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Erik Miller
United States
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The Akorem is the first Bajoran ship in Attack Wing and was a prize in the Dominion War Organized Play series. She’s just a freighter (called a scout ship) equipped with some weapons and small crew and… yeah, that’s about it. You can find her on ebay and other secondary sites. She comes with 5 token sheets, the ship model, base and stands, and 10 cards.Is she worth getting?

This is a picture of what you get (thanks to vtmobius0

Akorem costs you a whopping 18 points to field and has 2 weapons, 2 agility, 3 hull, and 2 shields. Her named ability is that each time you defend if you have an evade token by your ship you can re-roll all of your defense dice but you must keep the second result. She has a full action bar (evade, target lock, scan, and battlestations) and can field a whopping 2 crew upgrades. The generic costs 16 points and loses 1 shield and 1 crew upgrade. Her maneuver dial is nice, having no red moves and 1-4 straight (with a green 1-2), 1-3 banks (with both 1’s green), 1-2 turns, and a 2 comeabout. She can flip around all the capital ships in the game, and will have to do so with her limited 90 degree firing arc.

There are 3 captains in this set. Your generic cost 0 captain, Kira Nerys who costs you 3 points, comes with an elite talent slot, and her action is that all other friendly ships within range 1-2 of you perform a target lock as a free action is able. If you want to run a torpedo fleet that’s a useful ability but other than that she’s not super amazing. She is cheap and if it wasn’t for the restriction of range 1-2 she’d be a really useful captain.

Tahna Los costs 3 points , has an elite talent slot, and adds 1 tech upgrade to your ship. One of your tech upgrades costs exactly 3 points and is placed face down until you use it, but it cannot refer to a specific ship or type of ship. A useful ability, but also restrictive. Since there are no tech upgrades in this expansion as well, it isn’t amazingly useful. I don’t use him when I run this hip but once I get another Bajoran ship or two I might.

The other cards are 2 crew upgrades and 2 elite talents.

The first elite talent is blockade which costs 5 points. You can use your action to discard it to cause all friendly ships at range 1 to roll 1 extra attack and defense die this round. This card is not useful. Your fleet really should not be sitting all around at range 1 of each other, especially during a fight. You are asking to die when that happens. Unless there is a certain OP scenario that this would make sense for, this stays in the box for me.

The second elite talent is I am Kohn-MA, which may only be purchased for a Bajoran captain. If you spend your action and discard the card you can pick a ship at range 1-3 and disable one upgrade of your choice on that ship. A useful card to slow the enemy down for one turn, but the limited value of captains means that you will most likely go first and either force the enemy to spend their action to reenable it or just let them run without it for a turn or two. It can be useful, but is very situational.

The two crew upgrades are Li Nalas who costs 2 points. You can disable her to prevent 1 of your crew upgrades or a Captain card from being disabled this round or discard her to prevent the discard of one of those two options. A cheap card for what she does, she is not useful on this ship. She can be useful if you pay the faction penalty to put her on another ship, or if you combine other Bajoran ships to put her on, but just with what is in this box she is not useful at all.

The other upgrade is Day Kannu who also costs 2 points and lets you discard her to perform an action on your action bar as a free action. There aren’t really any fun combos you can do with just this ship, so she can be useful on other ships, but for this one, not too much unless you really want an evade action and something else. She’s cheap though, and might be worth it to try and stay alive one more round and get another hit in before you go down.

Final Thoughts:

The Akorem does not blast the Bajorans on the Attack Wing field with any umpf. Understanding that Bajor is just a single planet with mostly 1 to 2 seater attack fighters, converted freighters, and a couple extremely small scout ships like this one, the Bajorans will have to depend on the Federation for support. There are a couple good cards here, and if you want a small, cheap ship to add to your fleet, the Akorem is a great option, but don’t expect her to change the game or anything. I usually go with the name version since she comes with 2 shields instead of one, which means you survive a wee bit longer. She’s a good ship to add to a torpedo fleet, but that’s about it. She can run circles around your enemies, though, and can be really annoying, but don’t expect her to last too long in a firefight. If you want to run a torpedo fleet, are a completionist, or love the Bajorans, I’d get her, but otherwise I would pass. She’s just too fragile and too weak to be worth it otherwise.,

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