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The Enterprise-E, the ship of the TNG crew for 3 movies, almost taken over by the Borg, somehow almost beaten by the Son’a, and used as a ramming device against Shinzon. She’s a tough ship, and is a beautiful design, but how does she compare in Attack Wing? Costing $15, you get the ship, plastic base and stands, 2 token sheets, and 18 cards. Does the mighty E hold up, or is she struggling as badly as she was in Insurrection?

Here is what you get in the box thanks to d0nklin

EDIT: There is a reprint version of the ship coming out. It has all the same cards just a new paint job.

Here is a close up of the sculpt thanks to Theseus613

She’s a good looking model, and is easily one of the best looking ships out there both in the game and in Star Trek in general. Side note- I’m really partial to the Enterprise-B and think it’s the best looking ship, then the Galaxy-X, and then the E. Anyways, she comes in at an impressive 32 points with the named ability of letting you gain an auxiliary power token to fire a torpedo without having a target lock. She has a full action bar (evade, target lock, scan, and battlestations) with 5 attack, 1 evade, 5 hull, and 5 shields, and1 tech, 2 weapons, and 2 crew upgrades. Her maneuver dial has straights from 1-6 (with 1-3 green and 6 red), a backwards red 1, banks at 1-3 (with 1 being green), and a white turn at 3. She also has a 90 degree forward firing arc and a 90 degree rear firing arc. The generic version loses 1 shield and 1 weapon upgrade. The E is a big ship, but her name ability is really not useful. Sure it saves on action economy with torpedoes, but most torpedoes only have 5 attack dice anyways, and the new quantum torpedoes give you 1 extra hit if you hit the target ship for a possible total of 6 hits, but let’s be honest that you probably won’t be getting a 5-hit Yahtzee with the torpedoes anyways. The generic ship is amazing, giving the Federation a heavy hitter that can take some serious damage and dish it out as well. This is definitely an amazing ship and is worth the money.

You have 1 Admiral and 1 captain (plus the generic) in this set. Here’s a picture of them thanks to darwingonewild

Admiral Dougherty can be safely jettisoned out of the airlock. The Son’a really did us a favor when they expanded his face as far as they did. His ability is awful, costing you your action, disabling an upgrade, which is another action, to gain a measly +1 defense die. Maybe if he gave you something useful in return, like an auto evade for every defense roll this round, that would be worth it, but honestly yuck. I only use him if I have a lower value captain (like a 4) that I want to bump up to a 5 to help him shoot earlier. That’s it. Frankly, there are way better Admirals out there and he is just… yuck.

Captain Picard is still useful, as always, but he is NOT as useful as the version of him that comes in the base game. Gaining a free action is incredibly, and while he is useful I don’t see him getting played over the base game one unless you seriously cannot find the one point to add him in. This Picard gives you one extra upgrade of your choice on your upgrades bar to give you to solid ability of choosing 1 faction at the start of the game and letting you roll 1 less attack die against them to get an auto critical hit result and also give you +1 defense die. Obviously pulled from First Contact, he does well against heavy hitters like the Borg but will definitely struggle against a mixed fleet. I like him, but he is just not quite as good as getting a free extra action each round. He’s still a viable captain you could easily build a fleet around, however.

You get repeats of the regular crew (minus Worf) with this set as well. Riker costs 5 points, adds 1 crew upgrade to your bar, and lets you disable him after you move to use the Action on one of your non-weapon upgrades or on your captain as a free action. Useful, a bit pricey and little action heavy, but if you have an action heavy ship he will fit perfectly on it, especially since he gives you the 1 extra crew slot so he doesn’t really count against your upgrade limit. I can see using him on the right ship, but I haven’t used him myself yet. I prefer to just shoot things instead of trying to get all gimmicky with actions.

Geordi gives you 1 extra tech slot, costs you 4 points, and costs you an action and disabling him to pick a ship at range 1-3. It rolls 2 less defense dice against your attacks and if it is cloaked if flips over to the red side. A useful ability if you know you are going against a cloaked fleet, but I haven’t seen a lot of those so nothing crazy. I like the base set Geordi better as well. An always-active ability is better for me vs. using this as an action. Unless you know that your opponent is going to be bringing a serious cloaked fleet, I leave him alone.

Data costs you three points and lets you discard him during the modify attack dice step to force your opponent to reroll his entire attack roll. That is a risky move, but obviously you’re only going to use it when it’s either a seriously good roll or you are about dead. For 3 points I think he is overpriced, but he doesn’t cost an action so there is there. I haven’t used him before but I can see someone deciding to put him into their fleet.

Dr. Crusher (or Beverly, if you prefer) costs you 3 points as well lets you discard or disable her instead of one of your other crew upgrades. It works for any reason, and if you use a crew-action heavy ship she’s worthwhile. She can also let you use someone like Data again, but most of the time I stick with crew that don’t use actions/disabling effects so I don’t use her. However, you could easily through her on a crew heavy ship for solid results and at three points she is a reasonable investment.

Finally Troi costs you 3 points and an action to target a ship at range 1-2 and disable the captain or one crew upgrade on that ship., you get a battlestations token, and if the ship is cloaked you flip it over to the red side so it will decloak that turn. She is quite reasonable for her cost, especially against a cloaked fleet, and can be used to slow down annoying captains like Dukat or Picard, as well as anyone that requires an action. She’s a great crew card that is situational depending on what your opponent has but ios reasonably priced and has a great ability.

There are 3 weapons upgrades. A normal photon torpedoes (give you +1 die if fired from a Sovereign class ship), quantum torpedoes that give you +1 normal hit if you hit the enemy ship, and the amazing Dorsal Phaser Array upgrade that costs 1+ the attack value of your primary weapon, can only be equipped to a Federation ship with a hull value of 4+, but it lets you fire your primary weapon in any direction at range 1-2. This is an amazing card and is an auto-include in almost any Federation fleet. You should buy at least one of these packs for this card alone. WOW! The torpedoes are meh, per the usually act, but the Phaser array is AMAZING.

There are 1 tech and 2 elite talent upgrades as well. The tech upgrade is Advanced Shields, which costs you 5 points and your action to give you 1extra shield for this turn only that must be discarded at the end of your turn if it is still there. Getting +1 shield for an action and 5 points is not amazing. I’d rather use my action to evade or take a battlestations token. If it was cheaper I would consider using it, but at 5 points I’d rather get something different for my fleet like almost afford a Dorsal Phaser array.

Fire At Will has cool art, and costs you 5 points for the Elite talent. You can discard it during the combat phase to make 1 attack with your primary weapon and 1 attack with your secondary weapon at -1 attack dice and against 2 different targets. There are two problems with this card. The first is that it has to be against 2 different targets. I’d much rather spike one ship with two attacks. I mean honestly, how many times in the show have you seen the Enterprise fire BOTH phasers and torpedoes against one enemy? Countless. Or shoot multiple rounds of phasers? Again, countless. This is really only useful against a fleet of fighters or a fleet with 4-5 smaller ships, but is not useful against capital ships because most fleets only have 3 ships in them anyways and this is hard to set up. If you could spike one ship with it, I’d probably use it. Also, if you don’t have a Dorsal Phaser array you’re stuck getting a target lock with a torpedo as well for your secondary weapon. I’ll pass on this one.

Make It So costs 5 points for the elite talent and lets you disable it instead of one of you upgrades/attacks when you use an ability or attack that makes you disable the card. If you have an action heavy ship, it is useful, but only then. It’s not a really great elite talent, and is a bit expense, but I can see you using it if you have a action heavy fleet.

Final Thoughts:
There is a ton to like with the Enterprise-E. The generic sovereign is amazing, you have some good crew, an amazing weapons upgrade (Dorsal Phaser Array), and some situational crew/action upgrades that will work well on an action heavy ship. You definitely need the big E in your fleet, maybe even two. Two generic sovereigns with dorsal phaser arrays and a cheaper 2-4 point captain will run you around 80-85 points, leaving you plenty of room to have a tricked out smaller ship as support and with some good abilities. I love this ship, and always try to make room for her in my fleet.

Buy this, no matter what. If you want multiple, feel free. It’s that good of a ship.

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