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The I.K.S. Drovana is a Vor’cha-class attack cruiser from an episode of Deep Space Nine. She’s a metallic green so you don’t get confused with the Vor’cha from the base set, and looks menacing. Costing $15, you get the ship, base and stand, 3 token sheets, and 13 cards. Is she worth it, or is she going to fail just like she did in her attempt to mine the Bajoran system?

Here’s a picture of the ship thanks to quantumsheep

Right off the bat I want to say that I like the green of the Vor’cha in the base set better. She is prettier and I just like how she looks vs. the metallic design here. She costs 28 points for the named version and her ability is when you’re defending during the comparing results step you can discard 1 non-disabled upgrade to cancel 1 critical or normal hit. She has the evade, target lock, cloak, and sensor echo actions, 5 attack, 1 evade, 5 hull, and 3 shields, as well as 1 tech, 2 weapons, and 1 crew upgrade. The generic loses 1 shield and 1 weapons upgrade and costs 26 points. Her maneuver bar has straights on 1-4 (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1-2 green), and turns at 2-3 (with 3 being red), as well as a red 3 comeabout. I like the generic version better vs. the named one. I don’t see that ability really be useful at all. I don’t think discarding points and abilities to stay alive longer is really that great, especially since you can use it 4 times max during the game if you fully upgrade your ship. She can turn really well, has some serious firepower, and while she can’t take too many hits she can cloak which is also useful. I normally run a generic with my Klingon fleet because she’s a bood, solid support ship, but never the named version. Or you can run two generics with the base game version.

She comes with 1 Admiral, 1 captain, and the generic captain. The Admiral is Gowron. He costs 3 points and doesn’t improve your captain’s initiative at all, and his action is that you can gain a battlestations token if you don’t already have one and if the ship is a Klingon ship with a Klingon captain you may perform an additional bar from your action bar as a free action. If you want to perform a cloak and run maneuver, he is a great Admiral to have. He’s not too bad, and if he gave +1 to your captain he would probably be too good, and I run him semi-frequently. I typically only use his fleet action on the ship he is assigned to, but he has helped other ships as well. It’s great for a cloak and run, as stated, or if you want to go for the kill by getting an evade and a battlestations token. He’s also helpful because many Klingon ships don’t have the battlestations action so this is one of the only ways to get them.

The Captain is Kurn. He costs 3 points and has 5 initiative and each time you defend he lets you reroll 1 battlestation results, or 2 if he is assigned to a Klingon ship. Additionally he lets you field 1 Klingon elite talent upgrade. Kurn is a solid captain with a decent always-on ability that is a bit of a risk. If you don’t have the battlestations ability on your ship or a way to get it, he’s a solid captain since he lets you reroll results. They weren’t evades anyways, so you are good. If you do have a battlestations token/ability, he’s worthless. Put him on the right ship and he’s solid. You just have to make sure you do.

There is 1 crew upgrade. Bo’Rak costs 5 points and when you are attacking you can disable him during the modify defense dice step to force the defender to reroll 1 defense die of your choice and you also roll all of your defense dice if the attacker has a scan token. He has an ok ability and his always active ability is really useful, but not necessarily for this ship. 1 defense die vs. 0 isn’t super helpful, but add him to a smaller Klingon ship with more evasion like the Rotarran or something along those lines and he is really useful. Rolling 2 evade dice instead of 1 on a weaker ship almost always helps you, and the evasion is what keeps your ship alive. I use him on a smaller ship but not on one of the big heavy hitters. They have better crew to use.

There is also 1 photon torpedo weapons upgrade. It uses time tokens which makes it more useful and gives you +1 attack die if fired from a Vor’cha class, but for the Klingons I still leave my torpedoes behind.

There are 3 (3!) tech upgrades and 1 elite talent as well. The elite talent is detonation codes. If costs 4 points and costs an action to target a minefield at range 1-3. Roll the number of dice listed on the minefield -1 and all ships within range 1 suffer damage as normal from any hits. They don’t roll any defense dice, and you remove the minefield when done. If there is a better way to eliminate a cloaked minefield it doesn’t exist yet. If you know your enemy is going to be Romulan or is running mines, this is an auto-include for me. It’s amazing, and seriously useful. I love it.

Security Sensors is a tech upgrade that costs 5 points. If an enemy upgrade or Captain targets your ship, you immediately gain an evade token even if you already have one. This is great, it keeps you going, keeps you alive, and makes them really think if they want to target you with an ability. I really like security sensors, and will try to fit it into my fleet if possible. There are so many possibilities with it, and it just rocks.

Emergency Power is a tech upgrade that costs 4 points. If you have an auxiliary power token by your ship you can disable it to perform a red maneuver or an action. You can only have one per ship, but if you run a heavy aux power ship or a ship with a lot of red maneuvers this can really save your bacon. Not too pricey, it’s good on the right ship but worthless on something else.

Cloaked Mines is a tech upgrade that costs 3 points and runs like the Romulan one. Can discard during the planning phase to place within range 1 of your ship but not within range 3 of an enemy ship. If an enemy ship passes within range 1, roll 3 attack dice (-1 if they take a scan action) and deal damage as normal. They can’t defend. Finally someone else has cloaked mines. They are great, if a little hard to place sometimes. I like to rush someone with a fast ship if I know they have cloaked mines to either make them drop them off at the edge of the map or force them to not use them, but cloaked mines are a cheap, good way to close down part of the map to the enemy, or at least make it harder for them to maneuver through. I usually try to shut down one of the sides of the map with it, or shut down a way around an obstacle, instead of dropping them in the middle of the map. They are fun to use and cheap so I usually include them in my Klingon fleet to at least present the threat of cloaked mines.

Final Thoughts:
The Drovana is a solid pack to pick up. I definitely recommend it for the generic Vor’cha, cloaked mines, and the detonation codes. There’s not bad in this pack besides photon torpedoes, and everything ranges from good but situational to amazing. This sees regular play in my Klingon fleet, and is definitely a good ship to have. Priced well ,good crew and abilities, there is a lot here to like. Pick one up today! It’s a fully solid pack, which is a rarity to find in Attack Wing since usually there are a few cards that are meh or blah, not the whole pack being good or better.

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