Shane Thornsbery
United States
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This is a session report where we took the Alien, Predator and Firefly Legendary games, and smashed them all together. We used all three play mats, placed on top of each other, and shuffled all of the like decks of cards together. We randomly dealt out avatars to all six players (we got four humans and two Predators), and we randomly chose four decks of character cards for the humans to buy from and four sets Predator cards for the Predators to buy from. We dealt out three random objective/episode cards to form our mission deck, and gave all the humans hidden agenda cards.

The humans win by completing all three missions. If there is a human traitor (from the agenda cards), he wins if all the humans all die. A Predator will win if the humans can’t complete all three missions, and if they have the highest trophy total. Predators can also use the dueling rules on the human players.

My name is Malcolm Reynolds and this is my report on our latest job. The Company hired my ship, the Serenity and her crew, Medical Officer Simon, our Synthetic “Bob”, and Gunner Wilson, to fly some corporates to their new research base, the Nostromo. On board we had Major Dutch, the Nostromo’s new head of security. Clemens a cooperate scientist. Call, our new engineer and Wash our Pilot.

Little did we know, that following us for reasons unknown, were two Predators; an Elder and a Primeval Hunter.

We were flying through deep space when we got a distress call. And as per corporate law, we had to stop and check it out. We found that the SOS was coming from a crashed ship that was full of these weird eggs. The creators in the eggs attacked us, but we managed to fight them off. We then found a pregnant woman hiding in the medical bay. She was in some kind of stasis, and with the ship being so badly damaged from the crash; we couldn’t coordinate our efforts enough to help her there. So at Simon’s insistence, we decided to just bring her back to the Serenity.

On our way back to the ship, we ran into a fierce battle as the two Predators were fighting off a massive wave of Aliens. They must have followed the SOS here too, and ran into a hive of the things on the other side of the ship. We didn’t stick around to see how the fight turned out; because I’m sure whoever wins… we lose.

We made it back to the Serenity and Simon put the unconscious pregnant woman in the med bay. We then took off and continued on our way to the corporate meeting at the Nostromo, or as we took to calling it, the cooperate shindig. Once we docked with the Nostromo and delivered Major Dutch and Clemens as contracted, I started schmoozing with Warwick Harrow, a corporate higher up, trying to get more high paying corporate contracts.

All was going pretty good until a gang of outlaws lead by Atherton Wing crashed the party. Wing was another corporate higher up, who was staging a hostile takeover on Harrow’s research. A firefight ensued, damaging the ship, and causing half of the power to go out. We took out Wing and his gang, but Harrow was badly wounded in the fight. With his last words he told us to get off the ship now. With the power out, his research subjects would be getting out. And they would be coming for us. “She’ll breed, you’ll die.” He said.

We started to head back to the Serenity, but Simon was nowhere to be found. That’s when things got worse. Acid spitting Aliens started attacking us from all sides, and then the Predators came blasting in. They had somehow known about this place and had come here to hunt the genetically modified Aliens that Harrow had been working on.
Badly wounded, we went to the Nostromo’s med center, and there we found Simon. He was in a lab with what was left of the woman we found on the crashed ship. It turns out that Simon was working with Wing this whole time. The crashed ship we found was also on its way here with a new batch of test subjects. The woman was host to a new breed of Alien, the Newborn. “Kill them all!” Simon commanded the Newborn. But the Newborn is not so easily controlled, and it ripped Simon apart before turning its rage on us.

We ran for the Serenity, but the Newborn caught Bob the synthetic and ripped him to shreds too. We made it to the docking bay, but the two Predators where waiting for us. Gunner was shot in the chest by a plasma caster as the Elder Predator closed in on the rest of us. Just then, the Newborn leapt out of the shadows. The Predators, seeing that bigger game was at hand, attacked the Newborn.

While the three monsters where busy fighting, I told the remaining humans to get inside the Serenity. I then ran over to the main control panel and opened the docking bay door, sucking all three monsters out into space, killing the Newborn.

After that we left the Nostromo. After a few weeks of letting our wounds heal, we took on another job running supplies to a terraforming colony on LV-426. Hopefully this job will be a little quieter.
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New Zealand
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May the Great Spirit Bless all who read this.
Well done. I'm surprised all the Aliens, the Predators and Ripley didn't gang up on the Characters and enemies from Firefly, because of their ugliness.
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