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Subject: Summer Tournament 2016 at Athena Games, Norwich, UK rss

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Tom Jones
United Kingdom
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Here are the top two lists for last weekend’s tournament (I usually try to note all lists down but we barely had enough time to complete the tournament)

Winner: Dave
MC-80 Battle Cruiser (103) –
General Dodonna (20), Mon Karren (8), Skilled First Officer (1), Gunnery Team (7), Engine Techs (8), Spinal Armament (9), XX-9 Turbolasers (5), Leading Shots (4)

MC-80 Assault Cruiser (114) -
Raymus Antilles (7), Engine Techs (8), ECM (7), XI7 Turbolasers (6), Leading Shots (4)

GR-75 Transport (18) -
Bright Hope (2), Toryn Farr (7), Repair Crews (4)

Squadrons -
Jan Ors (19), X-Wings x3 (39)

Total Fleet Points: 400

Objectives: Precision Strike, Fire Lanes, Dangerous Territory

Notes: I believe many underestimated the speed of the Battle Cruiser (speed 3 with Engine Techs) and therefore could not get into position fast enough. Also, stacking the Fire Lane tokens worked well here.

Runner-up: Andy

MC-80 Command Cruiser (106)-
General Dodonna (20), Defiance (5), Raymus Antilles (7), Engine Techs (8), Boosted Comms (4), XI7 Turbolasers (6)

Neb-B Escort Frigate (57) -
Redemption (8)
Corellian Corvette B (39) -
Tantive IV (3), Leia Organa (3), Projection Experts (6)

Squadrons -

X-Wings x4 (52), YT-2400 x3 (48), A-Wings x2 (22)

Total Fleet Points: 394

Objectives: Precision Strike, Fleet Ambush, Dangerous Territory


The idea behind this list was to keep the MC-80 alive using the other 2 as support ships whilst the squadrons flew about and gathered victory tokens. Also to go second so my opponent had to pick from my objectives.

In the final game (Dangerous Territory) I gained 13 victory tokens (totalling 195 points), my opponent gained none (mainly because he fielded only 4 X-Wings). Solely on the basis of victory points this put me into a position of an 8-3 victory without having destroyed anything. YT-2400s worked well here with Rogue attacking the rear of the ships whist the A-Wings/X-Wings engaged opponent squadrons.

Although was unusual to gain 13 victory tokens (the maximum I saw beforehand was 12) I felt the list worked well. With the complete destruction of on fleet unlikely, also with the possibility of gaining a 10pt victory more likely (switching from 350+ point difference from the old tournament structure to a 300+ point difference in August’s tournament structure update) I felt victory tokens were key.

Hope this provide some inspiration for lists, which I gain from other lists on this site. Comments and questions also appreciated, thanks. 
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Phil Triest
Inner West Sydney
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Nice to see Ackbar not in the top two Balance is a good thing. ALthough the meat wagons still seem quite strong.
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