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I was fortunate enough to spend some days of holidays in the Normandy area, where we could visit some beaches and the now famous places related to D-day. I was even more fortunate to take one hour from my tired family to make an express tour over the Norrey area, relatively near our hotel in Bayeux.

We came throught the N13 from Bayeux and thanks to the GPS we arrived at Le Mesnil-Patry through hexes #15.06, #16.05, #16.04 and stopped at the parking in front of the church (#16.03).

A plaque shows some key sites in the area.

In places like Sainte-Mere Eglise, one wonders if all that you see: flags, museums, merchandising is just a clever touristic business model or there is something else.

However, in the little village of Le-Mesnil-Patry, outside the main touristic circuit, I discovered sincere gratitude when showning the Canadian symbols.

Having played scenario 5.8 Assault on Le Mesnil Patry, I wanted to discover if there was something related to it. As the Canadians, I was severly beaten by the ATGs and Flak artillery. With no Arty nor Typhoons on our side, our 1st Hussars could not stand the losses and quit.

And there it was ! A few meters from the church a small monument in the memory of those who died in the assault (QOR & 1st HUS). I could not help feeling a bit moved.

Clock was ticking and my family was tired, so we moved to my next objective: Norrey, but first I took a picture in the outskirts of Le Mesnil-Patry, with the road and surrondings where the Canadians were supposed to come.

And there I was, In hex #36.11 !

Following the road, as in the hex map, one stops at the modest but beautiful church (hex #38.11) and in front of it, another small monument dedicated to the Canadians.

To close the mini tour, I examined the other entry to Norrey-en-Bessin, (hex #43.08) which - in our introductory games - has been a pain for the 12SS advance.

South of Norrey, at a distance, you can see Saint-Manvieu, where the 12SS probably launched one of its counteratacks. I could see the corn fields for which rule 1.1d owns its existence

Hidden somewhere lays the Mue river, which I could not see.

I would like to have had a deeper and more calm tour through the area, but given the circunstances, I felt happy with this.

Greetings !

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