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Subject: Be a Dragon, rule the humans, collect gold, a Dragoon review! rss

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Rodrigo Guerrero
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by: Editrod -

No creature defines the fantasy genre with greater clarity than the dragon. The human fascination with these flying reptiles that spew fire, cause havoc in some towns or generate deference in others. Wise and older than humanity, or simply an overwhelming and inexplicable force of nature; Dragons have been part of the collective imagination of many cultures, and hobbies provide them with plenty of space to continue living actively in our imagination.

Lay Waste Games brings us Dragoon; an interesting game in which up to 4 players can pretend to be one of these mythical creatures, fighting for control of an island that in which human population is starting to grow. Players can choose to destroy human settlements and steal their gold, or dominate them and demand tribute from them. The winner will be the player who has 50 or more gold at the end of the round.

Those players have starting positions assigned depending on the quantity (from 2-4). Once each player places his cave and his dragon in the right place, 3 cards are dealt to each player and we're ready to start.

The game has 3 phases:

Board has an ingenious system of coordinates that randomly determines where will human colonists incautiously create their villages on the island. In this phase, a pair of different colored dice is rolled (a color for vertical and another for horizontal), as many times as the number of players plus one, and a village tile is placed on the designated site. If one repeats, the village is flipped and becomes a city.

Players have three points of action that can be used in different ways, move, attack or dominate a town, attack to another dragon, play action cards with a diversity of effects, or control your hand to search more options. In this phase gold can be stolen through combat or simply visiting the cave of another player. The destruction of a village also gives Gold's immediately.

Here you score points. Each village or city grants a number of points, which can vary with a die roll, if someone reaches 50 or more is declared the winner; If there is a tie, game will continue until a Victor can be declarer.

Dragoon is a game with several interesting mechanics and good strategic diversity, without being overwhelming. It includes resources management (a form of work placement), and hand management with a good portion of “take that!”. Dice maintain a great degree of tension and thrill without subtracting value to player planning and skill.

These exciting mechanics are wrapped in some of the most interesting components that I have seen in long time. An excellent Artistic Direction has created a beautiful board of printed canvas, with bright and beautiful graphics that illustrate the island as kind of ancient treasure map; and the Treasure is indeed in the hands of the players. The metal parts are perfectly appropriate to the art of the game, and covered in gold, copper, nickel and silver; giving you an excellent sense of value and aesthetics to the full game experience!


-be a Dragon!

-Easy to teach

-game is dynamic with variety of viable strategies possible

-absolutely beautiful components

-fast and competitive


-high price for a light game ($75)

-some mechanics are heavily dice dependent (some people just don’t like dice...)

Score end 8/10 an excellent buy! A must for invested collectors!
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