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The 5th Wing Patrol Ship. One of the most memorable ships from Deep Space Nine, full of Jem’Hadar warriors ready to die for the Founders. For $15 you get the ship, maneuver dial, 3 token sheets, and 13 cards (2 ship, 1 maneuver, 3 captain, and 10 upgrades) About the same size as the Defiant, how does it stand up in Attack Wing and is it worth it?

Here’s a picture of what you get (thanks to gladpanda)

The ship mold is pretty cool looking and is classic DS9. She also brings a lot to the table. At 22 points her named ability is an action to give you +1 attack die but costs you 1 defense die that round. She has 3 attack, 2 evade, 3 hull, and 3 shields, with 1 tech, 2 weapons, and 1 crew upgrade slot. The generic costs 20 points and loses the ability and one weapon slot. She has a full action bar (evade, target lock, battlestations, and scan) and has a sweet maneuver bar. Straights at 1-4 (1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (1-2 green), AND turns at 2-3 (all white) with a red 3 comeabout. She flies circles around her enemies. The only real downside is the 90 degree firing arc. All things considered, I stick with the generic. The ability is not worth the action OR the -1 defense die trade off, but take a generic and you can make a nice torpedo boat or super annoying enemy out of her. She’s super maneuverable, can take a few hits, and will drive circles around anything bigger or with a limited firing arc and now way to get her.

The best captain for the Dominion is in this pack- Weyoun 6. He lets you disable him INSTEAD of disabling another crew upgrade OR discarding a crew upgrade this round. That ability is amazing, and you can seriously tick your enemies off when using him, just be warned. He makes your dominion crew totally legit and you can easily build a ship or fleet around him.

Luaran is the other captain and she lets you get one Dominion upgrade for -2 points. She costs 2 points, so essentially you’re getting a generic captain with value of 3 instead of 1 for your ship. She’s a good captain to use if you want to use a generic since she won’t change your point total as long as you have a dominion upgrade on the ship that costs 2 or more. You also have your standard generic captain as well. You could make a fleet with just those it feels like.

The crew upgrades are pretty good as well. Omet’Iklan costs 5 points and can only be crewed on a Jem’Hadar ship but he lets you convert any one attack die you roll when you use your primary weapon into a hit. That’s frankly amazing and I love throwing him on the Cruiser to get some serious damage cranking from it.

Virak’Kara costs 5 points and can also only be purchased for aJem’Hadar ship. He costs an action and can only target a ship at range 1. You disable him and one crew upgrade on the other ship and you get to use any one action on that crew as a free action that round. He’s really pricey and is extremely situational since a lot of crew upgrades don’t have actions, just abilities. Additionally, the restriction that you have to be at range 1 makes him very limited. At range 1 I’m usually taking a battlestations or scan action to get the most from my extra attack die that round. ‘m going for the kill. He can be useful, but I leave him in the box since there’s no guarantee what your opponent is bringing and if there are any actions that would be worth stealing.

Toman’Torax costs 5 points as well and can also only be used on a Jem’Hadar ship. Sense a theme? He costs an action and you have to be at range 1 of an enemy ship, but you can discard him and 1 crew upgrade from that ship. He is really useful if your enemy has some really annoying crew members, and works amazingly with Weyoun 6 since you can strip the crew from anyone’s ship, especially the Federation ships, but he can quickly drive your enemies to rage, frustration, and also make any ship with him and Weyoun on it an instant target to kill. He’s a great crew when mixed with someone like that, but he’s also an action hog. 1 action to use him, 1 action to ready Weyoun. It’s usually better to just shoot someone but if they have someone like Spock onboard it might be worth the sacrifice.

The weapons upgrades are your standard Jem’Hadar upgrades. Photon torpedoes (
nothing special just range 1-3 for 5 points) and a Phased Polaron Beam (range 1-2, only 3 attack dice). I leave both of these in the box. There are better things you can do with our actions during the game instead of getting a target lock or maybe getting a hit through shields. If I know I’m going to face someone who has a lot of shield regeneration I’ll take the Beams but only then.

There are two tech upgrades in this expansion as well. Suicide Attack costs you 5 points and can only be assigned to a Jem’Hadar ship. It costs you an action, but at the end of the activation phase you make take a 1 straight maneuver, place an auxiliary power token by your ship, and if you are overlapping an enemy ship destroy your ship to roll 8 attack dice against the enemy. It still rolls defense dice, and has been clarified that scan, target lock, evade, and battlestation tokens don’t work with it, and that the +4 defense dice from being cloaked also don’t apply here. Well suicide attack is a strong ability, it does cost you your ship, 5 points, and you have to be right on top of someone to make it work. I never use it because the cost is too high, I don’t want to lose a ship, and the enemy still gets to roll defense dice. I’d rather just shoot them one last time, but I can see the appeal of going down in a blaze of glory if possible.

Long Range Tachyon Scan costs 2 points and lets you spend 1 scan token to make your enemy roll 2 less defense dice when defending at range 3. A useful ability maybe twice a game. The limited firing arcs and the fact that it’s limited to only range 3 means that either you’re going to have to have your ship flying around sniping, letting your other ships soak up additional damage that they wouldn’t if you were closer, or you’re going to force the enemy to rush you, thereby negating this card. Neither are really amazing, and add in the limited firing arcs of the Dominion ships (minus the Cardissan’s) and this is not really a good card for them. It looks good on paper but isn’t useful in a fight.

Final Thoughts:

I like this ship. It’s a must-have if you want a Dominion fleet. Weyoun 6 is great, Omet’Iklan is amazing, and you have some great synergy in the pack. I have run this ship as a sniper before with Long Range Tachyon Scan and it’s worked well. It forced my opponent to rush my ship and let me pull my other two ships in behind him and blow them up from the rear. He should have only sent one ship after me, or just waited until later, but he rushed all 3 of them at me because I was annoying him. This ship is an instant buy for me along with the 2nd Division Cruiser. They make the core of a Dominion fleet and the generic is definitely worth the cost.

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