks. the game is about pixies that try to sooth the absurd desires of their Horrendous queen obtaining only various levels of punishement instead. The game is a worker placement and resource collection game with a very dark humor. Not everyone liked the atmosphere ( my friend Dominique hated it warmly)I am sold, I will look it up on Kickstarter for sure.

Robin : This is a set collection game losely based on the legends of Sherwood. The map has emplacements that allows you to collect more cards the closer you go to the castle. But since one of the effect of the cards is move your meeple, you are sure never to end on the space you need. The game is honestly faultless but is just okay. I would enjoy it more if I had kids to introduce to the hobby.

Kharnage : This is a mindless slaughter between 4 armies for the control of a hill, ideally placed in the center of the table. Each turny you play your units and try to annihilate the other armies. If you succeed You may scream "CARNAGE!!!" and everyone screams back "HELL YEAH!!!".The game is honestly fun, but I'm miffed by the discovery that it run on a Kickstarter I did not notice and now if I buy it I just would get the base game without 36 STRETCH GOALS!

Via Nebula: I played it once, classified as "Meh" but my good friend PG wanted to try it because "It is a Martin Wallace game. Can't be THAT bad, can it?" YE GODS MATE, YES!!! It's not that the game has flaws. it works actually very well, but it is dry, boring, cold. You almost feel sad for the cute pig meeples, sacrified on this second grade theme pasted,useless and gratuitous style exercise. Never again!

Histrio :I own this game, but it is always a fun one to bring to the table. Besides the giant version looks soooo sweet. King Leon XV wants a show, but will change his mind between tragedy and commedy a lot, making your quest for the perfect troupe and script pure hell. It is no brain melter by any lenght, but it has interesting choices, good rythm and it is as cute as you can tolerate without a sugar spike.

Million Club : This is a newgame that tries to simulate the first industrial revolution from the capitalists side. While I'm impressed by the intelligence of the graphic design of the game, I cannot help to notice that in the end it is a set collection game with an added "in your face"mechanic and a simple stock system. I enjoyed it , but I doubt it will join my collection.

At 18:30 the usual grace and courtesy of the Belgian Police informed us that we should already be out from the Park since half an hour so we dropped our weapons of mass amusement and who wanted to go on moved inside the Museum who was tired, as I was, went home ready for more next day.

I went Sunday with my wife ( who, as I already told you, does NOT like games and goes there with the resigned expression of the one that pulled the short straw and has to walk the dog).

I had an esitation at the Second hand shop and I missed a copy of Vikings . Hope I will not have to regret it later...

After scarce one hour, Missus realized she could not find the wallet and panicked. So we had to run home only to find the wallet on the table on the dinner table

Before that I got to play one game:

LIXSO : This is a puzzle game that remembers Sudoku. it is fun and six levels of difficulty make it quite the challenge. It would not normally not be my cup of tea, but missus liked it.
And as such we bought it.
And after running home we played more
And she liked it. Still...
... Hope nobody has plans today, Ragnarok might hinder them a bit.

I could not get myself to stand up again and go back to the BGF, But it is okay, I had my share of fun and will just have to wait next year.

Congratulations to staff and organizers for a great growing event.
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